Episode 2: Full of Excitement! Baramon High School

vlcsnap-2016-10-19-08h52m58s230Protag-kun is late for class so runs into the mandatory megane-kun who also happens to be the mandatory tsundere and student council president of the show. That’s 3 stereotypes in a single character, well done show, well done. So this dude is called Renji-something… I forgot, let’s call him Green president. So green president insults Protag-kun because he deserves it. I mean, no running in the hallways is basic stuff, it’s written on the student manual, which means Protag-kun thought he did not need to read it because he’s the main character. Such assumptions should be banned, and Protag-kun should learn that being the main character doesn’t allow you to do everything you want. Well played Green president, I’m with you on this one.

Then, Protag-kun meets with Sakuya something, the captain of the soccer team but who is also known for being a delinquent. Although he does not appear very threatening, childhood furiendo-kun warns Protag-kun about this guy and seems afraid of him.

vlcsnap-2016-10-19-08h53m29s591Finally, Protag-kun encounters the principal of the school, who explains to  Protag-kun that oh well, he’s in an all boys’ school filled with handsome ikemens so he better enjoy it. Because Protag-kun is still unaware of his real feelings, he runs away from that scary guy but slips on a banana peal and ends up on the floor in front of almost all his possible routes. That’s when Protag-kun admits he’s gay for those 2D animu chin bois, like we all are.



Episode 3:

vlcsnap-2016-10-19-08h52m37s945There’s a new student named Shinga Shingo who has blue hair so that makes him the cool guy. Why are you asking? Because that’s how anime hair works. I’m not going to make you a comparative chart but if you wonder what I mean watch Kuroko no Basuke and you’ll learn that Blue= cool, green= glasses guy, violet = delinquent and orange/ red= psychopath. Which strangely fits the cast of Gakuen Handsome. Anyway, that Shinga-kun guy is apparently really strange and cold, he refuses to talk to anyone and even said ” Die” to Childhood furiendo, winch makes him super cool and attractive. Better learn from that guys, tell everyone to go die and you’ll be categorized as cool and liked by the whole school. Thanks anime, thanks for making my social life great again.

vlcsnap-2016-10-19-08h52m51s275But anyway, Shinga continues to tell everyone to die, so the sensei decides to throw a little party for him, he even gives him a nice little costume but apparently the costume doesn’t suit Shiba’s cool kid tastes. Then Green President makes a remarkable entry and graciously offers his help. However Shiba refuses it, because he’s a tsundere too. Now it’s the turn of the creepy principal of the school who turns Shiba into a disco ball so that they can dance to the rhythm of samba. Sakuya something comes because he heard samba and so they dance all night long and somehow Shiba seems a little happy by that.


I’m tired, I’ve tried to understand this show but I cannot, there’s so many references, so many implicit allusions and topics that are cleverly discussed but I sadly don’t have the sufficient intellectual level to keep up with the show. Which is very sad, very sad indeed. I should do more reading beforehand, maybe that’ll help me getting the depths of this masterpiece. I won’t disappoint you I promise, together we’ll try to understand Gakuen Handsome, to break the myth, to unveil the legend.