ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 4 [You get a coup, and you get a coup!]

If you could collect coups like coupons, couponers would have a subscription to this anime. Jean finds himself embroiled in a plot to overthrow the nation. . . but only of one of the districts. So to clarify: this episode is about a coup, but not the coup you normally hear about, it’s the other coup that’s the issue! Look, if we keep this coup stuff up I’m seriously going to start photoshopping delicious breakfast cereals with this joke. Do not test me anime, I have made graphics of dragons in sombreros when the time called for it. That being said there is a fairly good reason for this coup. Rather than intrigue which might be members of the government wishing to overthrow the new King, this episode of Acca focuses on the Suitsu district. The Suitsu District has a ton of restrictions on its people: no cellphones, no contact with the outside, no luxuries like cigarettes. For the first time in the show it seems like this District is one that genuinely suffers as its people are even forbidden to come and go as they like.

This episode really begins to shine a light on how the ACCA world is filled with shadows. I am very curious about a few things, though, as this episode brought to light some consistencies. First off, if Grossular suspects that Jean is the leader of a Coup or the intermediary then why is he making it so easy for him to go to various places to spread information? By forcing this sentence on Jean he has forced him into something that would basically make it superbly simple to spread his movement even farther. It even limits Crow’s ability to monitor him personally and instead only be fed information on a limited basis. This opens the possibility that perhaps Grossular isn’t the real enemy but might be a red herring? I’m driving myself crazy with the theory behind the show. It could all be easy to predict but the way that subtle things keep happening I’m just not sure. Why does Jean get mysterious packages from people even Lotta doesn’t know? Why does everyone seem to believe he is someone to upset?

In this episode alone the leaders of Suitsu manage to thwart a coup. They could potentially threaten Jean and treat him roughly to keep it quiet but the leader of the military even says “You don’t want to make Jean Otis mad” – there is so much clout behind the idea of the real coup that Jean threatens people with his mere presence. Jean turns around and asks every coup member to be released and they actually do it. What does that say about how much they not only want it quiet but aren’t willing to trample on Jean as a figure? If the anime manages to make Jean into the true organizer despite the attempt to throw us off I will be impressed. I thought after last episode Jean would be more cautious and knowing but he acts the same. This is both his character and a potential read that he knew all along and isn’t shocked by much at all.

I was grateful this episode also taught us more about one of the generals. Pastis is from Suitsu and is a Count, meaning in Suitsu he is well off and doesn’t have to deal with the strife of the everyday person. I like him a little less but I do appreciate learning about him and seeing his intelligence in regards the people from his country. The coup was also aimed at a man named Buerre who was a commoner who rose in power and then abandoned his promises for his new position. He hasn’t even returned to the country in the time since he’s been elected and it’s clear he is a meaningless man. This episode had a ton of memorable characters that I’d love to see again, my favorite being the ACCA agent Warbler who was helping the Coup. Originally Jean was going to report what happened but once he was forbidden from telling of the coup it meant he could not. He seemed happy, or as happy as Jean does, to allow him to remain in his position.

Crow and Grossular are playing the reporting game over and over but I’m honestly just as confused. Who is the villain? Is it Mauve? I don’t even know. I feel like we’re so far in but not far at all, and have so much information but none at all. The best we can do it wait for it. . .but don’t worry, I coupldn’t be happier!


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