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Did anyone feel a little sorry for Satania? Well, I didn’t! Hahahaha!

I know, I’m a terrible person. Each Satania scene fills me with so much happiness. I kind of understand how Raphi feels now. Seeing Satania get into all sorts of misfortune is almost therapeutic. Part of me is wondering why I haven’t gotten tired of these scenes, but I’m actually looking forward to them more than ever before. Every time I hear the name ‘Satania-san’ come out of Raphiel’s mouth, or whenever that seemingly omnipresent dog shows up, the anticipation starts building. And recently I’ve been expecting hilarious things from Gab too. It’s actually a little weird that she’s taken a particular interest in all this. Other than with her net games, she’s never been as active as when it’s time to bully Satania. In hindsight, although no-one’s ever taken things too far, I’m a little surprised that the dog didn’t actually end up peeing on her face. If it was at the point of lifting it’s leg up, you’d think it wouldn’t be able to… well, hold it in any more. It’s almost as if Raphi told it what to do. As if everything was orchestrated by her.

I agree with everything Gab said about the beach. I don’t like it very much at all, either. There’s… too much sand. And sand gets fucking everywhere. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand how there were sand particles all over the place in the aftermath of every reluctant beach trip I went on. And the very idea of swimming in seawater sounds horrible. I will admit that rocky beaches are a little better because of the lack of sand, but fundamentally they’re still beaches. So yeah. Gab was literally me this episode. Except for that part at the end where she and Vigne leaned into each other like a married couple. If only I was married to Vigne. It’s like they’re at that stage in their relationship where Vigne is kind of disillusioned at what Gab has turned out to be, but still loves her very much anyway. I have no idea why she doesn’t love the current Gab a hundred times more than the initial one, like Raphi. She’s so huggable. All the best Gab scenes have featured slovenly and lazy Gab, although the one this episode where she asked Vigne if she wanted to be friends with her (although it looked more like she was asking Vigne to become her wife) with this comfy pink aura in the background was pretty good too.

A couple more things. First, it looks like someone new, or at least someone who hadn’t worked much on this before at Dogakobo, did quite a few of the key frames for this episode. I can tell because at times it all looked really off. Satania was pretty consistent even so, but Vigne was probably hit the hardest. Second, it was really unusual for the ED to play as early as it did. I can probably just about count the number of times I’ve ever seen that with my fingers. It might have been for time skip purposes, as the second half occurred after the rest of the summer was over, but at the time I got worried that the episode was already over and started panicking a little. Third, CR is really, really taking liberties with the subs. It’s worse than usual. It’s gone way past translation and into localisation now, to the point that it’s a little unsettling. There’s a difference between slight editing to make it flow better and outright changing what they say to the ignorance of people who don’t understand the even the slightest word of Japanese, especially with that one line about the kitchen sink.

And finally, Vigne has a new hair clip. Makes her smile even more worth protecting than before.

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  1. Wanderer

    I am with you 200% about beaches. For reasons that would take too long to explain I ended up spending a three-day-weekend on a beach this past summer, probably the first time I’d been to a beach in more than 15 years. I swear I’m still finding sand in my shoes and the clothes I wore and in my car, despite repeated washings/cleanings/vacuumings/whatever. Ugh! I never want to go near a beach again.

    …Unless Vigne invites me. I might go with Vigne.

    I also have to agree that the translations for this episode were really… off. That one line definitely stood out the most: some peole have said they tried to replace the Japanese-specific joke with something Western audiences would understand, but if that’s the case it backfired. Not only is the line they used not funny, but it doesn’t make sense.

    Oh well. I got lots of cute Vigne being cute, so I count this as a win.

    1. Vantage

      That’s exactly it. Even when you’re clean, you still feel the sand in your socks and shoes. And it’s crowded with so many… people. Maybe I’d go with Vigne to see her in her cute swimsuit. Then send all the pictures to Satania afterwards.

      I’ve heard the kitchen sink line might have had something to do with how people tend to bring everything on trips. So an item was picked. But I think there’s a difference between slightly adapting something and making up entire lines, which is what CR has been doing with this show even aside from this example. Like when Satania was loudly mentioning how free she was near the start, Gab actually said something like ‘The sight makes me feel sorry for her’ or ‘I feel sorry for her just looking at her’. CR instead translated it as ‘That’s sad, in more than one way’ which is completely different. It’s like Commie all over again, except without the memes and (some) people are actually paying for this.

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