Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 7: Up Your Friendship!

Someone please nerf Alice right away!


Let’s see…she was shot, multiple times by different guns, she was blown up with a grenade, she was stabbed, burned, stuffed into a cement barrel, thrown into the ocean, and yet! She made it out perfectly fine. She just swam out of the ocean like it was nothing and is just…there. Alice at the same time fascinates me and terrifies me. I also love her because she made Calamity Mary lose that stupid smug grin on her face and basically make her look like a complete fool. So I found Alice the star of the episode, even if most of the time she was getting beaten to little itty bitty pieces. I do wonder what her fascination with Snow White that she would give her the rabbit’s foot that she used her own lifetime years for. My previous fears for Snow White are lessened now since she has that item.

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-07-1080p-mkv0039Instead of being worried for Snow White, I was actually more worried for Ripple! I take it that whenever this show shows someone’s backstory, they’re either going to die in that episode, or soon. That declaration for a meeting with Mary makes me nervous. I felt for her as we saw the boys bullying her because of her mother’s promiscuity, and girls chastising her for her looks taking away boys from them. And her life at home wasn’t any better. Her mother’s fifth new husband was a complete scumbag and just from the appearance I knew he would be a piece of trash. After peeking at her while she was getting undressed in the bathroom, I was very nervous when he had beer cans on the table. Just like I feared, his perverted acts got worse and he literally looked up her skirt. And I am so glad Ripple gave him a good kick. It makes me wonder if her mother’s other husbands had done that to her. Oh, I just want to hug Ripple. It makes sense why she’s always so serious and “tch”-ing all the time. But it makes me glad that she’s always hanging out with Top Speed. They make a good pair and Top Speed is so bright and bubbly, but I know she’s hiding something too.

So after all these backstories and exciting fight scenes, Sister Nana is working even harder now to create a group of allies. Winterprison knows that more serious things are happening and I really wish she would sit down with Nana and tell her her thoughts. Nana’s pure and honest intentions are really going to get her killed. She invites Snow White to join her and also Alice, who agrees. I honestly can’t really make out what kind of person Alice is, probably because she’s only said about ten lines so far. But she gave Snow the rabbit’s foot, so she can’t be all bad?

horriblesubs-mahou-shoujo-ikusei-keikaku-07-1080p-mkv0015Swim is going to act next. So far ever since Ruler’s death she hasn’t exactly taken any sort of action yet, but upon hearing that Nana was sending messages to everyone, and hearing the twins talk about Winterprison, Swim recalled words that Ruler had once said. Take out the most powerful enemies, and if you can’t play fair, then don’t. Nana and Winterprison are probably the most powerful because they’re the ones that can create a whole group of allies, and that group would get in the way of Swim’s plans. Winterprison is also a problem as she’s so powerful in combat. Seeing Swim peeking out the door when the lovers arrived gave me a very bad feeling. We didn’t get any deaths this episode, but I’m sure we will next episode.

I don’t want to make predictions on who’s going to die next, I’m just going to watch and see. I just wish we would get a little hint to what Fav and Cranberry are planning. What do they want from these girls? Also, I really wanted to choke Fav in the beginning when he was telling Koyuki to calm down when she was about to throw up and have a breakdown. I hate him!

Fuck off.

Deaths (in order):

  1. Nemurin
  2. Ruler
  3. La Pucelle
  4. Magicaloid 44


Unfortunately still a weeb

7 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 7: Up Your Friendship!

  1. Seriously, fuck Fav. Insensitive piece of shit!

    MGRP is becoming one of my absolute favorites of this season. Love the characters, as well as how they never hold back any punches regarding their violent behaviors.

    Also, I have a theory regarding Sister Nana and Winterprison that I don’t wanna give away here, but the more the show progresses, the more likely what I’m thinking is gonna wind up happening. (I’ll give you a hint: look closely at Sister Nana’s eyes. Isn’t there something…peculiar about them?)

    1. G-Give me another hint! I’ve been looking at all my screenshots of Sister Nana and I’m stumped. Is there something weird about her eyes? She has the same type of eyes as the twins and Magicaloid but that’s probably one of the eye options in the game’s character customization. Is it obvious? D:

        1. Hmm…I was guessing that was what you were referring to, but maybe the animators just screwed up drawing them in that particular frame because in other screenshots her crucifixes look normal. Also, I don’t want to believe something evil when it comes to Sister Nana. ;_;

          1. I’ve seen pics where it’s a bit more centered, but for the most part (especially when you see her up close), I’ve seen the crosses as upside-down. Maybe you’re right and there are instances where they’re right-side up, but perhaps there’s a bit of a secret split-personality aspect to her that causes them to go back and forth.

            And yeah, I get why you wouldn’t want her to be evil. Nana seems like a caring person when not in her magical girl form. (Heck, I was stoked to see her and the Shizuka/Winterprison coupling treated as the norm instead of the usual GASP!!!! that some shows like to to these days.)

            Anyways, it’s great to chat with someone regarding this theory I’ve had. I’ve posted on the show’s official FB and on Anime Amino about this, and a few others have picked up on it, too.

            1. I did think that Sister Nana would have an ugly side to her so who knows! Maybe you’re theory could be proven true. I thought she would show a backstabbing side because the characters in this show are insane, but she’s so sweet. And yes I also appreciate her and Shizuka’s relationship.

              I love hearing people’s theories so don’t be shy. 🙂

  2. All I can say is next episode will be amazing if Lerche animated it right.

    One thing to note In this series is there are connections everywhere, I love the small thing like in Ripple getting a message from her mother about her father looking at her pic everyday.

    Also Ripple is badass and Alice is awesome.

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