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*A/N: No gallery today because I can’t even stand to even skim through it again.*

I am crying. I am genuinely crying right now. I am so fucking upset. What the fuck have they done? My worst fears for this show has come to fruit, and my god, I am just devastated. This show did not deserve to be slaughtered like this. Who in the world gave them permission to give this show such a half-assed ending to what was supposed to be the final showdown? This is the… I am just, at loss for words. I can’t even fathom how in the hell they thought this would be okay, let alone decent- because it’s not. I understand there were production problems, but dear god- this is an insult and a betrayal to the entire fandom who loved this series dearly. I loved the story is had, it’s characters and it’s potential from the bottom of my heart, and that’s why I am absolutely heartbroken. I expected better, from the very beginning I truly thought it was going to be to amazing series, but now it has been reduced to rubble. All there is left inside me is anger, frustration and bitterness. For a story that cares so much about ‘Smiles’, the Production Crew are the biggest hypocrites.

@#)(!*@)#( THIS SHIT. (╬゚◥益◤゚) ╬゚

A premature ending with Reira serving as a Ray’s host to defeat Zarc is the most underwhelming way possible. And dear god, the moment Reira offered to serve as Ray’s vessel made me sick to my stomach and the dread the reset of the episode. That alone pulled the trigger and I wanted to rip my hair out. Also I’m going to call it right now: it’s god damn obvious that the core of Zarc’s darkness went after Reira/Ray. I am willing to bet if we end up seeing Reira again, he will likely be possessed by Zarc and “SURPRISE”, Yuuya will face off Zarc within Reira and that will essentially be his last mission.

At this point I don’t know what kind of ending this show is going to have, but in all honesty I don’t want to know. This episode delivered the final blow. There is no saving this show, all hope is lost and I don’t even fucking care if they suddenly make my OTPs canon, nothing is going to fill the void in my heart. The way the characters were treated makes my blood boil. They were truly the highlight of the show, and for them to not only be demoted for the sake of Crow-from the past, but either cut out altogether was just one of biggest mistakes. Characters like Sawatari and Reira who have undergone major character developments were cut short, or flipped to serve an entirely different purpose. Benching Yuzu and introducing her counterparts so late in the game was a missed opportunity for something incredible- especially since the girls’ all have badass personalities. Not committing time towards Yuugo and Yuuri, and leaving them as passive characters who were not direct participants with major events. They should have never been left on the side on their own in the first place. In fact, the best way to explain how this mess happened in the first place, is simply because they didn’t set it up properly. It wounded up having a domino effect, once a mistake was made, it ended up effecting the rest.

And the mistake that ended up haunting the rest was in fact the Synchro Realm Arc.

There were a number of problems with this arc, but the biggest flaw was the pacing. They stuck around for far too long, and prioritized on the characters that had no business of dominating the story. From there everything started going downhill.

Then there was Heartland Arc, that honestly can’t even be considered as one because of how short it was. This was the most anticipated arc from the very beginning of the series, and it ended up get the shortest end of the stick. Once they arrived at the scene, it was only a matter of seconds before they successfully flipped the villains to cheerleaders and moved on.

Academia Arc, same problem, they rushed in, needlessly sacrificing the main characters in place of the cameos from the past. Villains not quite flipped, but questionable battles that dragged out for far too long. That was then followed up by stupid actions with grave consequences, which created the dumbest ‘villain’ of all the YGO series.

And finally, Zarc. Invincible until the four magic cards comes into play. We have yet to see his back-story from his perspective. There is a number of ways they could have introduced this in and even drag out his fight against Ray/Reira (which ended up being a premature end). Considering how long they dragged out those pointless fights of passing on the baton, what was expected to be a dramatic fight ended up being less than a minute long and was utter garbage.

I stuck around because I really wanted to cover this show till the very end- to fulfill my regrets of being unable to complete YGO 5DS’s coverage due to an emergency health hiatus. But after this episode, I don’t know if I even have the heart to do it. I feel like I am done with this show, this was the last straw, the one I desperately had hoped would not happen, but it did. I think the most baffling part of this mess is how predictable it was. Every single worst case scenario prediction came true, and if that doesn’t speak for itself for how shitty this final arc of the series was, I don’t know what will.

Since I am so furious right now, I am certainly not in my right mind to decide on the spot whether or not I will continue this coverage. With that in mind, I would like to know from those who have been a part of this journey of whether or not you would like me to finish it by whatever means, either through double-posts or something.
But seriously though, when is this show supposed to end? I don’t even want to imagine it going on until April…

I would like to write up an Overall Review of this series, but man three years ago never expected myself to have to write up a review about the tragic ending for this series. I guess I will need some time to figure that one out.

UPDATE: Alright so now that I cooled down and I see you guys want me to continue till the very end,  here is the plan:
If I can’t come up with more than 400 words, I will release the entries as a double-post. If I choose to do this I will immediately update everyone through Twitter, Tumblr and in this post + Comment Section. If I do not put up an update, then we will be sticking to the usual weekly routine!


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Man, the first two days of Chinese New Year was really tiring. Nonetheless, let’s see how Reiji can end this predictable marathon of Zarc “killing” everyone.
    • All of the sudden it’s already sunset? Whatever, this show has no proper sense of time…
    • Leo is moping about how useless he is. Definitely one of the most disappointing Yugioh villains ever.
    • Since everyone is passing that Pendulum-pendant around, I bet it’ll end up at Yuya’s hands in the end.
    • … Are you bloody serious, they actually cut short Reiji’s summoning sequences without the chants? AND THIS WAS THE TIME WHERE THE OLD N’ RUSTY D/D/D ACES RECEIVED THEIR PROMOTIONS! WTF are the writers & animators thinking?!! >:(
    • In the end, it still felt a little empty that Hell Armageddon was not on the field.
    • Hey Zarc, how about turning your attention to that FUCKING SHIVERS KID for a second and blast him to death? That way, you’ll be the BEST hero/villain of all times! 😉
    • The misdirection of Reira’s instincts prompts him to become Ray’s vessel…
    • This is why Reiji is the true Master of Keikakus. POP GOES THE PENDULUM GATES! 😀
    • Reiji is not gonna let Zarc and his bullshit effects have a field day. Good! 😀
    • … So can we stop switching to those Synchro kids who did nothing but sprouting useless exposition?
    • Suddenly the Standard kids become Reiji’s cheerleaders, including that FUCKING SHIVERS KID.
    • In one turn, Reiji did more damage to Zarc than everyone else. Which is why this predictable marathon should’ve ended WAY EARLIER had it not for Edo’s stupidity (I’m with Sparky on this one).
    • THE ORIGIN OF PENDULUM SUMMONS?!! This better be convincing…
    • The 4 cards of plot devices: Flowers, Moon, Wind, Birds… Are they going to blow shit up AGAIN?
    • WTF IS THIS EXPLANATION?? It really annoys me that in the end, the revelation of Pendulum Summon’s origins only left the audience with more questions than answers.
    • Oh joy… MOAR BULLSHIT! I can’t wait to see Zarc finally loses his cool soon…
    • … What? Did Zarc just busted out Starve Venom like that? That’s totally underwhelming.
    • Damn, that’s some impressively defensive keikakus that Reiji pulled. Sadly, his time is running out…
    • RIP Reiji’s scarf, without you Reiji just got his first LEGIT loss handed to him. ;_;
    • Ridiculous, Himika was so hell-bent on turning Reira into a puppet of vengeance against Leo, and NOW she appears to be worried about him?! Dear writers, WHERE IS THE CONSISTENCY?!! >:(
    • “If you try to destroy the world, I will protect it!” So Ray has admitted that her purpose of “living” as a plot device was to derail Zarc’s shenanigans at any given opportunity. Gee, she needs a hobby. -_-”
    • “SHIIIIIVVEEEERRRUU-” And I immediately snapped and strangled the damn fat kid to death.
    • … Or not. Fuck you Ray because Zarc and Odd-Eyes have reincarnated into Pendulums which screwed the “Destroyed card(s) are sent to the Graveyard” rule.
    • Naked Ray AND naked Yuzu for “fanservice” purposes… Which only served to trigger Zarc even more. Nonetheless, at least this show remembered that its main heroine once existed.
    • … And Yusho is still alive elsewhere… To spread his Egao philosophy… FUCK. THIS. SHIT! >:(
    • Yuya just did a Yuma/Astral and went SHINING DRAW to create EGAO UNIVERSE… An even bigger pile of cancerous shit than EGAO WORLD to make everyone salty.
    • We have another “Marik struggling to free himself from Yami Marik” scenario here.
    • Wow, my brain just exploded. Even though EGAO Universe turned Zarc and Odd-Eyes into Normal monsters on the field, when they left the field they’re still treated as PENDULUM MONSTERS! ZARC SHOULD STILL BE IN THE GAME!!! WTF ARE THE WRITERS THINKING?!!!
    • So in the end Zarc lost because the writers chose to ignore the YGO rules. While I get that they tried to make up for this whole predictable marathon where Zarc just forces everyone to play by his rules, this is still beyond absurd. Another thing that pissed me off is that ROGER never showed up even once to mess shit up. Adding to that, it’s unforgivable that the writers have COMPLETELY forgotten about Barrett. And the FUCKING SHIVERS KID officially returning to his “SHIIIVVEEERRUU” days just summed up how TERRIBLE the entire Arc V series had turned out.
    Junior Youth Championship?! Jesus, I don’t even know how Arc V is going to end anymore with such mess…
    *And please Eva, COVER THIS SHOW UNTIL THE VERY END. Don’t repeat the pain of not finishing the coverage for 5D’s. I know that you can’t handle how this show has turned so horrible, but please endure it until the end. Two more months and the agony is gone. HANG ON! 🙂

    1. Eva

      (ΩДΩ) Please don’t let me be two months… It’s like running over a dead body over and over again. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        Endurance, Eva, endurance, don’t enter your indefinite hiatus that early. ;_;

      2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        [spoiler] BTW, another shit show that is Mahou Tsukai Precure (which you dropped) has also ended with 50 episodes, and god apart from Riko (who became a teacher in the end like her older sister), Lizzie and their parents, the remaining characters (even the villains) were just flat and boring to the point it made this Precure season the WORST ever. Arc V turned into shit when Mahou Tsukai Precure aired in 2016, this can’t be a coincidence. [/spoiler]

        1. Eva

          Boy that makes me glad I dropped it early on!
          [spoiler]Could 2016 be a curse for long series?[/spoiler]

          1. 75chaosflare

            2016 was indeed a depressing year. Movies, anime, manga and of course the infamous death count.

  2. trejon pearson

    Although the hype i once had for arc v is diminished I’m still watching i still love this show flaws and all and i would really appreciate your coverage until the end I’ve always come straight here to read your reviews on every new episode of arc v and i have since the beginning see it through to the bitter end and then egao when its over

    1. Eva

      Aw thank you! I’ll try my hardest, but if it’s so bad that I am just at loss for words (aka can’t come up with more than 400 words) I think doing double-post would be a better option. If I choose to do this though, I would leave a comment here, as well as on twitter + tumblr.

  3. Becs

    Please don’t give up yet! I’m personally holding onto the hope that that blast just sent them all to sleep! It’s a cop out sure but it’s better than having a silly reset!
    I know these characters have been treated terribly… I love this series with all my heart! T_T it would be great if you could continue until the end.
    I don’t even know what’s happening? Maybe Yuya will duel Zarc and that will be the final duel… They really messed up, this had such POTENTIAL to be an amazing climax and awesome fight but freaking ZEXAL pulled it off better and i like that one least! I mean the dimensions intergrating, a fight against a supreme being, the antagonist being Yuya himself. how can you get bigger than that? it had such bloody POTENTIAL! And they botched it up! I’ve read FANFICTION with a better climax than this!
    But still… I am going to weep and watch to the bitter end because I am too invested to just stop right now… I hope you do decide to continue, i like reading your opinions. I personally am trying to find small positives in this show… It’s going to be VERY hard for them to recover from this, probably impossible but there’s still a chance they could maybe pull up something half decent (even if it’s just fanservice wish fulfilment. Because hey at least that means they’re scraping up SOMETHING they know we’d like rather than any piece of shit)…
    Eva I tell you now though. If you read the Arc-V manga It is much better than the anime. There’s a different plot but it’s still great! If you don’t read it, i suggest you do because you’ll absolutely LOVE it!!

    1. Eva

      I’ll figure something out hahaha, I’ll do a double-post if that’s what going to get it done. As I mentioned to Trejon, I’ll be sure to update everyone here in the comment section + post, as well as putting out a notice on twitter + tumblr that I will be doing a double-post if it comes down to that. If not, I’ll stick to the usual weekly schedule. 🤗
      Dear god this series had so much potential but so poorly executed. It could have been the greatest, it really could have. It’s always an awkward moment is when fanfiction writing ends up better than the original. 😱
      I’ll take up on your advice and read the manga, hopefully it can fill the void in my heart, and keep me sane till the end of the this series.

      1. Becs

        I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed. Your heart will elevate from the characters being used correctly but in a different way. Heads up that Yuzu isn’t as active in this but that’s more due to the fact that she and Yuya don’t know each other from the get go and we’re focusing on him and not Yuzu. However, she is still sassy as ever and incredibly crafty, as well as hilarious!
        There’s so much good suspense and plot in this, even though the chapters only come out once a month they make the wait worth it. I hope the manga stays good until the very end and i hope that all the bracelet girls appear eventually! I especially want Selena to appear personally. And apparantly the other girls/characters may appear as well if previous yugioh manga is followed according to a friend of mine. Personally hope that if Ray and Zarc appear that they’ll be used correctly.
        In regards to the anime. Cheers for continuing, I can only urge you to hope that maybe under all this bullcrap… a good satisfying and moderate ending/conclusion can be found at the very least. It may be hard to see… but we can only hope they surprise us just like the good old days… :'(
        There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and hoping right? 🙂

        1. aramire77

          I heard from my usual source that the other bracelet girls most likely won’t appear in the manga. And even if they do, there’s a possibility they won’t Duel that much (From what I heard, manga Yuzu, even though she understands Dueling, she can’t Duel and the writer has no plan to make her Duel). So I suggest you better not get your hopes too high regarding the bracelet girls’ appearance in the manga. Though, I also wish for them to appear as well, especially Serena like you do (she’s my favourite of all the bracelet girls!)

      2. aramire77

        You can say that again. This is not the first anime series where I think the fan fiction writing ends up better than the original. Now, I prefer to know what happened to Yuto, Yuri, Yugo, and the girls. I prefer they don’t become one or anything. I prefer them to live as separate different individuals.
        I’m second to the suggestion of reading the manga. It’s still 18 chapters, but so far I think both the characterisation and story is better than the anime. You can read the manga version in this link:

  4. fullmetal212

    My first commenting here. I’m here to say that you should finish covering the show for 2 reasons:
    1. You have covered it for 3 years, it would be a shame to fall during its final stretch
    2. I think Arc-V can still salvage itself during these final episodes, especially for fans like you who were really disappointed with this episode, due to the fact the conflict is not over yet (well I don’t think so anyway).
    I personally thought the episode was really good as we really don’t have a clue about how the show is going to end, but I guess this episode was gonna split the community no matter what it did.
    But yeah, I think you should finish covering the show after covering for all these years.

    1. Eva

      Three years is such a long time isn’t it? Hahaha! I get what you mean though, it would be a shame to drop it after having invested so much energy into it.
      Honestly, I don’t know about how they can salvage themselves after this, but I gotta hand it to you for still being optimistic! 😉

  5. 75ChaosFlare

    It is what it is. And thanks to that literally everyone involved were completely worthless(including Yuya) to make Ma-Ray Sue Akaba look good who was barely a character. It’s so sad that this show poorly copies better shows Marik and Noah for the sake of the mess of a plot.
    At this point, it can’t be denied that Yuzu got the biggest F.U. in Yugioh history(especially among the other main YGO girls). As much as I love her, even I’ll admit it’s depressing.
    Once Zappa Gou left and the next arc started she was immediately outshined/replaced by Serena(the latter that barely did much as whole), her potential was wasted, development does not progress any further, never got to get Synchro, XYZ or Pendulums to standout as her own, constantly used as a running gag/plot device and is duelblocked every time especially with Serena(something that was gift-wrapped) but lazily ignored.
    With Aki, there was a bunch of IRL reasons of why she got shafted and even then it was nowhere bad as Yuzu’s situation; with Kotori nobody cared basically since she was literally in every episode from beginning-end and nobody expected anything; as for Anzu and Asuka I’m pretty sure nobody cared much of how they were treated in their respective series.
    Overall, in the grand scheme of things in ARC-V, no one is really a character but instead a mere chess piece trying to decide which move they belong in order to execute certain actions.

    1. Eva

      //At this point, it can’t be denied that Yuzu got the biggest F.U. in Yugioh history(especially among the other main YGO girls). As much as I love her, even I’ll admit it’s depressing.//
      I think that’s the real reason I cried so hard. She deserved better than this BS. It baffles my mind they actually did what I said didn’t want them to do last week- talk about adding insult to injury!

      1. 75ChaosFlare

        Then that quote they gave Yuzu pissed me off as well: “Because you were there I kept getting stronger.” If by stronger you mean ruined in every turn.
        The saddest thing to me is I honestly would tolerate if it had fit with her character or if she was given a choice. But instead no, the show in general destroys any bit of emotion that his these characters as well as have options of they’re own. Not to mention they make it so they all have no choice but to accept whatever’s in front of them no questions asks. This alone is why I think that all of the other series worked better and because of that had its own identity. ARC-V on their other hand can be seen nothing 100% plot driven and even then the majority is executed poorly or left as a complete afterthought.

        1. Eva

          That was straight up disrespectful of them.
          Somewhere along the lines the characters turned into these mindless puppets with no soul in them. The lack of the ability to make choices in order to enable to characters is really what killed the characters. In fact it’s not just the characters, but the plot was treated as an complete afterthought because it doesn’t even look like they even tried to execute it properly. For god sake, if we can predict the worst possible outcome to a scenario, the writing is absolute crap. No innovation, nothing, they took the ‘cheap’ route and we’re left with this garbage.

    2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      Nailed it. The horrible treatment that Yuzu experienced really pissed me off. Arc V was supposed to be the series where the female protagonist had a DECISIVE role, especially when all four of her counterparts are badass waifus. Instead we got the original incarnation of the Yu-waifus: RAY who served no purpose than being a plot device to ruin Zarc’s shenanigans at every given opportunity. She easily emerged as one of my most hated characters in the entire show because they still labelled her as the “real heroine” instead of the reincarnated Yu-waifus (who were easily more lovable characters) in the end.

      1. 75ChaosFlare

        Basically it’s better to have the interesting counterparts(Yuya’s and Yuzu’s) than the bland originals(Zarc and Ray) they spawned from.

  6. 75ChaosFlare

    I don’t blame you for being pissed off. I began having doubts the moment Yuya and Yuzu’s relationship became a running gag. Thank goodness there is a 6th series I can go by after this.

    1. Eva

      I am eagerly anticipating the next series because I just want to move on. They need to put an end to this misery!

    2. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

      The upcoming 6th Yugioh anime BETTER have a true LEGIT couple and stop treating female characters/duelists like boobs.

      1. Eva

        This is what I thought I was going to get in this series. 😡 But apparently not!!!
        *Prayer circle that the 6th Series will everything that ARC-V couldn’t be.*

        1. Yugioh Fan

          I myself was hoping for a real relationship in this series. After the endings of 5ds and Zexal with Akiza(Aki) and Tori(Kotori) actually confessing there feeling to Yusei and Yuma, I had hope that this series would take it to the next level, that hope increase seeing how much Yuya and Zuzu(Yuzu) cared for each other in the Synchro arc. It further increase when those flashbacks showed us that Yuto and Lulu(Ruri) actually were a couple(no one can tell me there not after seeing those scenes in episode 124, it’s what I chose to believe). But now after this episode, I’m not holding my breath on that Yuya and Zuzu(Yuzu) relationship thing.

          1. Eva

            IKR? Just let our OTP be officially canon (only if done properly though, I don’t want anything with no heart in it!). Yuuya’s and Yuzu’s relationship is super special, and for a while it was incredibly well written.
            Honestly my dream for this big fight was actually going to have this romantic finish.
            So much for that though, lmao! 😂
            At least Yuuto and Ruri are definitely canon, too bad we don’t get to see more of them though 🙁

            1. 75chaosflare

              Unfortunately the Yuto and Ruri thing was seemingly forced and doesn’t help the fact that it could have happened much earlier.

  7. Virginia

    Thank you for your dedication. Even for me, at this point I feel like I’m sticking because of the awesome music and the girls-seriously who ever saw such pretty designs for YGO females with quite realistic hairstyles?
    I really think you should stick to the end for the sake of ensuring no regrets.
    Also if it is too hard for you to write a review for each painful episode, then do a binge review- a review for 2-4 episodes.

    1. Eva

      Yup that’s the game plan now. If I choose to do a double-post I’ll be sure to let everyone know. If not, we’ll be sticking to the usual routine!

  8. 75ChaosFlare

    So what ended the duel was Yuya’s boner for Yuzu(who got killed off for this crap) and cards created by the moron(Akaba Leo) who started the crisis before back in the original world and recently the second time? I know I’m a broken record with this but if Leo is not committed I have even less respect for the person who thought this was genius writing.

  9. Yugioh Fan

    Okay, I love all of the five Yugioh series flaws and all, and I almost never get mad at the shows, heck I actually thought the pirate episode 115 was okay. But after this episode I’m going to say something I never thought I would ever say about an episode in the yugioh series:
    Before this episode aired this was how I ranked the Yugioh Series:
    1.) GX
    2.” Original
    3.) Arc V
    4.) Zexal
    5.) 5ds
    But now after this one episode Arc V is in 5th place, now if the ending is okay and the ceremonial duel is a good one, then I will move it up to 4th, maybe even back to 3rd. But now, my hope of Arc V tieing with the Original series or just become my new 2nd favorite, has been extinguished.
    P.S. Please don’t stop reviewing and posting about Yugioh Arc V Eva, I love reading your posts. I know it’s hard to keep watching a show when it hurts and fails you so, I went through the same thing with Pokemon XY and Z, when Ash lost the league again, I didn’t think I should keep watching, but I had been watching it since the beginning so it was only right to finish it up since we were closes to the end. Even though more bullshit that I hated happened, the ending was so good it almost made up for all the bullshit, having Serena kiss Ash even off screen made me so happy and love the show again. So please don’t stop reviewing Arc V, I know this episode was truly awful, but maybe they’ll beadle to end on a high note.

  10. kofmaster

    To be fair. I Think was the best final boss fight next to Zorc in DM. Zarc was technically a Raid Boss but anyway DM Zorc was similarly beaten (Horakly happens) and is nice to see the MC being the final boss for a change.
    I’m still not sure which was the most invincible monster. Winged Dragon of Ra, Zorc or Zarc.

    1. 75chaosflare

      Well as a technicality the MC was and wasn;t the Final Boss. This is mainly because this was all Zarc the main instead of any of the fragment and Yuya was never seen once during any of the Zarc fest except in this episode.
      Zarc at best made things invinvible with the absurd OPness. For Ra it had certain limitations and Zorc was basically a rampaging monster.

  11. aramire77

    I can understand your feeling very much. I’m really really frustrated by how this ended after all those Duels. I was thinking that Yuya (and possibly his counterparts) Duel and defeat Zarc in the end. I bet that after this, many fans who are unsatisfied will unleash their frustrations by writing their own version of the last battle in fanfics. Oh well, it already happened. I hope the new YGO series will be much better than this so I can move on completely…(TT_TT)
    I personally want you to continue until the end because it’s only a few episodes left, and as the others said before me, you’ve dedicated yourself reviewing this series for three years already, and to stop just now would be a shame. Plus, sometimes, even though we’re not satisfied with something, but if we keep up with it when it’s so close until the very end, we’ll find a strong sense of fulfilment that will liven our spirit once we finished it. Trust me, it happened to me in my work. But at the same time, as I said, I can understand your feeling. It must be hurt to keep doing something when you don’t feel like it anymore, so I won’t force you to continue if you feel it’s too much.
    Whichever you choose, I’ll respect and accept your decision. Good luck 😀

    1. Johnny Go Tan

      And I expect the sixth series to be darker and WAY better than Arc-V, since gaming anime with VR and Cyberpunk themes are usually darker.

  12. firestorm

    Damn, at least even if zexal was horrible, it gave us the best final of a YGO show

    1. Yugioh Fan

      Oh, you thought the final to Zexal was the best, me too. Did you like it because of the the epic duels like Yuma vs Astral, Yuma vs Shark, Yuma and Shark vs Don 1000, or because the Tori(Kotori) confessing her feelings, or because Astral came back and all the characters came together to go off on another adventure showing that the story will never end.

  13. SilverMakoto

    I haven’t comment before so dont mind but I gave up on Arc V since Dennis got kill after that I completely avoided watching this. Honestly you and Wilfredo commentary are the only reason I haven’t gone insane. Zexal was truly better than this at least Zexal had better character, drama and heart. GX still the best imo the 5d and the original Yugioh had the heart and soul excluding the Duelist Kingdom.

  14. Johnny Go Tan

    The ONLY reason I’m still watching Arc-V is because I want to know if Yuya and Yuzu finally hooked up in the end. The rest is ancient history, no thanks to the writers’ incompetence.
    As for Ono, I’m going to say this: He’s not worthy of being in charge with an over 150-episode series. My wishful thinking is the one who’s in charge with Arc-V’s plot should be either Takahashi or Urobuchi.
    Why them? Because 1) Takashi started the ENTIRE franchise, and the original manga would’ve been a masterpiece if it weren’t for executive meddling, and 2) Urobuchi is better at deconstructing than Ono and some of his works have the potential to achieve critical acclaim status.
    I know having them being in charge with making a YGO spin-off is impossible at this time, but think about it.

  15. Sanokal

    In all honesty, looking back on the episode…I actually enjoyed it more than I thought.
    Declan was standout, as usual. I didn’t want him to lose, but I suppose that he had to in the end. The lack of summon chants goes with the packed running time sadly, it happened in episode 49 (and is also the reason Wild Vulture is a thing). Moon Shadow showing up and being as awesome as always was a definite plus in my book.
    I’m very irritated about the whole ambiguous gender thing with Riley, mostly because I don’t see the point, and would rather that Ray had been revived earlier and given more time to develop (with the girls too, grr). That being said, it was an absolute joy to see Zuzu again, and her speech had me in tears.
    This is what I’m trying to say; I was genuinely moved by the episode, and it was great to see Yuya take back control and fight back as a final “eff you”, especially with the Marik callbacks.
    The defeat…yeah, not really a fan. There, I said it. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense; the Natural Energy cards didn’t defeat Zarc on the first time, and since Zarc was now a pendulum, he could come back (and did). Ah, yes, Wilfredo, Zarc never stopped being a pendulum. He was a Normal/Pendulum monster, those do exist. But as Ray said, the pendulum symbolized good and evil, and the good swung back to take control in the form of Yuya. Corny, I know, but I liked it. Really, Yuya made the defeat possible; if it hadn’t been for him, Zarc would have won.
    “I am willing to bet if we end up seeing Reira again, he will likely be possessed by Zarc and “SURPRISE”, Yuuya will face off Zarc within Reira and that will essentially be his last mission.” Oh, I admit that I never thought about it. Please, please, please let that happen, though given the preview it could get extremely weird…
    Bit annoyed that the dimensions might be split again. No! Give me our original world!
    All in all, my thoughts. I usually don’t write that much…I’d better not be turning into Wilfredo. And the ending of DM is the superior ending to them all. NO DENYING IT.
    Are you going to see the Dark Side of Dimensions, Eva?

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