Given who the author of Drifters is I shouldn’t be surprised, but in reality here we go: Drifters Episode 2 introduces some more prominent villain ideologies.horriblesubs-drifters-02-720p-mkv_20161015_230639-453 Basically, let’s kill all non human races! Goddammit mankind, stop ruining freaking everything! The Drifters (probably in bloodlust more than nobility) go to assist because they recognize that they (or at least the main character) have some part to do with it. Shimazu basically rushes into battle whereas Oda and Nasu provide powerful commentary. I don’t know if Aram, the one off villain, represents the main ideology of the world but I would place money on it because it’s essentially human nazis. Look, Nazis are this guys thing. If this theme never ever comes up again I will be incredibly surprised. So the episode starts off simply: there is an attack on the elves’ village, the Drifters show up, and we learn there is for sure an antagonistic force who do not want the Drifters to survive and or believe their existence to be problematic.

horriblesubs-drifters-02-720p-mkv_20161015_232113-968Who are these people? This could be conflicting. Maybe they’re other Drifters who want to take over the world, simply imperialistic racist nazi humans, or just run of your mill fantasy villains with their own goals(or they’re Ends, whatever those are). Maybe Drifters are just a fantasy subversion of unnatural human voices. I hate to spend a lot of time thinking on it because really the story already has some cool things we know: The Drifters are obscenely powerful and everyone in the world acknowledges how much they alter the world around them and change the events that are in play. This means we get bad ass fight scenes between historical figures, so that’s really cool. But a really cool element of this is the different mindsets that they bring into play.

Think about it, the Drifters are all very determined warriors with a lot of power. Many of the people being victimized in the story already are being introduced to horriblesubs-drifters-02-720p-mkv_20161015_232126-343their mindsets. The elves are all given the opportunity to kill the one who attacked their village after Toyohisa has incapacitated him. No longer is there just a protagonist killing the bad guy and running away, Toyohisa wants them to understand the necessity of defending themselves and fighting battles for themselves. Even better, we actually get a look at the turmoil behind the scenes. ‘The Wrongs Must be Righted’ is what we hear from the mysterious man in glasses, finally revealed to be called Murasaki, as he is confronted by a very clear villain woman called Easy. She references that her ‘Ends’ will defeat his ‘Drifters’. So, you know, the idea that historic figures that are actually evil is totally up in here.

So what I’m saying is, yes, please, I want evil people. I’m so glad I’ve never read this manga because it is so liberating. I’m excited for next week. . .and the slaughter it will bring.