Well shit. I was anticipating the big reveal to be crazy, but this is SHEER INSANITY. HOLY SHIT WHAT THE @#*& IS HAPPENING?!?!?! I never in my wildest imagination excepted Zarc to be such a madman! I mean, the guy went on a killing spree, he and his dragons were killing people, destroying the city, like what the @#!* gone wrong with his head?! I am speechless… Never saw this coming.

ygo-arc-v-ep-126-img-0021In fact, in a way it’s really hard to imagine how each of the counter parts’ personalities reflect who Zarc is, or the Dragons, I’m not entirely certain which is which- maybe both? Because it was clear as night and day that Yuuri is the batshit insane piece of Zarc, and Yuuya seems to be probably what used to be his innocence before everything went haywire. The dragons also reflect the personalities of their individual wielder as well, so it could be that yes, it’s both, especially since Zarc had become one with the monsters. I have no idea how the hell that happened in the first place, there was no real logic explanation how they did it (thanks to Timegazer Magician and Stargazer Magician), but they did and boy, the Supreme Dragon King is wicked!

There was a lot of information to absorb so let’s just do a quick breakdown and hopefully I understood everything correctly:

  • Both Leo is actually from the Original ‘One World’. (It is implied that Reira may be as well)
  • This ‘Whole’ World was where Solid Vision with Mass was created, and was where all summoning methods existed. Upon its destruction by none other than Supreme Dragon King, it was divided into four different realms where each dragon were sent to the respective worlds (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ and ‘Standard’ AKA Pendulum).
  • Zarc was once a nobody, but was earlier known as the guy who can hear the Duel Monsters’ voices (and was likely be able to communicate with them). However he quickly rose to fame and as he gained popularity for his intense duels which resulted his opponents gravely wounded. Yeah, you read right. The audience thought it was super cool to see people get gravely injured and started cheering for it, which then encouraged others to do it. And what was just supposed to be a fun card game turned into Duel Monsters, Gladiators Edition (no seriously, they were seriously attacking each other). People became so obsessed with this development, all hell broke loose and chaos ensued.
  • But Zarc kept winning, he was always at the top, and when there were no more challengers, he aspired to become even more powerful and become Godlike- which he did and at the same time ended the world.
    Wow that’s some career this guy had.
  • So as result of all of this: Leo blames himself for being responsible for the world’s destruction due to the discovery of Solid Vision with Mass, along with having ignored his earlier discovery that the Duel Monsters indeed have voices. By overlooking that crucial details, he didn’t think of the potential consequences if the monsters were to have a manifest a physical body. Not even conventional weapons could take these monsters down, and they with Zarc together, pretty much were on their way of wiping out the human race.
  • TIMEGAZER MAGICIAN AND STARGAZER MAGICIAN ACTUALLY TURNED OUT TO BE SUPER IMPORTANT CARDS. They are the key pieces to allowing Zarc to become one with the dragons!

But here’s one big question, and hopefully it will be addressed in the next episode: WHY IN THE WORLD, DOES LEO WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD ONE AGAIN?! Peace has finally been attained thanks to Zarc’s soul and his Dragons all been sent to separate worlds and they were unlikely to go out and pursue each other if they didn’t have a reason to leave their respective realm, let alone EVEN LEARN ABOUT IT! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

ygo-arc-v-ep-126-img-0006But apparently Leo made a grave error, and appears to have assumed Yuuya was Zarc reincarnated. This would explain why he considers only Yuuya to be dangerous. However he knows of both Yuuya and Yuuri, so why is it Yuuri not considered dangerous and when Yuuya is? In fact when Yuuri decided he wanted to card everyone in the world, it seems only right then Leo realized that Yuuri too is a threat and is a piece of Zarc. I am truly perplexed at his decision. Was his grand plan was to actually kill Yuuya off and hope by sacrificing his friend’s kid, he wouldn’t have to deal with Zarc after be puts it back together again? I mean, what? I can’t make any sense to Leo’s intentions. Ironically, Leo- ONCE AGAIN, is directly responsible for the worlds’ destruction because he’s inflicting destruction by raiding the worlds and kidnapping the girls is inevitably is making Zarc whole again.

But the most important take away in this big reveal is the fact Yuzu is also too has an original host, and now her bracelet and her purpose in the story make all the sense in the world. Yuzu’s specific job was to prevent Zarc’s souls from ever reuniting. I don’t know what the other girls’ roles are, but Yuzu’s bracelet is the only one that was able to do it. ygo-arc-v-ep-126-img-0018However this effect only works when she is around. Another interesting twist to this event is the fact how the each of the original’s host souls have some form of relationship with Zarc’s souls. With the exception of Yuuri and Selena since we have no idea what type of relationship they have, the others are extremely close, even romantically close. I find this so interesting because as of right now, there is no indication that Zarc and the girls’ Original Host had any sort of relationship. Instead, it looks like the girl was simply someone to stop Zarc. Needless to say I am dying in curiosity to find out if they had any sort of relationship because of the inner shipper in me is swooning, I am literally looking for a legitimate reason for me to scream, “I SHIP IT!” (๑॔˃̶ॢ◟◞ ˂̶ॢ๑॓)♡ (***mind you, PRIOR to Zarc going nuts!) because right now we only seen everything in Leo’s perspective and not Zarc’s, who basically went insane- I really want to know Zarc’s backstory from his perspective. I have the mighty need for am explanation why he went down such a violent and cruel path.

You know I can’t stop here right? Now I am actually thankful for having fallen so behind because it would have killed me to have to wait a whole week for these episodes. I can’t release too many entries in one day- nor do I have time to do it, so Episode 127 & 128 will be posted tomorrow.
*Note: This also means I will not be able to watch it until tomorrow, so no spoilers please!!!!


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  1. 75chaosflare

    This is in general is an episode that proves 92 was either too soon or the plot should have been explained happened a lot sooner before diving into the other dimensions.
    In other words it’s basically the Leo’s fault and random pedestrians(you’d confuse them for Synchro and their crap). To me the whole duel monsters spirits comes right out of nowhere they talk about how much they’ve been abused and kind of hints a bit more favoritism/laziness via 5D’S on Ono’s part when it comes to explaining this kind of plot line and after literally after 126 episode. Funny enough even back in 5D’s they did a easier/quicker job at the plot compared to Arc-V now.

    1. Eva

      I would say it probably… hm… too soon. I think the event of Ep 92 taking place in the XYZ Realm might have been better idea and would have also provided an opportunity to actually provide plot-related development while in that setting.
      And I agree, they did a WAY better job of explaining the crazy plot in 5DS than this. Nothing makes sense anymore. Talk about tanking what could have been an amazing story. =____=

  2. Yugioh Fan

    I just don’t understand what Leo was thinking, his plan makes no sense, I mean if he wanted to stop Zarc’s revival then why did he start a war between the Dimension which has constancy brought the four reincarnations of Zarc together, that’s very counter productive. Also he could have just killed or carded Yuri as a kid and stopped it all together, but no he had the bright idea to uses Yuri as a soldier in his army, because he needed to card people for his master plan, and Yuri was exceptional at that, never once thinking Yuri would betray him. He also could have just had Rin card Yugo when she beat him back in episode 117 but he didn’t.
    In fact, you’ve got to wonder what Leo did when raising Yuri that turned him into the monster he is today. When you think of the other three Yu boys and the environments they where raised in, Yuya and Yuto were born to parents in there Dimensions(who had no idea they were the reincarnation of Zarc) and where raised by them and had good friends and girls like Gong, Shay(Shun), Zuzu(Yuzu) and Lulu(Ruri) in there lives that made them good people who know the differences between right and wrong. Even Yugo turned out okay, despite not knowing his birth parents, not having too many friends, and coming from a messed up environment like the Synchro Dimension(let’s be honest any of those crazy spectators from the Original Dimension, who survived Zarc’s rampage, had to have ended up here), with Rin’s help he to became a good person. That really says something about how Leo raised Yuri, if even Yugo who comes from the Sychro Dimension grew up to be an okay person, unlike Yuri who turned into a batshit insane monster.

    1. Eva

      THANK GOD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THIS WAY. It’s one of two things: Leo is an incompetent idiot (therefore the writer wanted him to be stupid, but that’s giving them way too much credit) or it’s just shitty writing (which is more likely after all the nonsense we’ve been through).
      Good point about how Yuuri was raised. I thought the same, “Well everyone else is NORMAL while we have Yuuri who has been forced in isolation and then LITERALLY ENCOURAGED TO CARD PEOPLE” WTF?!?! Contradiction much?! Absolutely! That’s why I am seriously wondering if Leo thought Yuuya was the only threat. *Shakes Head* It’s ridiculous, I can’t understand it.

      1. 75chaosflare

        This is what happens when you bring (Cardgame)Lex Luthor in this series when all he did for the majority of this show was acting like (MCU)Thanos(sitting on his chair until the plot demands him to do something) only difference is this makes him look like a freaking moron that even he admitted himself that he’s no genius.

        1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

          Part of me actually wants Leo to succeed in accomplishing Revival Zero though… just to see how Ray gets pissed off and uses the 4 cards to SPLIT this mad father/scientist into 4 pieces… XD

  3. Becs

    I think i know why Leo wants to unite the worlds again… [spoiler] Yuzu’s original host is his daughter or at least a close relative. I mean i know it seems a little farfetched but she was beside him in the stadium and she stood out among the rest of the crowd along with him. We know that Yuzu never had a mother and that she had her bracelet ever since she was a baby so i imagine that a similar situation happened with her counterparts.
    I think he wants to unite the worlds again in order to bring his daughter back whilst also killing off Zarc to prevent him from coming back.[/spoiler]
    But that’s just an theory based on the episodes so far.
    I’m going to watch the next one now.

    1. Becs

      Eva just saying that i did not know that was a spoiler at the time, it was honestly a guess as i hadnt seen 127 then! So it was basically my best guess. I didn’t mean to spoil. I honestly expected to be wrong, i usually am in these circumstances.

      1. Eva

        Oh no don’t worry, I put the spoiler tag in because I had watched the episode and knew you were RIGHT ON THE MARK 😂 BULLS-EYE So I was like, “Ehhh probabbbbly a good idea to be spoiler for now”. Sorry about that! Please don’t worry about it!

  4. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    THE MOMENT OF TRUTH!! Will this unify the YGO timeline or will it fracture it even further?!! After 125 episodes, IT’S TIME TO FINALLY LEARN THE PLOT!!
    • LOL “effeminate bastard”, you aren’t that far off, Yugo. XD
    • Oh god, I’m SO DONE with this trope. Is everyone fucking BLIND?! They look NOTHING alike!! >_>
    • A reminder that Yuya is literally the only person in all of space & time who hasn’t seen his father yet.
    Leo: Time to show you the truth, Sakaki Yusho.
    Leo: OH SHUT UP! Your father is talking with the Tomato’s daddy!
    • A reminder that young Leo and Yusho developed Real Solid Vision and Entertainment Duels.
    • We really need to put all real life science funding into creating Real Solid Vision. 😀
    • Leo: “We did it everyone! We have created Real Solid Vision Holograms! Now we can… MAKE FAKE INANIMATE BIRDS! A better world indeed!”
    • Leomon- I mean Wheel of Prophecy and Hazy Flame Sphinx now have their own souls!
    • Uh oh… I guess THIS is the reason why Paradox wanted to destroy Duel Monsters outright. There are way too many alternate futures where the card game actually brings ruin to mankind.
    • It began with the appearance of THAT MAN ZARC! And is that… ODD-EYES DRAGON?!!
    • … The dangers of Real Solid Vision manifested so quickly…Okay, I may need to rethink about humans actually implementing Real Solid Vision and Action Duels IRL…
    • Wow, those people were as narrow-minded and morally bankrupt as your average Synchro citizen… Guess we finally know how Synchro Dimension inherited this fucked up mentality… :p
    • AWESOME! Speedroids have their own Graceful Charity now! 😀
    • Yuri’s need to shank everyone grows stronger than ever…
    • WHAT?! Reira felt it too?! Does that mean he’s also connected with this whole scheme? Him reading the minds of someone far far away makes no sense unless he is actually plot-relevant in some way.
    • Level 1 X-Factor activated!
    • Kaito, you’re the first to infiltrate the Academia and it took you until now to reach the now-destroyed laboratory of parasitic research? Even Ruri was much faster than you. Besides, you can clearly see that Shun is totally NOT okay, thank you very much.
    • You’d think everyone would be scared shitless when Zarc brought up the whole “destroying the world” bit. They’re really the forefathers of the Synchro bastards we’re so fed up with.
    • TFW you want to entertain people so much, you really wanted to destroy the world…
    • So… Not into the violence now, were you everyone??
    • HOLY SHIT! They are actually finding a way to justify card games as an actual threat… I’m honestly REALLY impressed by the world building and plot here.
    • Level 2 X-Factor Activated!
    • WHAT??!! THAT’S THE COMBINED FORM OF THE FOUR DIMENSIONAL DRAGONS??!!! And to think that was just the combined form of the original Odd-Eyes, Dark Rebellion, Clear Wing and Starve Venom, what if Odd-Eyes PENDULUM, Dark REQUIEM, CRYSTAL Wing and GREEDY Venom combined together?!! THE APOCALYPSE HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!! O_O
    • Important moral lesson learnt here: Don’t encourage a person to be more violent in his performances and don’t use some fancy technology to give Duel Monsters physical bodies and souls, because if you go overboard you will drive him and his monsters insane causing them to wreck the whole world.
    MORE PLOT! Incoming Composite Yuzu! (Why does she look like Yuma’s older sis Akari?)

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