Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 123

It was obvious from the get go that Asuka was going to be the sacrificial lamb, and since we knew she was going to be a goner the episode it felt like there wasn’t really a point to watch the episode. It didn’t help it was another one of those stupid ones too, considering how they gave Asuka such a naive-mindset. Like come on, they expected us to believe she thought she could convince Yuuri, the strongest and most fearsome student in Academia to switch sides? Furthermore, in fact it looked as if Sora had started questioning the integrity of the deck than she did about the the ‘integrity’ of the deck. Yuuri has no qualms of playing dirty, in fact it’s what makes it more fun for him. He knew she was going shut down the fusions, so what did he do? He added a card from his original deck to Honor Student Deck and made sure he held onto it in his hand so she couldn’t eliminate it.

However despite the fact the outcome duel itself was predictable,there is actually an important reason to watch this episode. You should watch this episode because of Yuuri. For the first time they cast the spotlight on Yuuri in a more prominent way. This is important because it as this episode when I finally realized, “Oh shit, he and Yuuya are actually very similar to each other.”

Now some may wonder how the hell is that possible? Well here is the thing: Right from the get-go of the duel, Yuuri had staged a ‘play’ so to speak. He acted as if he didn’t know the Honor Student’s deck (and let’s be honest, his ‘reactions’ were hilarious), but while doing so I noticed he was using many similar expressions and words Yuuya uses, but the only difference between the two are their intentions. Yuuya is all about being bubbly, light and fun, Yuuri is all about trolling his opponent, dark and twisted.

We also learned a bit (and I’m talking about bread crumbs bits) about Yuuri’s background. Apparently he has no memory of his life outside of Academia, it’s all that he knows. It appears that deep inside, he is actually suffering from loneliness as he has no friends due to how strong he is. So when the Professor offered him an opportunity to battle on the front lines and card the people he defeats, Yuuri was delighted to be given such a mission. However over time Yuuri has become addicted to carding people and it’s become a fun game for him. In fact, the idea of carding every single person in the world except for himself sounds exciting for him. It would mean he is the strongest. And here another thing where he and Yuuya share a common interest: He enjoys having an audience, especially when he does these things. Today Sora was that audience member to witness Asuka’s demise, and now he is next in line for the execution. I have my doubts that Sora will escape, but if he does, it will require Yuuri’s attention to be diverted to something else more important than carding him.

And lastly, it looks like the Professor only now just realized Yuuri is officially out of control. Oh the irony!

Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 124

Okay so the first half of the episode wasn’t that great (in fact it was really boring), but the second half was freaking fantastic. I was absolutely convinced Yuuya was about to go berserk because he snapped. Once you bring harm to Yuzu, Yuuya doesn’t give a shit about the philosophy of fun duels, you are f—ing dead bro. DEAD.
ygo-arc-v-ep-124-img-0004So let’s discuss the problem I had with the first half of the episode. Frankly speaking, it was such a stupid decision to have Yuuya’s deck MAGICALLY CHANGE INTO Yuuto’s deck. Seriously, was it so hard to make it more believable by having Yuuya actually SWITCH decks?! It’s been too long to remember whether or not Yuuya has been safeguarding Yuuto’s deck (besides Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon), but seeing them switch would have been a more practical choice. The exclamation how Yuuya got Yuuto’s deck was because of the POWER OF LOVE! (Don’t you f—ing tell me Yuuto doesn’t have a crush on Ruri, and I WILL get to that!) On the flip-side, it was nice to finally see Yuuto’s deck be used again. Been so long…

Then more stupid stuff happens, Shun poofs in. That’s right, out of nowhere, Shun appears, and was somehow able to know exactly where they were, and delivers the quick exclamation how even if they defeat the parasite, Ruri will not be saved, she will only be reverted back into that pitiful state. But since Shun is in the way, the Creepy Parasite Doctor sends Selena out to zap him unconscious with a taser and joins the battle alongside Ruri.

ygo-arc-v-ep-124-img-0018Now once Selena joins the fight, there is a drastic improvement, so much so, the frustration that was eating me alive during the first half was completely wiped from my mind. Selena’s participation serves the purpose of loading the gun. She is the one to tell Yuuya that Yuzu has a parasite in her head that is now controlling her. And my god, when Yuuya heard that, happy-go-lucky Yuuya was lone-gone, hello darkness. His soul was crushed, we could see it in his eyes, the fury of his beloved most precious friend being controlled by a parasite that was put into her head, spiraled out of control. Yuuya was VERY close to being overcome by the darkness, but Yuuto was able to become the dominant soul and try and buy time to calm Yuuya down. It was actually refreshing to see Yuuto for once be the one to try and keep themselves grounded. Up until now it was Yuuya who was always trying to keep Yuuto from spiraling out of control. Both of them can sense the danger of that darkness within them, and when they can, they try to look out for each other, just as Yuuto had done today. Alas it doesn’t look like they will be able to suppress the inner darkness for much longer as the preview shows us the Creepy Doctor will pull the trigger and Beserk-Mode will be unleashed for everyone to see, and possibly be completely out of control after this point. However that is not the only thing to be concerned about. The professor has been watching all of this unfold from his monitors from the very start. (Actually, it’s like he is actually watching the show.) Yuuya was already a problem from the get go apparently, then today he discovered another reason to be concerned, Yuuya possessing a duel personality/individual and then next week he is going to realize just how dangerous this boy actually is.


It makes me curious to see how Leo will handle the new situation, because it is starting to look like he losing control and his plan is now in jeopardy.

And of course as promised, it is finally time to discuss Yuuto’s feelings towards Ruri. His flashbacks with her were adorable. When he first learns she’s Shun’s sister, he actually freaked out because you can tell he totally fell for her at first sight. And we continue to see them be close (a lot like Yuzu and Yuuya, but more cuddles, heehee). They are always blushing around each other, so they are definitely a thing, maybe not officially, but definitely a thing. ˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚

Next episode, all hell is about to break loose and it is going to be insane.

A/N: As I have fallen about 3 episodes behind YGO ARC-V, I have been looking around for alternative subs and came across Yoshida. I did a comparison with MonoSubs to determine how different their translations are and Yoshida Subs tends to be a bit wordier, but otherwise closer to Monosubs in both quality and translation. Since it is a bit wordier, it does make me a bit nervous, but I will give them a shot to see if I will be comfortable using them and get back to the fixed schedule. As much as I would like to jump right into Ep 125 and Ep 126 today, I probably won’t get it out until Monday, so please me patient with me for a bit longer. I have yet to determine whether or not I will release them as a double entry.


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Episode 123: RIP Tenjoin Asuka 2004-2016. Neither GX nor Arc V did you justice.
    • Yuri is going on a killing (carding) spree after being neglected by the show for so long…
    • LOL NOW Yusho is confusing Yuri with Yuya, and I thought he wasn’t blind considering he didn’t mistake Yugo for Yuya, but whatever. Next time he should just be careful when he’s near Yuya, who knows he might be thinking that Yuto, Yugo or YURI is his son? >_>
    • Well, so much for card games if you’ll just go to punch and restrain a guy. That being said, WELL DONE ASUKA for doing that, she’s been sorely neglected and THIS is the time for her to shine.
    • Now Asuka & Sora are trapped. Guess Yuri is picking who’s he gonna shank first… AND IT’S QUEEN BAE ASUKA! Oh no, the feels trip is on because I love both Asuka and Sora…
    • Yuri is polite enough to let Asuka choosing to duel either his Predator Plants deck or the “Honour Student” deck.
    • “Hold on a minute…” LOL at Yuri saying it’s his “FIRST” time playing the “Honour Student” deck.
    • Konami should’ve printed Ancient Gear Fortress A LONG TIME AGO.
    • On a side note: I’m HEAVILY disappointed that Yuri opted to use Ancient Gears instead of Predator Plants against Asuka. I mean I know that Yuri is going to win, but should Yuri beat Asuka with a spare deck it will leave a bitter taste on me since he’s toying Asuka WITHOUT using his full strength.
    • Seeing Yuri analyzing cards through his duel disk means that NO ONE should be confused about what cards both players will be using (except the hand traps and face-down Spells/Traps).
    • Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon is a very random upgrade of Ancient Gear Golem that requires its tributes to gain effects, but it’s still miles better than the Hound Dogs the Obelisk Force keeps using.
    • GG Cyber Waifu Nasateiya(s), you both can’t block Yuri’s new mecha dragon.
    • “Hurry up, hurry up…” Wow, Yuri, Yuya and Yugo are IN SYNC while muttering those words; Yuri is doing that to taunt Asuka while Yuya and Yugo are simply rushing to where Yuzu and Rin is.
    • Asuka is so done with Yuri taunting her with “Hurry up, hurry up…” and she’s ready to choke this Fusion scum.
    • Wait, I thought Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon prevents Yuri from activating any cards/effects when it attacks, so why Yuri can activate a Trap?
    • I wonder how many players have abused the “Ignoring the summoning conditions” rule to Special summon Ancient Gear Golems… -_-”
    • Asuka, I know that you’re antagonistic towards Academia, but don’t you badmouth Polymerization.
    • WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!! Fusion Destruction is incredibly broken against Fusion decks!! It basically prevents you from Fusion summoning at all!! As a Fusion user myself, I’ll tremble in fear should someone used THAT against me!! O_O (Konami, please DON’T print THAT card…)
    • No Asuka, you DO NOT play the “friendship” schtick with Yuri.
    • Yuri was an orphan and his mighty dueling skills made everyone feared him even as a child, but when Asuka was shown to be capable she was swarmed with so many fanboys.
    • I understand that Yuri met the Professor, but he actually met Serena too?!! Then why didn’t they recognize each other back in the Synchro Dimension?!!
    • Supreme King Judai and Yubel called. They wanted their card back.
    • Silly Asuka, not even Fusion Destruction can stop the Supreme King’s Super Polymerization.
    • Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem just crushed Nasateiya like a bug…
    • RIP Asuka
    • Sora is VERY scared now that Yuri will continue his murderous streak with him on his next hit list…
    • Leo: “Now I need to get outta here ASAP before someone realized that I pissed my pants!”
    Episode 124: Yuto’s back AT LAST to duel Ruri and was shown to be infatuated by her at first sight, how adorable. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE, THE ACCURSED WRITERS DARE GIVING US THIS BATTLE BEAST GETTING THE EGAO FLASHBACK?!! Let’s just pretend that this irrelevant 4-EPISODES Battle Beast mini arc never happened.
    • It’s weird that the Academia’s halls are empty during daytime. It’s too quiet… I bet it’s a Trap… Card.
    • Yeah… Letting Ruri go to find Kaito is a great idea… It’s not like she PUSHED HIM OFF A TOWER LAST TIME.
    • Alright, this Old Creeper is the Academia’s notorious “Doctor”, so what’s his actual name?
    • Yuya:”Hey, its Yuzu-” Oh god, I REALLY hate when this show makes EVERYONE fucking blind. THE YUTAGONISTS AND YU-WAIFUS LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!!!! >_>
    • This is why being “dead” seems to have given Yuto clarity because he’s the only one who isn’t fucking blind.
    • Ruri, please stop distracting Yuya who is searching for Yuzu, Shun has gone through so much crap to the point his body can sustain those injuries no problem. Please prioritize Yuzu first- SERIOUSLY YUYA! DID YOU JUST FORGET YOUR TOP PRIORITY?!!
    • Oh no, here it comes again… EVIL RURI INTENSIFIES!!!
    • Well Yuya and Yuto seem to be taking the fact about Ruri being mind-controlled quite well… Shun went on to yell “MUH RURI!!!!” like no tomorrow when he saw Ruri in that state.
    • Man, that new Lyrical Luscinia is shit considering those birdies are extremely low-powered… :p
    • So you can actually Xyz summon Assembly Nightingale with ANY number of Level 1 monsters.
    • Oh, here comes the Pervasite Fusioner again… YUCK! >_>
    • This show may be made by Japan, but watching the Pervasite Fusioner sticking onto Independent Nightingale’s boobies is really inappropriate for a children’s card games anime.
    • Oh hey Shun, when did you arrive here? I thought you were so exhausted you couldn’t even move?
    • Shun is delighted at the sight of new Phantom knights cards.
    • … WHAT? A Rank 2 Phantom Knights Xyz? And it’s basically a rip-off of Gorgonic Guardian…
    • Ruri, you still have three cards in your hand. Nothing to set when you end your turn?
    • Shun, Kaito is searching for that “Doctor” in your stead, just chill down and watch this duel.
    • Poor Birdman, he just couldn’t catch a break. And he didn’t even know that his fellow Bird Bro Crow was carded…
    • I really started to hate this Pervasite Fusioner more and more whenever it shows up.
    • ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!! SERENA IS USING THOSE FILTHY PARASITES INSTEAD OF HER REGULAR SEXY MOONLIGHTS?!! Dear writers, you’ve officially ticked off ALL the Fusion Queen’s fans!!! >:(
    • GG Cursed Javelin, you really weren’t the most welcoming of new Phantom Knights.
    • Did Serena just mention that Yuzu also got a Pervasite Fusioner in her brain? Bad move Serena…
    • Wow, so his friends got carded is forgivable, Heartland got wrecked is also forgivable, but when someone touches Yuzu IT’S TOTALLY UNFORGIVABLE?!! Seriously Yuya what’s with your double standards here… -_-”
    • … Seriously Leo, it took you until now to realize that Yuto is within Yuya all this time?
    • Seeing new Phantom Knights support is always great, especially now they have another new RUM.
    Yuto: Wow! That girl is amazing. She’s one hot fine piece of ass… I’d tap that in a heartbea-
    Shun: That’s MUH RURI.
    • “We’ll save Yuzu, Ruri and Serena!” Oh poor Rin was not being mentioned, she only got Yugo to care for her. ;_;

    1. Eva

      I’m not sure if they actually literally switched bodies though. The big bright light certainly implied that and I thought so too at first, but while I was doing screencaps I noticed that in all the monitor footage showed Yuuya’s body not Yuuto’s, and referred to ‘different personality’. I can only guess that maybe Ruri can see him???????? bc of special connection… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      //We’ll save Yuzu, Ruri and Serena!” Oh poor Rin was not being mentioned, she only got Yugo to care for her. ;_;//
      😂 Omfg I didn’t even catch that but you’re right, poor Rin LMFAO! Maybe they don’t’ know her name? I can’t remember, probably. 😂

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        Yes they DID switch bodies, but I guess only certain individuals can see the change though…
        “Maybe they don’t’ know her name? I can’t remember, probably.”
        Well Yuya and Yuto haven’t met Rin yet, but back in the god-awful episode 115 (the pirate episode) Serena did mention the names of “Rin” & “Ruri” that Yugo & Shun are searching for, heck Yuya did briefly mention Rin’s name on the bot when they’re still going on with that “Yutagonists & Yu-waifus look like each other” trope. For heaven’s sake, I really got pissed off when they keep bringing up that topic.
        BTW, I’m surprised you didn’t went BATSHIT CRAZY when a now-brainwashed Yuzu was shown on-screen. Please do that in your next entry becuz DAT PERVERT “DOCTOR” REALLY DESERVES DEATH! Additionally, I’m so done with Yuzu NOT dueling for almost 50 episodes, that period was usually reserved for Reiji’s duel time goddammit! Moreover, the moment Yuzu put on Kotori’s attire she instantly inherited her uselessness because as much as she is still “plot-relevant” she really hasn’t done ANYTHING note-worthy for this entire Xyz/Fusion arc.

        1. Eva

          HAHAHAHA the monitors can’t see it 😛
          Poor Rin, always being left out 🙁 And she is so cool too, yet we know so little about her. ; A ;
          I think the reason why I didn’t go backshit crazy was due to being spoiled a few weeks back. I mean I was expecting it, but ehhhhh spoilers :\ I dunno it didn’t trigger any rage, maybe it was also because they were just like, “OH and she has a parasite in her head too now, heehee~”. A tad anticlimactic I guess? XD

    2. firestorm

      “Wait, I thought Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon prevents Yuri from activating any cards/effects when it attacks, so why Yuri can activate a Trap?”
      Yuri activated his trap before battle phase. Asuka didn’t finished his sentence.
      And Eva, no word about the almighty card is Superpolymerisation? The card which corrupted judai and make him kill his own friend ?^^

      1. Eva

        😂 LOL! Sorry, while I did marathon GX, but I never cared enough about the series to remember the details or characters 😅

      2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        UNFORTUNATELY, the bad treatment of Asuka and Edo, along with such easy usage of Super Polymerization, are among the reasons why a lot of diehard GX fans are REALLY angry at Arc V to the point they called it an anti-GX show. And they’re justifiably right: Asuka managed to wreck 3 fodders, but was subsequently sidelined for the next 20 episodes and lost her FIRST PROPER 1 VS 1 duel; Edo was among the best duelists in GX (hell he even won against Judai and Kaiser Ryo after their post-season 1 peaks) with an intriguing background of wanting to avenge his father and bring peace & justice to the world with his D-Heroes, but here he had no particular backstory except about his encounter with Yusho, and his dueling record in Arc V was GODDAMN HORRIBLE, 1 Draw and the rest were defeats (going up against two Egao pioneers really shove a middle finger at his mouth). Don’t even get me started about his role in ending the Xyz arc so prematurely! Super Polymerization, nuff said, was used so cheaply when it was a MAJOR plot-point in GX where Judai eventually turned out muck darker (Supreme King side).
        (To think the Fusion Dimension is the established harbringer of destruction for the whole show while the returning GX casts are so badly treated, the irony.)

        1. 75chaosflare

          The Director of ARC-V/5D’s was stated to hate GX for his own reasons and favorite archetype Gladiator Beasts.

  2. Yugioh Fan

    Episode 123:
    Well, we’ve lost another good duelist, farewell Alexis(Asuka) you went out the same way you did in GX, you started out great but then they barley used you and treated you like a minor character, instead of a main or secondary. Well Declan(Reggie) you have lost another duelist, this invasion of Duel Academy is going great, lost some duelists and the girls you came to save are now your enemies. I thought Yuri was insane before this episode, now all I can say is he’s f-ing crazy, nice going Professor Leo really great work raising a psycho path who has now betrayed you. I can’t wait to see how the abridged version handles this scene
    Leo: (After standing up in episode 123) Who would have guessed that my raising a kid to be a murdering monster, that he’d eventually betray. It seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time.
    Now a memorial service for Alexis(Asuka). Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Alexis(Asuka)
    The first image would be when Alexis(Asuka) protected Zuzu(Yuzu) in episode 103.
    The second image would be when Alexis(Asuka) and Zuzu(Yuzu) met Yuri in episode 106.
    The third image would be when Alexis(Asuka) helped Yusho escape in episode 112.
    The first three clip would be Alexis(Asuka) and her entire entrance in episode 103.
    The last clip would be when Alexis(Asuka) discarded her Polymerization to destroy all of Yuri’s in this episode 123.
    The last clip would be Alexis(Asuka) activating her Duel Disk to face Yuri in this episode 123, this image would turn grey to symbolize Alexis(Asuka) demise.
    Episode 124:
    First I 120% believe Yuto and Lulu(Ruri) are a thing, the first official couple in Yugioh history, they are so adorable.
    Second epic episode.
    Third it was great seeing Yuto calm Yuya this time, and the two not letting their dark-side take over, so they could saving their love interests Zuzu(Yuzu) and Lulu(Ruri) and their friend Celina(Serena), they didn’t mention Rin but they don’t know her all that well.
    Fourth, NOOOOOOOO, NOT ZUZU(YUZU) TOO! Curse you Doctor, with no real name, dam you and your disgusting parasites to the underworld.
    Also to answer some of your questions Eva,
    1.) Yuya only got Yuto’s Dark Rebellion, but he did get some of Yuto’s spare cards out of Yuto’s old locker in Heartland back in episode 104. In fact, that’s where he got the Rank-Up Spell card he used in his 1st duel with Aster(Edo) in episode 104. So he does have a few of Yuto’s cards.
    2.) It’s not entirely unbelievable Shay(Shun) got back up so soon, since he was still able to partially move after getting injured by Sora back in episode 47, he’s made of some pretty tough stuff. How he found where Yuya, Yuto and Lulu(Ruri) where is anyone’s guess.
    P.S. It’s great to be able to read your blogs on Yugioh Arc V again Eva, I truly enjoy your work.

    1. Eva

      ˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚ YEAHHHHHH MORE SHIPPERS~ *H5s*
      1) Okay so I did remember right then! 😂 it was hazy memory but I did think of the locker scene. Still have iffy feelings about how they brought it out though ahahahahaha! But then again, that makes it classic YGO, cards appearing because of the duelist’s feelings. 😆
      2) Fair point ahahaha.
      And thanks again <3

      1. aramire77

        Shun doesn’t seem to know yet about their relationship though. Or maybe he knows, but hasn’t given his approval being a protective brother he is. (^w^)

    2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      “How he found where Yuya, Yuto and Lulu(Ruri) where is anyone’s guess.”
      Actually, I’m quite happy that this happened because this made dat KAITOFUCKER an even more pathetic figure! I mean he’s among the first who infiltrated the Academia, but BOTH Ruri & Shun actually reached there much faster than him (especially the latter given how exhausted he is, probably still hadn’t fully recovered, so FUCK YOU SAYAKA).

  3. 75chaosflare

    In my opinion this was something that they’ve should have done along time ago rather doing it just now for the sake of rushing things in or the plot.

    1. Eva

      I absolutely agree. Too many ‘fillers’ / irrelevant episodes.

      1. 75chaosflare

        The sad thing is that based on the outcome of this and the episode after, the duel was completely pointless(in my opinion) for many reasons.
        One for now is despite Ruri, being the only girl that was brainwashed to have a subconsciousness that stopped her from being Shun yet doesn’t happen anymore for important things like Shun being tased and the sight of Yuto(who also for the sake of the plot finally shows a flashback with her) gives a new definition of poor writing. Especially when it came to Rin’s duel that didn’t show any subconscious and she and Yugo arguably had a more close relationship in comparison with Yuto/Ruri and Serena who kidnapped Yuzu and betrayed the team(even if they barely had any interaction). That alone gave the expression of 119 that they made that there to give Shun a mercy win even when later he’ll easily pass out. Is even painfully that arguably Rio is a better sister-like character compared to Ruri because the former had an identity of her own and was brought up much earlier rather than have other characters hype her up only for now have a flashback with her in the 100’s.
        Another is Yuto now switches bodies when Yuya’s legitimately pissed and when Ruri’s brainwashed yet the best he did back in XYZ was take 5 secs to possess him. Shows where his priorities stand.

        1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

          “That alone gave the expression of 119 that they made that there to give Shun a mercy win”
          Not gonna lie, I’m still angry about it because that was the ONE time I actually wanted Shun to lose. Instead of giving Ruri her first win to hype up the debut of Lyrical Luscinias, they instead gave us a Rank 5 Raidraptor Xyz which didn’t really guarantee Shun’s win (*Parasite Fusioner’s destruction protection effect) until Ruri managed to snap back and conceded the duel (as the writers wanted).
          “Rio is a better sister-like character compared to Ruri”
          No doubt about it, she was my waifu back in Zexal (and one of the more memorable & important characters), while Ruri is my waifu in Arc V… who sadly still couldn’t shine on her own in the show.

        2. Yugioh Fan

          Well there actually is a bit of an explanation of why Lulu(Ruri) wasn’t able to stop her dark-side this time. Because at the end of episode 119, the Doctor said he collected data to improve his Parasites, so it’s implied he improve Lulu(Ruri)’s Parasite remotely, as well as the other girls Parasites, to ensure when he reactivated it Lulu(Ruri) wouldn’t be able to regain control again. It’s also implied that Rin had some resistance to the Parasite, which is why Rin didn’t card Yugo after beating him in episode 117, at least that’s the theory I came up with in a post back in Eva’s review of episode 121.

          1. Ken James

            Rather it’s a bit implied or not there are things like “show and don’t tell”. This literally only once happened and just so happens it’s with Shun that was losing and we never any glimpse of her resisting(him getting teased in front of her nor the inner Ruri reacting to seeing Yuto) like she did before nor any inner struggle with Rin which would have been fine if they had kept it like that but easily ruins it with 119.
            There can easily be as many explanations of why this hadn’t happened when this did but in the end(at least my opinion) lazy alone is the two-syllable word that covers up the majority of the series now.

    2. aramire77

      Absolutely agree with you as well. They spent too much pointless filler episodes. They also often spent many times focusing on characters not so irrelevant with the plot. Sure there were some characters that helped Yuya and the others grew better, but the way they handle the episodes were not so well.

  4. Manny

    How did Yuto get his duel disk back? Didn’t Nakajima take it when he lost to Yugo?

    1. 75chaosflare

      Because the plot said so. His deck was understandable but at this point it really doesn’t matter now.

  5. aramire77

    The Professor already know how dangerous Yuya is, that’s why he ordered Sanders to defeat Yuya, naming the boy out of Lancers specifically. Leo, Yuya won’t become this dangerous if only you didn’t start this dimensional war in the first place. In fact he already knew how dangerous not only Yuya but his counterparts as well, that’s why I’m wondering why he let Yuri slide and even taught him that it’s okay to card people. If Yuri card him or anything, it’s his own fault. Serves him right.

    1. Ken James

      They could have made things quicker by carding them the moment they captured them than waste time.

  6. starqo

    It’s always good to see one of your ARC-V reviews, Eva.
    I look forward to how you react to episode 125, and especially episodes 126/127.
    P.S. Can you put your opinion on the final OP and ED in your next review?

  7. Sanokal

    No problem Eva. Do it at you own pace.
    If any of you lot put spoilers in the comments…

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