Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 4

Ever since I have become suspicious of Muller (the suspected mole), his behavior and the questions he chooses to ask, all I am seeing now are red flags. It doesn’t help how I was also suspicious of Elvir, Finé’s tutor immediately. As result of suspecting these characters, it was an understatement how frustrated I was with how easily Izetta was spilling the Witch’s Greatest Secret. It was one that was never to be told, and if they did, anyone who knew of it had to be killed. The secret lies in the truth behind the origins of their power. The truth is, the magic doesn’t come within them, instead it comes through the magical energy in the lands known as Ley Lines. Depending on where the fight is taking place, Izetta can be either incredibly strong or extremely vulnerable. For example, Izetta was strong when she fought in Coenenberg because it happened to be in a hot-spot, as oppose to the Capital where there is no Ley Lines. (Gee, what till that information gets leaked, the whole country will be doomed.) While Izetta had no prior knowledge of where the hot spots were, another secret rested in the former Castle in Coenenberg, where there a secret passage way revealed a chamber that possessed a massive Ley Line Map. With this, Izetta will know exactly where she can and cannot fight, but it is incredibly concerning to me how the Germania Empire will utilize this information in regards of her ultimate weakness. And by the look of it, it won’t be long before they do (especially if Muller or Elvir do turn out to be moles).

Another grave concern of mine in regards of Izetta’s fate are the untold details in the myth of the White Witch. Up until now, the White Witch has been presented as a savior, but today we learned today that Izetta’s grandmother warned her not to be like the White Witch, because she is a traitor. shuumatsu-no-izetta-ep-4-img-0011With that new information, it only makes me even more curious about why she was branded as a traitor, and want to hear the full story.Next week during Finé’s coronation, Izetta will be presented as Elystadt’’s guardian (aka ultimate weapon) in attempt to discourage the Germania Forces from invading further and gaining support from ally nations. As Izetta cannot use magic in the capital, they will be fabricating a way to make it look like she’s using magic in order to hide her vulnerability, so let’s see just how convincing they will be.

Random Note of the Week: Why do I get the sense this is going to have a tragic ending?


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  1. Well said! Even if I don’t have the same suspicions. They are reasonable for you to have after all. I wonder if it’s at all possible for her to store power, even if it “leaks” over time.

  2. Bob says:

    The coronation will be held in the old capital, so Izetta will have no problem showing off her magical powers.

  3. zztop says:

    Perhaps Izetta’s grandma considers the 1st White Witch a traitor because her appearance exposed the secretive witch community to public exposure and scrutiny – the witches mostly seemed more interested in keeping low profiles.
    The visuals for Germania are interesting – the capital and army uniforms resemble that of the Nazis, but the Germanian Emperor and his aide are dressed in more classical-looking uniforms of the 1900s.

  4. Because all shows with strong redhead girls are tragic lol lol I love this show so much

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