Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 132

Oooh I got the chills.
But let’s be frank here: The first part the episode was pretty dreadful to watch. I actually found it even more agonizing to watch Yuugo be absorbed into Yuuri after being neglected and not being given the proper duel they both deserved. I literally felt sick to my stomach. Oh and Reira’s and Reiji’s duel also ends up butchered with that half-ass wrap up with Reiji ultimately defeating Reira and we didn’t see anything in regards to Ray other than Reira speaking on her behalf. At this stage the sole redeeming quality was Yuuri’s voice actor, who was nailing it.

But the second half with Yuushou putting on what is the most important performance of his life managed to hook me in for the first time in what felt like an eternity. It took a while due to the lost of trust I had for the writers, so naturally I was wary and skeptical of whether Yuushou would live to fight another episode. Thankfully for us, the writers put some more heart and soul into this duel (or at least I hope they did). However despite the duel being prolonged for another episode (and will likely take up the entirety of it), it does feel like the outcome has already been set into stone, and that is Yuushou is destined to lose this fight. There is however a slim possibility that he may managed to defy all the odds and defeat Yuuri, but it will already be too late as the Professor is rushing Ray’s Revival which comes as a packaged deal of making everything whole again- which will cause Zarc to awaken by default.

ygo-arc-v-ep-132-img-0007It pleases me to see the differences between Yuushou’s and Yuuya’s entertainment duel styles. Yuushou is all about the gamble, the quest to defy the odds. He is constantly putting himself on the line, setting up baits for his opponents and pretty much trolls them right into his hand. And I must say, it is exceptionally delightful to see Yuushou mess with Yuuri’s head as much as he has. Entertainment Duels, let alone the true definition of ‘Fun’ is foreign to Yuuri. He is so used to winning that while he relishes facing challenging opponents who are constantly throwing curve-balls, he also gets impatient and irritated by it simply because he never had that kind of reception.

With Yuushou and Yuuya’s diffeernces in style come to light, the signature catchphrase, an unbreakable bond that the father and son share only becomes even more special. “Ladies and Gentlemen!”, “Let the Fun Begin!”

Aside from the fact the characters are crying out in horror how Zarc is just inches away from becoming whole again (no thanks to presenting Yuugo on a silver platter- I am still not over it), varying on what is going to come out of this duel, and who is going to fall and the chaos that will follow, I do see a glimmer of hope of the story finally getting back on track. Personally, I don’t know which I would perfer, Yuushou falling or Yuuri being defeated. Regardless of the outcome, Zarc is coming back, either through his own power or through the Professor’s plans.

And I think it’s about time that we point out to the elephant in the room, which I am expecting to become a plot-hole: Since Ray is pretty much confirmed to revive, what happen to those whose life energy has been extracted for the sake of her revival? My guess it’s just going to be fodder and because of that they will be lone forgotten because they were never known. But man, if they could make it so one or two characters who were carded end up officially killed off, now THAT would leave an impact like no other.
And wouldn’t it be hilarious if it were one or more of the cameos from the past?

…You didn’t hear it from me.

A/N: I apologize for the lack of interaction in the comment section last week. It’s been hectic so I haven’t had the chance to really go through the comments until today! Also I’m not sure if Yoshida Subs made a typo, but looking at the calendar, I think it’s more likely Episode 133 will air on December 11th, so there will be no new episode next week.

Correction: There will be an episode next week, and then a break before resuming on December 11th.


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0 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 132

  1. Kensho Ono, whether voicing Yuya or Yuri, is amazing.
    Personally I was pleased with the first half given that Yugo losing last week gave me time to adjust (and thankfully it seems like he was too busy looking for Yuya to seal Kite and Aster, yes!). Yusho easily stole the show though; he was glorious, and is likely to go out gloriously even if he loses. I definitely want to see Yuya face Yuri though, because that would give so many opportunities for beautiful character interactions assuming that Rin and Celina can remain conscious.

  2. JESUS! When I thought we’ve finally escaped the Egao drivel… DAMN YUSHO FUCKING SAKAKI!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!
    • A reminder that the long-awaited Hype Steel Cage match is now officially one of the worst duels in this show because KAITOFUCKER & Edo needlessly crashed the party and got their asses shanked as a result. (Still nowhere near as worse as the BATTLE BITCH mini-arc or the Quiz Duel ages ago though…)
    • I REALLY hope that someone will knock Yuri off his high horse soon. The ONLY reason he won against Yugo was because KAITOFUCKER & Edo were fucking idiots who wasted too many of Yugo’s available resources until there’s only Extra Shave Reborn left.
    • “You are me, and I am you”… OH GOD! THIS IS BECOMING PERSONA!
    • Bye-bye Yugo, see you again once this whole mess with Zarc is done… T_T But you know what really pisses me off? Despite all this time, Yuya & Yugo had no interaction with each other… AT ALL. The only time they were near each other was when Yuto “died”… At which point everyone was confused and then they immediately went into Berserk Mode. Other than that, they were in the hotel in season 2, rooms apart from each other and never met. Their only actual “interactions” with each other was by accidental Berserk Synchronization during the Friendship Cup… Where Yugo got disqualified for plot reasons. Yuya & Yugo are major characters, but they have never spoken to, interacted with, or even dueled each other, despite the 3rd opening teasing Odd-Eyes Rebellion Vs Clear Wing. It’s honestly very sad.
    • Now that Yuri had absorbed Yugo, I wonder how he will utilize Clear Wing Synchro Dragon against his inevitable clash with Yuya considering Predator Plants have no Tuners… Or Yugo will simply take over and utilize his Speedroids, much like how Yuya and Yuto interchanged Entermates with Phantom Knights.
    • Oh yeah, Reira vs Reiji is still a thing… at the expense of the lives of the 4 Yu-waifus.
    • Look at Reira shedding those crocodile tears…
    • Reiji’s plot armour insurance remains strong after he finally decides to rely on Action Card bullshit since god knows how long.
    • About time for a Spanish Conquistador to join the ranks of D/D/Ds… Though I can hardly see it being played because it will be impossible to Pendulum summon him back once he’s destroyed since the current D/Ds and D/D/Ds don’t have the Scales to match its Level… AND WHY IS IT NOT A SYNCHRO?!!
    • Sorry, Mini Keikaku, you still have a long way to go before eventually matching Keikaku Senior.
    • Who needs card games when you can blast people away with magic powers? That would save us so much trouble right now.
    • “You see? I’m all that’s on his mind. So even if the father doesn’t approve…” And that’s when the Yaoi fan-fiction writers went wild. PLEASE MAKE THIS CANON. 😉
    • Oh Yuya… You’ve finally reunited with your father, only to get possessed by Zarc and stabbed by illegal exorcism swords thus rendering you helpless to see your daddy get carded right in front of you.
    • Hold up, Yusho said that he will avenge Asuka and his fallen students… But what about KAITOFUCKER & Edo?! Does this mean that those clowns are still alive?! CHRIST!
    • I’ll say it again Leo, raising Yuri to be a psychotic killer was your WORST mistake ever than creating Real Solid Vision. Now you’re paying the price for that one fatal decision because the most evil part of the Egao Anti-Christ is now happily running rampant and there’s no contingency plan to stop him.
    • Man, for all of Academia’s supposedly superior technology, Arc V reactor is a pathetic joke for a doomsday machine. That being said, with Ruri now officially dead too, someone needs to relay this message to Shun, he’ll be beyond pissed and summon his Ruriraptors to Drill-Peck Leo to death before feeding his corpse to the Arc V reactor. Payback’s a bitch.
    • Reira, stop pushing the “Ray” button or Reiji will strangle you to death with his nightmare scarf.
    • The fate of the world is in the balance, the clock is ticking, and the return of the Egao Anti-Christ is upon us… But yeah, let’s have a fun duel and enjoy everything… -_-”
    • Another new OST, but I’m sure everyone had said this ages ago… WHERE THE FUCK IS SOUND DUEL 4??!!!
    • “I thought you would do more, but I’m disappointed.” Yusho sums up my thoughts on the Predator Plant archetype pretty nicely, they’ve been really underwhelming so far and Yuri still hasn’t show us how he deserved his boogeyman reputation with those scrappy cards.
    • “Ladies and Gen-” OH SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT!!!! >:(
    • Dark Seed Planter is quite good for Predator Plants, it can set up Starve Venom pretty fast with Super Polymerization… Too bad it’s STILL banned in TCG… ;_;
    • It’s hilarious that Sky Magician’s effects are VERY garbage… Considering THIS is the ace monster of Yusho, I’m very disappointed.
    • Yuri is slowly but surely running out of patience… HAYAKU! HAYAKU! HAYAKU!
    • Somebody needs to play some Phoenix Wright music, because Yuri actually got CORNERED!
    • I DON’T get how people can actually hail Yusho as the BEST entertainer when his revolting duel style makes me want to punch him in the face. As much as I HATE Yuri for “eating” Yugo, I want him to shank this old man’s ass for wasting our time instead of dealing with the upcoming apocalypse.
    • OF COURSE Yuya regains his true self because Zarc can be dispelled with Egao speeches… No seriously, I REALLY want to throw bricks at our dearest Arc V writers for more ridiculous writing.
    • Yusho is gonna deliver us a Dazzling Entertainment Show… Right before Yuri one-shots him to oblivion.
    *Correction Eva, episode 133 will be aired in 27th November, but afterwards Arc V will take a break before resuming in 11th December.

    1. the only thing that was enjoyable in yusho vs yuri dual in this episode is how he found out the card yuri was set up is super poly. his explanation how he came to this was great.

      1. NO, trolling your opponent DOESN’T mean you’re qualified to be an entertainer. Now I know why Yuya is terrible at Egao because Yusho is just as bad in that regard, anyone who got mesmerized by Yusho’s bullshit are idiots and fucking blind.

        1. You know the more I think about it, while Egao does have it’s problems here and there, the introduction of entertainer duelist was a nice concept, which has actually made the Japanese dub duels more fun. You see I always thought(and this is just my opinion, it’s okay if people don’t agree) that the English dub duels were more entertaining, because they include more snappy and witty dialogue, which helps to characterize the ones in the duel(since dueling is a major part of this series it makes sense that we should learn more about characters by how they talk and act during a duel). Unfortunately, for most Japanese dub duels 80 to 90% of it is just them explaining in full detail what the card does. I mean I know they do it so the audiences doesn’t get lost, and to be respectful to there opponents, but come on when you explain the same card effect in full detail multiple times in the same duel against the same opponent who’s already heard it once, it’s just annoying. You can explain it in full detail the 1st time, but if you uses the same effect again in the same duel, then you can just summarize it.
          For example if Yugo were to activate Clear Wings effect twice in the same duel, the 1st time he should fully explain it, but the 2nd time he just generalize it and make it should cool like:
          Yugo: Did you forget my dragons effect, you must have because now your monsters on a one way trip to the Graveyard.
          This is the kind of fun and witty dialogue that I think makes the English Dub good, I mean it’s not a perfect dub, no dub can truly be, but I still think there duels are a little more entertaining then the original dub. Of course, that’s just my opinion, your free to disagree with me, and that’s okay, I just like talking to other fans of the series in a calm discussion where we can both respect each others opinions.

  3. It certainly is fair to say that the Reiji vs. Reira duel was an empty excuse to have Reiji do something even when it ended up being completely meaningless, wasted a lot of time and Ray not doing anything afterwards nor before but chooses just now to manipulate a random kid she doesn’t know. into helping her father commit genocide. None of these people are sane and should be sent to prison for life.
    The fact that Edo, Kaito and Sora were that carded destroys any sense of “sacrifice” making things feel more dull, stall and emotionless, especially Yugo’s last words compared to Yuto’s back in 37.
    Arguably, Yushou ended it being the only one that did something(even though he was just as useless before by standing and doing nothing during and after the Yugo and Yuri duel when he had the same bug trap he could have used).
    Yuri is basically: “Even though I have these awesome powers and could easily card you all while having my other half, I’m going to wast time on a meaning card game.”
    Finally Leo’s actions sums up the show in general by rushing things in which always ends up terrible especially with the rate the shows in now.

    1. yes the way yusho expained how he found out it was super poly was pretty smart and this what made the episode at least decent for me

    2. “Reiji vs. Reira duel was an empty excuse to have Reiji do something even when it ended up being completely meaningless”
      Just part of Konami’s schemes to promote a new D/D/D Pendulum boss monster which is largely unplayable on its own…
      “Edo, Kaito and Sora were that carded”
      I’m not sure if they’re carded, though. It looks more like Yuri rushing to Yuya and Yusho deliberately try to stop him and got blasted away multiple times. That being said, I will cheer when KAITOFUCKER is confirmed to be carded, he’s a first-rate asshole and deserves to die.
      “Yushou ended it being the only one that did something”
      Hahahaha… SO WHAT?! I want this old man to die already for wasting more of our dwindling time! Why this show always delivers this Egao nonsense AT THE WRONG PLACE & THE WRONG TIME?!! I’ll be straight here, I totally despise Yusho’s “entertainment” style when his deck is obviously a revolting troll deck which only serves to piss people off! Sky Magician is confirmed a piss-poor “ace” monster, one fucking Effect Veiler would’ve stop this clown that we’ve been waiting for 132 episodes to make its official debut! It’s obvious that Yuri is getting tired of this constant bullshit, and for once I want him to shank Yusho’s ass and get to the main Yuya vs Yuri showdown already!
      “Leo’s actions sums up the show in general by rushing things in which always ends up terrible especially with the rate the shows in now.”
      I STILL don’t get why he would raise Yuri to be a psychopath when Zarc is supposed to be his most hated enemy. Put that aside, while it’s obvious that Arc V has become progressively worse, people should STOP giving it poor ratings, because those polls are indicators of what would turn out for the next Yugioh anime. If they keep bashing Arc V, you want the new Yugioh anime to be a cheesy one like Zexal or convince the writers to make a rehash of that goddamn horrible series? (Zexal II’s final 20 episodes were actually really good, though…)

      1. Sorry that was a typo, I meant weren’t carded. In all honesty the ratings really don’t matter at this point since it will mainly get poor ratings every episode until it ends despite their being good aspects of them from fans hate of it now due to how much the writers started simply rushing things in, shafting the characters for the most dumbest of reasons and hammering into more of how much of a Messiah Yuya became that they don’t have the other characters do anything of value until the plot demands him to do something serious(aka when Yuzu is in danger). They’ve already messed up the moment they left standard. I honestly believed that sure maybe they had rocky start because Standard also started out basic before things got serious until we’ve realized Synchro in general was just 5D’s 2.0 and of course XYZ for it’s infamous rushiness that makes me want to rewatch those certain series.
        They couldn’t really care about the ratings as long as cards are selling and that’s it. A new series is basically certain it’s going to happen otherwise this would be a terrible way to end the franchise.

  4. I’m pretty sure that Yuya vs. Yuri will happen, considering the importance of the two in the plot and all. The question is whether Yusho will be turned into a card or not. Yusho did say that he will let Yuri card him without any resistance, but I don’t think Yuya will let that happen regardless of Yusho’s statement. The scenarios I have in mind are: If Yusho is carded, Yuya will go berserk again for sure. If he is not carded, Yuya most likely will try to change Yuri’s mind with his own Entertainment Dueling but once both Yuya and Yuri summoned the four dragons (since Yuri already got Clear Wing, I’m sure he’ll use it), both of them go berserk.

    1. Oh def, Yuuya will lose his MIND if he loses his father. Losing Yuzu was just the tip of the iceberg! It will be one hell of a show to watch for both Reiji and Reira to watch. Ironically they end up being the most useless members of the Lancers. And the ultimate plot-twist will be Sawatari the sole (sane) Entertainment Duelist left standing to reach Yuuya- or something like that LOL. Where the heck has he been hiding anyways? Are we ever going to see him again? I doubt he’s been carded, the guy has seven lives.

      1. If Sawatari ends up doing nothing in this final season I’ll seriously flip because he’s better at Egao than Yuya is… Actually, most of the major Arc V cast are better than Yuya when it comes to Egaoing people’s hearts. Fuck this Tomato.

  5. This episode was pretty great, I have to say. I wasn’t expecting much but Yusho gave us a show after all.
    It was actually pretty funny to see Yusho’s process of explaining how he figured out the set card was Super Fusion, it felt like he was playing ace attorney, and it was pretty great. Yusho’s entertainment dueling is definitely more about trickery and shocking the audience with the unexpected than Yuya’s big flashy moves and attacks, and I was really glad they highlighted that difference.
    The thing about this episode that really got to me was the sentiments of Yusho’s dueling. Here we have a 95% demon-possessed Yuya bound to a wall with swords, completely entrenched in a berserk state. But then he hears his dad summon his ace monster and keeps getting these little bursts of hope, and remembering himself. Even Reiji is happy to see Yusho dueling again, it feels like it brings all the characters together. And honestly, after episodes of hating Yusho, this one finally made me like him a little.
    On the flip side! Reiji pulls an upset and wins the duel for no reason other than because he’s Reiji and he has to win. That entire duel is just a confusing mess. Why did it happen, why were the characters acting so unlike themselves, what was the point of showing character growth if Reiji was just going to win anyway? Part of me suspected he would but it still made no sense to me.
    As you said, Yuri was really the only good part of the episode for awhile. I almost found his lines about how fun his duel with Yugo was kind of like he was trying to convince us that “no guys it really was a good duel!”. The lines when he found Yuya were great though, like “I’m the only thing on his mind”- trying to get into Yusho’s head before he proved he was ahead of the game.
    Long story short, if next week’s episode is more like the latter half of this week’s, it may be another chance for Arc-V to come back and maybe start getting good again. I’m crossing my fingers!

    1. Hahahaha, I too felt like he was playing Ace Attorney as well. I had a feeling it was going to be Super Fusion- it was kinda obvious after the last fight. But at least the build up and the explanation was good.
      I agree, it definitely felt as if the writers were trying to convince us it was a ‘good’ duel.

  6. Well, with Yugo’s defeat and forceful absorption, we are slowly approaching the climax. If Yuya beat’s Yuri while in Berserk Mode he’ll absorb him, if Yuri beat’s Yuya in general(because unlike the other 3 Yu boys he has accepted Zarc’s control, so unlike the others he retains his personality while Berserk, because it’s the same as his regular personality, and Zarc has bestowed upon him his supernatural powers of forced absorption and dark energy blasts) he’ll absorb him. And now that Lulu(Ruri) along with Zuzu(Yuzu) once Yuya and Yuto find out they will not be happy, and when there angry Zarc takes over. Yes very nice Leo, as you have so masterfully done these last few episodes you continue to prove you are the stupidest villain in the history of Yugioh. In fact, if you were pay attention at all to what’s been going on in your Academy, which you should because as previous episodes have shown you have cameras everywhere, then you would realize that Yuya, Yuto and Yugo, are all fighting Zarc’s control and thanks to aid from there friends like Declan(Reiji), Zuzu(Yuzu), Lulu(Ruri), Aster(Edo) and Kite(Katio) an d family like Yusho, they have been mostly able to fight back control. But unlike the others Yuri, again thanks to the way you raised him Leo, is so messed up he has allowed Zarc to take him over. So thanks to you Leo, Zarc now has a servant who will do what ever Zarc wants like revive him, all for the promise of power, because you raised Yuri to be a power craving lunatic. I can only imagine the inner conversation between Zarc and Yuri
    Zarc: Absorb your other counterparts and you will be rewarded with unstoppable power to destroy everything with!
    Yuri: Yes master Zarc, right away master Zarc.
    Now a memorial service for Yugo and Lulu(Ruri). Just imagine Yugioh Zexal’s 6th ending Challenge the Game playing in the background.
    Here are the images and clips I would chose in dedication to Alexis(Asuka)
    The first image would be when Yugo 1st appeared in episode 36.
    The second image would be when Lulu(Ruri) 1st met Yuto and smiled in episode 124’s flashback.
    The third image would be when Yugo turbo dueling against Celina(Serena) in episode 84.
    The first clip would be Lulu(Ruri) activating her duel disk against Yuya and Yuto in episode 124.
    The second clip would be Yugo taking down the Obelisk Force in episode 47.
    The third clip would be Lulu(Ruri) and Shay(Shun) hugging in episode 119.
    The last clip would be when Yugo had Crystal Wing destroy Greedy Venom in episode 131.
    The last image would be a split screen between 2 images, on the left would be when Yugo was blushing when talking about Rin to Zuzu(Yuzu) in episode 54, and on the right would be when Lulu(Ruri) blushed and smile while talking with Yuto in a flashback in episode 124. These 2 images would turn grey to symbolize Yugo and Lulu(Ruri) demise.

  7. Yeah, i was severely frustrated with Yugo and Yuri getting unfulfilling duels! And then we get a half one that i cant care about anymore because they kept cutting away from it!! And then i cried when Yugo was absorbed i was BEGGING Yusho to do anything! I wonder why in the hell he didn’t throw his cane at the deliciously evil pissant that is Yuri! I mean he was RIGHT THERE IN THROWING DISTANCE JUST *whoosh* Eye gone, contact broken and Yugo given time to escape!
    Oh and i cried again when Ruri was taken by the IDIOT PROFESSOR! Who instead of sitting there worrying and speeding things up could maybe, i don’t know, sending someone down to kill or at least HOLD Yuri until Ray’s revival!? I mean i’m not rooting for the fool, but god i couldn’t imagine anyone being THAT stupid not to do something when Zarc is INCHES away from being revived!
    Second half was so much better! I was so happy that Yusho gave us an entertaining starter to the duel and it lifted everyone’s heart’s up, including Yuya who was in beserk mode. And i was happy it didnt go super overhappy, it just simply wasn’t the time.
    His explanation of his deduction kind of reminds me more of detective conan where the detectives explain how they got to their final conclusion step by step before revealing it. And Kaito Kid is a perfect character to compare, because although he is a thief both he and Yusho are both magicians and intelligent and while Kaito doesn’t explain his tricks like a detective he does trick the audience which is what Yusho does.
    And yes, let’s cross our fingers and hope Eva that the writing stays to this level until the end! I truly want to love this series with all my heart!
    Btw am i the only one who just wants Ray to go into Yuya or Yuri (cos i’m suspecting that maybe Zarc’s cruelty is in Yuri or something) and speak to Zarc to convince him what he is doing is wrong?

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