So we got a looot of performances this episode… So many that I can’t remember each one in precise details… I like Phichit’s one, his outfit was nice although I couldn’t recognize him at first. I also liked his song since it sounded like it was from for musical movie or something, probably Ice school musical… ahaha… I’m sorry.

vlcsnap-2016-11-13-10h02m30s913As for Guang-Hong Ji, I don’t remember much since I was too busy laughing at the way they had pronounced “Le parfum des fleurs” in japanese. I know, it’s childish but I love hearing french in Japanese… it’s usually so wrong but so funny at the same time. Also poor guy, he probably got the least nicely animated dance sequence and the shortest one too… Or maybe not, Leo de la Iglesia’s performance was also rather horrific in terms of animation … I’d say they are neck to neck on this one.

Then it was Yuuri’s turn… I have nothing to add, I don’t think his program has changed… I don’t really understand how this sport works anyway… Sure it’s beautiful… but I don’t really understand it. I don’t know why he ranked first again… huh… oh well let’s say it’s the power of love.

vlcsnap-2016-11-13-10h04m15s129And my favorite performance of the whole bunch, that Russian guy who was dumped by his girlfriend which resulted in causing him several personality problems and gave him a twisted vision of love and betrayal. Honestly, that was funny, that’s probably the only time I laughed during the episode because this guy is so intense… He actually reminds me of myself, when I used to do drama in high school aha.

As for the Leo de la Iglesia fellow, I only remember the funky ass song he skated on. Boi, when the rap part came on I was banging my head…So yes, nice music!Oh and by the way you can listen to it here:  
It’s only 2 minutes long but I still think it’s worth it!

vlcsnap-2016-11-13-10h05m51s047Ok so that Swiss guy performance was wayyy too provocative for my taste. I usually don’t say no to butts, but this is too much. And his inner monologue about wanting to come? ugn, no please thanks, I don’t need to know that, keep that to yourself.

So we were introduced again to a whole new bunch of characters and I guess it’s the same than last week with little cute guy ( whose name I’ve already forgotten) and basically every side character ever… They are funny, cute and interesting but we won’t get to know them because we don’t really have the time too, which is such a shame.

vlcsnap-2016-11-13-10h02m45s177Maybe it’s just me but I’m slowly getting tired of all the so-called ” romance” between Yuuri and Victor. While I’ve stated previously that seeing a gay couple not used as a comic relief is a good thing, I’m starting to get bored. Hear me out, I signed up for a “sports anime” because that was what every site was announcing, and instead I got a romance show with a lot of fan service. I’m not a fan of both genres… Fan service bores me to death and even offend me a bit and romance makes me uncomfortable. So here, I’m left with some of my least favorite genres, reunited in one anime… HEH… On the other hand, there’s still a bit of Figure skating so that’s a good, that’s probably why I haven’t drop the show. If every episode were 25 minutes of Victor and Yuuri being lovey dovey and naked in some Onsen I would have said goodbye to this show before you even had have the time to count the numbers of exclamation points in the title.
What I can conclude from this yuri!!! on ice experience is that romantic interactions in general are not my cup of tea. I kind of already knew it since I’ve been avoiding this type of shows for a long time but yoi surprised me since I did not expect to find any romance in it.

vlcsnap-2016-11-13-10h01m43s008Finally I’d like them to explain us technical aspects of the sports a bit more… I still have no idea what type of jumps they are doing nor why Yuuri’s program is worth so much points… So I’m just standing there, watching each program and thinking “heh, I have truly no idea what’s going on right now…”. Oh a Triple Axel… what does this mean, how many points is it worth? I HAVE NO IDEA!

OH YEAH! Give me more Yurio plz, I think he’s my favorite character so far. So please more Yurio sequences!

Now I feel kinda bad aha… last week I was complaining about the fan service and now I’m complaining about the romance… I’m too hard to please I guess… Well if the anime had space battles maybe I would be more lenient… you can never go wrong with space.

Ps: I’m so sorry I’m late again this week, I’ll try to be on time next week :/

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  1. Virginia

    Triple axels have a base of 8-9 points, not counting the grade of execution and bonuses.

    But because of the jump difficulty, ladies never do a triple axel with another triple jump.

    That is why the triple lutz-triple toe tends to have a higher value than a triple axel- double toe.

    For men triple axels are easier than the quads they have to put out.

    These days no quad for men= that male skater loses.

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