I didn’t expect this to be a four-parter, and since I didn’t have enough to say for last week’s episode, I combined it with this week’s episode. I probably would have only talked about how cool it is to fit a gun and an entire taxi (with the driver still in it) in a folded piece of paper so I didn’t make the review. I think I’ve been having a little trouble reviewing this because I’ve read the manga and I already know what’s going to happen next. The battles with Enigma and Cheap Trick are interesting but they aren’t the most exciting compared to other battles we had. If I had no prior knowledge of these battles, I probably would have been more excited about them. Maybe that’s one bad thing about reviewing something you’ve already read.

Though I think in this case it’s just these particular Stands because I’m very excited for next week. Since they also mashed together the That’s Not my Dad! chapters, I think five episodes should be fine to finish things up. Including the chapters with Hayato and Kira didn’t feel rushed, and since the anime team has been doing so well adapting the manga, I’m positive they’ll end this season with…a bang.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-33-1080p-mkv0042So Yuya proves that he’s a team player and goes out of his way to save Josuke and Koichi. He’s a pretty cool guy, right? After making Josuke bite his lip, our Stand user traps him in paper and then literally takes out a taxi from one of his papers (that expanded somehow) and goes off to the Morioh Grand Hotel. Yuya sends out Highway Star to follow him and when he arrives to where the taxi stopped, the papers with Koichi and Josuke are in it. Of course, there were other things in it like fire and electricity that made Yuya freak out, along with a paper shredder. It was all to scare Yuya to make him do his tick so he’d get turned into paper too, and in typical Jojo fashion, that actually helped him bring Josuke and Koichi to normal and they beat the crap out of Enigma boy and turned him into a book, which they bring over to the library. Typing that all out makes me realize how stupid that all sounds, haha.

So with Koichi free, he can take his role helping out Rohan. With Cheap Trick on him after killing the architect, Rohan can’t let anyone see his back. He calls Koichi for help, but when he can’t see the Stand or the architect’s corpse, he just leaves thinking Rohan is screwing with him. Cheap Trick wants Rohan to burn the pictures he has, so that’s a big hint that he’s found the right person in one of his pictures. He needs to figure out how to get the Stand off of him so Rohan leaves his house but it’s really awkward for him and embarrassing because he always has to press his back on a wall. With windows from houses, he can’t risk anyone inside a house seeing him. The intersection was the worst part but Rohan managed to make it work while looking like an idiot. He then gets bombarded with dogs and cats attacking him because Cheap Trick can talk to animals too, and he can also transfer himself to them because they have intelligence.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-34-1080p-mkv0040But Koichi comes to the rescue. He tries using 3 Freeze but s-h-i-t it only hurt Rohan. But Rohan was smart and led them all to the secret alleyway where Reimi is and turns his body around, making Cheap Trick look back at Koichi. But the number one rule in that alleyway is to never look back or you’ll get taken away. And that’s exactly what happens to the Stand. If only it’s soul gets ripped off from Rohan’s back then it won’t hurt him, and so that ends that battle. Once they leave the alleyway, Reimi calls the boys over and tells them she found something strange. And sure enough she points to the photo of Kosaku.

Speaking of which, Kira hadn’t killed anyone for quite a while and his nails have been growing like crazy. Finally giving in to his desires, he found his next victim while on the train. I could never forget how ruthless Kira was in this moment. While he was getting off from the woman clipping his nails he sticks her boyfriend’s ears on her earrings and yikes! I can imagine how happy he was when he finally held her hand, but it all went out the window when he saw Hayato running out of the apartment complex with a camcorder.

horriblesubs-jojos-bizarre-adventure-diamond-is-unbreakable-34-1080p-mkv0064I actually almost forgot about the awkward bath scene until just yesterday and I was going into this episode dreading it because it’s just so creepy. I mean nevermind the fact that Kosaku has a bomb body, I mean wow I certainly enjoyed that, but IT’S SO CREEPY! And I was so scared for little Hayato too. But he’s a pretty smart kid as he also had a camera in the bathroom. Which makes me wonder, did he put the camera in the bathroom right then, or did he always have that camera in there? Or did he put it there the moment he started suspecting his father so he could even spy on his bathroom habits? I don’t know, it’s like me wondering when he put a camera in his parent’s bedroom. Hayato is a strange kid himself, but this time his cameras are coming in handy so I’ll try to ignore all that. With proof in his hands, Hayato vows to protect himself and his mother, and Kira is ready to kill him right there.

The events leading up to the final fight are my favorite in Diamond is Unbreakable, so I’ll be looking forward to finally seeing it all animated. It’ll be greato!


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