Show By Rock!! # Episode 8: Re:Climb

SHINGANCRIMSONZ calls ARCAREAFACT for a rematch from their last battle of the bands, and after persuading from Miss “Manager” which included the red glowing eyes and about crushing their opponents, they agree and the date is set.

I can’t tell who I love more, Crow or Titan. Crow just…shined in the performance and my heart went out to him. My heart also went out to Titan when he found out that his bandmates bought people off and manipulated the votes. They’re both great in their own ways, but let’s be honest. Titan is more husband material, Crow would probably be the obnoxiously loud and embarrassing boyfriend…who means well. I love them both.


Like what some people said before, I really wish the lyrics of the songs would be added. Crow was really passionate about this song and it showed in their performance, and I enjoyed the song and all, but he wrote this song after learning about Amatelast. I can make some guesses on what kinds of lyrics were in it just by looking at the title of the song, Re:Climb, but I just want the lyrics.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-08-1080p-mkv0028With the battle of the bands rematch coming soon, we got a little mini plot with Criticrista. Rosia is taking things upon herself and trying to find out BUD VIRGIN LOGIC’s weaknesses, so she keeps sneaking off to the music room to sneak on Ailane but Holmy catches her. Rosia lies and says everything is fine but Holmy and the others know it’s not fine. We haven’t seen too much close-knit interaction among Criticrista as we have with Plasmagica, so I was glad to see the girls getting worried over Rosia and asking Chuchu and Moa for advice. Of course, what they needed to do was come to Rosia together and show how truly they care about her, because they’re friends, and they can rely on each other! Rosia was always the more confident and independent of the group, but they reminded her that they can help her too when she’s in need. And I’m glad because I was starting to get worried that something really bad was going to happen to her again. Also, I think telling everyone that the band trying to destroy them is in the same school as them is worth mentioning.

And shoutout to Tsukino for having about ten burgers, large fries, and a large soda for herself on her tray.

The day of the rematch arrives and everyone is about to get prepared until Maple and the rest reveal the evidence they picked up from ARC’s last battle. They’re planning on releasing it if they cheat again. Titan had no idea they did that and was extremely angry, enough to want to punch Orion until Rom almost did when he insulted the agency. But Shuzo literally came out of nowhere and stopped the punch, to protect his juniors.

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-08-1080p-mkv0047There was some tension between ARCAREAFACT. Titan comes to practice late after staying late at his job and then checking up on his brothers. He has a feeling that his bandmates are keeping something from him, but his bandmates feel that he’s keeping something from them because he never explains why he comes to practice late. It’s then revealed that they cheated last time and Titan is furious. Orion believes that to become popular they need money, but Titan doesn’t think so at all, and Shuzo gives his own words of wisdom. It’s all about their music. He’s also angry about the cheating because it was his song that was performed and it wasn’t judged properly. And he has a right to be angry. He’s also probably lowkey angry because they’re using their money corruptly while he’s working his ass off to get the money to provide for his little brothers. He didn’t mention that, but that could have been another reason.

But after the battle of the bands, with no cheating, SHINGANCRIMSONZ won with their new song, but there’s no hard feelings. In the end, the boys make up with each other and Titan comes clean about his father’s business going down, but Orion and the rest don’t mind. Very cute that Titan’s little brothers went out of their way to watch their performance. Everything is fine until they get a call and return to their place to see all of their belongings stolen and their bank account dry. The “Manager” stole all they had and fled. Of course it’s obvious that the manager is actually the Queen of Darkness and she’s probably going to use all their funds to build her scary space fleet and death laser.

From the preview it looks like we’ll finally focus on the BUD VIRGIN LOGIC and more plot events. I haven’t complained about the episodes, mainly because I really have been enjoying them, but I do wish that the anime would move on with the plot more. Though I do appreciate the characterization we’ve gotten so far. I want the crazy and creepy things now.

But for now, ARCAREAFACT is going over to take the little brothers’ invitation of going over to Titan’s place aka the sewer. They’re probably not going to fit. But please no don’t sleep in the sewer anymore.


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  1. Now Arcareafact can all bond through eating curry in the sewers, hah.
    I do hope that they’ll still play a minor role for the finale and that this won’t be their finale appearance in the anime. Perhaps by trying to regain their fortune, they might stumble upon the real identity of their former thieving manager and then alert the rest of the cast that she’s the real enemy, and not Ailane and her bandmates (although Dagger and his ability to corrupt melodisian stones is still bad news).
    I’m eager to see what scriptwriter Machida and director Ikezoe have in store for us in the last third part of the anime.

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