Yuuri continues to train with Victor and they both decide that Yuuri will skate on Yuuri’s own free program for the grand Prix final, which means he has first to find his own music to skate on. A thing that isn’t quite easy for our young hero, since he has no confidence at all in his choices. He eventually manages to find a new track that describes his love and that Victor validates. In the meantime in Russia, Yurio plans on doing the same thing and submits himself to a rigorous training and takes some ballet lessons from a very strict but capable coach.

But let’s not talk about this for the moment, let’s talk about what stroke me the most while watching this episode:



My first reaction to his scene?


Holy sweet nachos in a bowl, that’s gay.

vlcsnap-2016-10-27-17h42m06s818I think I said it before but I’m no good with fan service. I’m fine with partial nudity when its necessary, for example abs in Free cuz you know, they are swimming, they can’t swim in track suits … but do we really need to see Yuri!! On Ice‘s cast at the Onsen, every episode? I think not. Sure it was pleasant the first time but it’s starting to get a bit repetitive, not only that, but as the “sexual tension” ( if you can call it like that) between Yuuri and Victor is increasing, the content of these scenes is getting wayyyyy out of hand. So please stop, I’ve seen enough of Victor’s abs, I don’t need to see more. For me, if you eat too much of something you like you’ll eventually grow sick of it. It’s the same with fan service for me, although I do not like it very much in the first place.
The scene at the beach was fine, when Yuuri blushed because Victor mentioned he could be his boyfriend, that’s cute, that’s fine, that’s funny. Same with the hair touch, the little attention Yuuri had for Victor, that’s cute, that’s fine. But stop with the Onsen, the cringe is too high for me and it feels like I’m being given some cleansing enema every week, which is, you’ve guessed it, not a very pleasant sensation. But I have to give Yuri!!! On Ice one thing… In 4 episodes, they’ve managed to become gayer than Free! which is sooooomething.

vlcsnap-2016-10-27-17h43m09s536But anyways, I’ll continue to watch it, because I do think it’s a good show. Please note that me not liking the Onsen scenes is just the result of my almost aversion for “sexual” fan service ( I don’t really know how to call it…). I guess Yuri!!! on Ice‘s fan service could be called good, by those who like fan service in the first place but I don’t, so it’s hard for me to not critic it. However I think it is time for me to stop rambling about it too much in order to appreciate the glorious things of the show, like angry kitten Yurio.

It’s still too early to determine best guy but COME ON! Yurio is awesome, I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that. I’m actually rooting for him. I strangely find him as interesting as the main guy, Yuuri, if not more. There’s something in his character that I find touching. Even if he’s still a little shit, the contradictory feelings he holds and his rage for recognition makes him very likable. Can we also talk about how funny and beautiful he was during this episode? Just look at this:


vlcsnap-2016-10-27-17h49m12s537I might be weird but this has more effect on me than Victor and Yuuri naked in the Onsen… Yeah, I might be the only one who thinks that but heh. Also, he’s 15 so I hope he won’t get any Onsen scene, we really don’t need one. So yeah, to me the real star of the episode was Yurio. He managed to skate the his program perfectly and to be beautiful in his own way.
Also it’s cool to see he managed to become friends with that girl, Yuko… I think? and gives her news all the time, that’s cute. Although Yuuri will probably defeat him again when they’ll face each other in Russia, I’m rooting for Yurio… I know, I know, I don’t have a heart… The show makes us sympathize so much with Yuuri, showing all his weaknesses and thoughts, in order to identify with him, but sorry not sorry, I’m with Yurio on this one. GO-GO-YURIO!

Also, I’ve noticed this episode that Victor is starting to become a bit tired, and can’t really keep up with Yuuri’s stamina. No doubt that he might retire definitely from figure skating and maybe become a coach. But what worries me a bit is the last monologue of Yuuri, asking for more of Victor’s time… I hope it’s not a death flag, I really hope it isn’t. Plz no death. Plz…

Next episode, hopefully moar and more figure skating since we’ll see the a competition!

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  1. Berry

    I don’t mind seeing Victor naked and his abs all the time because I highly enjoy it. He’s yummy~
    But yeah I see what you mean about the fanservice. Maybe because I’m a heterosexual female I’m a little more lenient with fanservice that includes guys, but I do think that it’s becoming a little too much. Kinda a little distracting. I still think it’s funny, but I will get a bit annoyed if they keep continuing it. They’re probably just using Yuri’s family business as an excuse to do all this.

    Also I’m rooting for Yurio too!! He seems a lot sweeter than he looks. Also, the girl who teases him looks like a badass, I love her already.

    I thought people speaking of death flags for Victor were crazy………but I kinda got the same feeling too;;; ;_;

    1. Charibo

      I still find Victor attractive tho, it’s just that I might be one of those persons that prefer when a show suggests something rather than showing directly.
      For example, I find this kind of “Fan service” much more pleasing and subtle:

      But it’s the same for me, since I’m heterosexual too, I guess I’m more lenient towards male fan service, if it were boobs all over the place I don’t think I’d continue to watch the show, I even doubt I would have given it a chance in the first place. But it’s where my acceptance stops, I want to see Victor wink at us and use more of his cute english and russian words, not him practicing gym moves in the Onsen.

  2. Virginia

    That last bit might be the fact that figure skating is an sport with dangerous and serious injuries.

    Maybe Yuri gets injured in the same area?

    I mean look at Mao Asada right now… she can’t do a triple axel this season so she’s not in a winning streak.

    1. Charibo

      Yeah an injury is still possible, it’ll be actually a better alternative than death. Also I do know wish for him them get injured, Victor or Yuri might suffered one. And in Victor’s case could influence Yuuri so much that he’ll have trouble continuing the championship… I don’t really know :/ But I doubt things will go all smoothly for those two

  3. zztop

    There’s some significant quality differences between the Crunchyroll and TV airing versions of Ep 4.


    It’s likely MAPPA sent Crunchyroll an earlier QUALITY-copy of episode 4 for translation and subtitling, leaving them enough time to correct EP 4 for TV release – there’s concerns the production is struggling to keep up.

    The screenshots appear to be from the TV version – have they been subtitled?

    Bangkok’s Imperial World shopping centre hosts the only Olympic-sized ice skating rink in Thailand. Nationals are usually held there. It’s the only place Pichit, Yuuri’s Thai friend, can train professionally.

    1. Charibo

      oh true I did not notice that. I usually use raws for my screenshots since I think it”s prettier to see screenshots without any subtitles. So yeah, I did use the TV airing version, I’ve noticed other differences now that you tell me. Like the sparkles around Yurio when he’s about to skate. In the crunchyroll version and more generally the subbed one, they aren’t any, whereas as you can tell by looking at my screenshot of the TV version, there’s lot of them.
      As far as I know, I haven’t seen any TV version of Ep 4 subtitled, not yet :/

      And as for the production struggling, it’s no surprise, considering the quality of every episode regarding those hand drawn skating sequences, I don’t know how the animators can keep up :/

      1. zztop

        It’s a shame if you compare MAPPA to Kyoani, because quality problems like this would never have occurred under their watch. In fact I think Kyoani is one of the few outliers.

  4. Anime Online

    Thanks For Sharing ♥

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