Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 3: Update Notice!

The update? You wanna be a magical girl? You die!


This episode didn’t go as dark as I thought it would, but at least it showed me that there are more characters we really need to watch out for. Cranberry, the elf girl, was the only one that knew that magical girls would actually die when they would lose their right, because she actually asked Fav. So basically, you didn’t know? You didn’t ask! But Cranberry is now someone to be afraid of as she could have shown concern and fear and told all the other girls immediately, but she never did. Why wouldn’t she?

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-03-1080p-mkv0030Upon learning the truth, naturally some of the girls were devastated and scared. But others didn’t seem too affected by it, and some seemed a little malicious. Magicaloid, probably the coolest design of all the girls because she’s literally a robot, showed no signs of fear or sadness at the news of Nemurin’s death. She immediately went right over to Calamity Mary to become a pair with her because she knew that would be the smartest move to make in their now current situation. And I don’t blame her. With death on the line, it’s best to work with someone else now so you won’t be the next one to perish. Though working with the most dangerous one can be a double edge sword because for one thing, you’ll be safe from the crazy one screwing you over. The bad thing is that the crazy can screw you over at any time. But seeing as how both of them seem pretty malicious, they might actually make a good pair.

The fighting is about to start now. A new feature was added into their system where the girls can transfer candies to each other. At first, this sounds good. If these girls really cared for each other, they could all share their candies with each other so they could all have the same amount of candies by the end of the week and stick a middle finger in front of Fav’s face, because he can’t kill all of them, right? But no. With this new feature, Ruler plans to steal all the candies from the person with the most, and that’s Snow White.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-03-1080p-mkv0064Another character I didn’t think would be dangerous but is looking to be is Swim Swim. Her undying loyalty towards Ruler is a sure sign that she’ll do whatever her queen wants, and that means killing Koyuki. Also, I noticed in the opening the shadow figure of a girl holding a scythe-like weapon, and her silhouette looks exactly like Swim Swim’s. I wasn’t sure who that person was the first couple times I watched the opening, but seeing the outline of the things on the girl’s waist perfectly matches with the things on Swim Swim’s waist. Don’t be fooled by the pink hair, eyes, and sweet voice. Now we have another girl who is most likely going to be dangerous. The others in their little group, Tama and the twin angels, don’t look like such a threat. All the twins care about is their popularity, and Tama is such an innocent shy little thing that surprises me that she would hang around these people.

Ruler, Swim Swim, Calamity Mary, Magicaloid, and Cranberry. They’re the mean girls so far, and I’m sure people’s attitudes are going to change later considering all the girls are fighting each other in the opening. Possible deaths? I’m sure Tama and the twins are going to die. Maybe Sister Nana, because she’s a nun. I just want Snow White, La Pucelle, Top Speed, and Ripple to make it out okay because they’re my favorites. But…the childhood friend dying…seems likely. H-Haha.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-03-1080p-mkv0013I’m still waiting for the show to really take a dark turn. I thought it would this episode but the episode started out pretty lighthearted and innocent, as well as some other moments like with the twins. I was expecting more anguish and despair at the news of magical girls dying, and I fully expected someone to lose their mind and try to kick Fav’s ass or just…do something, because they were never told about this! Get mad. Not over-the-top reactions, but something more. I’m glad we saw someone shed tears at least. I’m still liking the show nonetheless, but when I saw a pool of blood in the first second of the first episode, I expect to see some blood soon!


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  1. Mahou Shojo’s anime setting is based on the town of Joetsu in Japan’s Niigata prefecture – also the hometown of Mahou’s LN author. Although never specified in the novels, the publishers confirmed the author wrote the story using Joetsu as its basis.

    In the LNs, the POV switches between multiple characters, similar to Game of Thrones. Koyuki gets a bit more MC-like focus here.

    The powers of each girl correlate to their personalities – Nemu’s dream powers were related to her lazy, sleepy nature.

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