So the creator of the Orte Empire, the army filled with racist humans, was created by Hitler. I can’t really explain the exposition better than this: it was Hitler all along! I can’t make any of this up, but all of it makes sense. The writer of this series has a deep fascination with Hitler and I called the humans nazis from the beginning, so I’m going to say in hindsight #calledit . We are back to mainly exposition in our story today but it was handled in a much more interesting way than two episodes ago, even making me care more about the relationship between Nobunaga and Toyohisa.

The run down of this episode is important: Nobunaga refuses to allow Toyohisa to become a cruel person and driftersep603thus he knocks him out before he can give the elves the order to kill all the people soldiers who raped the elven women. This gives incite that Nobunaga is invested in Toyohisa both personally and in terms of who he grows into as a leader, not allowing him to bear the burden of such a heavy decision. I found this to be both intelligent and contradictory because it prevents a conscious ability for Toyohisa to handle decisions like a leader would. That being said, the manner in which a leader has to hand out orders for a slaughter is a big deal. So I can’t say I am too critical of Nobunaga for having done it, but I appreciate that Toyohisa was not happy about that decision being taken from him.

The elves all begin a rebellion and this sparks a meeting of the Orte empire. Mostly all this accomplishes is that we learn they are definitely fucked, which is not good for mankind overall thanks to the whole Black King thing, and this introduces a mysterious power player in the Orte empire who is definitely a Drifter. This person is fabulous and well. . .here, just look at him.

driftersep604He bails on the Orte empire and plans to meet with the Drifters in charge of the Elven revolutions, meanwhile Yoichi is training them all and Nobunaga continues his black powder escapades while trying to figure out who could best replicate the manufacturing on his gun. (Hint: it’s the dwarves. Coulda told you the underground blacksmiths were the best capable for this one, dude)  Everything in the episode basically reveals hey, the Orte Empire is going down and the Drifters are creating a substantial force of revolution!

So naturally, the Black King sets up next episode by sending the Enders to take them on. Are we finally going to get to see a big battle?! Are we finally going to get to see real equal fights and destruction ensuring upon all that dare to interrupt a battle of the forces of history?! I’ve been waiting 6 episodes and it seems plausible that next episode we will finally get a big showdown.

Bring it on Drifters.