ACCA – 13-ku Kansatsu Ka Episode 6 [ Focus show, Focus! ]

Grossular and Jean take on a new level of depth in this episode as we finally learn several things about Jean: why his parents are not around and what might have been a motivation to join ACCA. Through a series of flashbacks it is revealed that Jean’s parents died in a train crash that happened between Peshi and Rokkusu’s districts. The Peshi district was so concerned with laying blame that Rokkusu eventually took all blame and encouraged the train to be monitored by ACCA, as it was an organization meant to serve the people. The member of Rokkusu’s government who declared this was Grossular himself, he even visited the families of the deceased. This was the first time which Jean met Grossular and despite it not being said, probably the reason why he joined ACCA in the first place. It is almost out of place to feel like I might finally be understanding Jean’s motivations as for so long he was aloof. It potentially explains why he simply won’t quit- because the idea that ACCA serves the people and prevents further hardships and suffering might actually appeal to him. Still, that remains to be seen, and Grossular and Jean’s meeting does little more than reveal that Jean seems naive and Grossular remains suspicious of him.

Jean’s refusal to reveal information in the districts leads to Director General Mauve saying he was less helpful than she expected him to be, which seemingly leads him to drink the night away in frustration. I can never tell with Jean as his motivations are so simple and his expressions are so unreadable, but given that he is smitten with Mauve it makes sense. After he gets hungover his co workers rope him, of course with Lotta’s permission, into hosting a party. There we see almost every one of Lotta’s admirers come and bring her cake along with Crow/Nino taking pictures of her. (I suspect he also cares for her romantically but at this point who doesn’t?! Next Grossular and Mauve will want to marry her.) We also see that Jean gets his cigarettes from wealthy men whose products he advertises in the different districts, so that finally makes sense. Meanwhile we also see on the eve of the party that Mauve is considering ‘making a move herself’. If Mauve is the one who is evil, I will both anticipate and die laughing over it.

Which might be likely, or it could be Grossular. Or it could be whoever is commanding Grossular. Or it could be LOTTA because I coupldn’t tell you who the real villain of the show is now. Mauve is being suspicious but it could genuinely be for the good of the country, Grossular could be the real villain or he could be super cereal about protecting everything, or the real villain can be the Dowa cake maker, since everyone knows him. With all that in mind the episode jumps from place to place as we see the party end, several different scenes with every important official, Grossular accusing Lilium of leaking information and Lilium demanding that he share all information about Jean and they have a formal debate. . . and then Jean is off again on another inspection.

Which is basically the best place ever to be. They all live a long time, the leaders are happy old dudes in shorts, but they have a sinister edge to them. I mean, not really, but they are doing their best to ask about the coup d’etat which Jean picks up on. It’s funny to see him try to get old men drunk when he hates it himself, and he even laments that this is something that he has to do just for Mauve. He hangs out with Crow and the rest of the episode gives hints about more disasters in the past and motivations ooooooo. I have no idea when anything will come to ahead but I am excited to see that the Generals might all convene, and that well. . .you know. . .plots!!!!

But seriously the only person who I can see being a total jackoff is well. . .the Prince. So. . . who else could it be? I’m having trouble anticipating what will come next but at the same time I feel as if everything is opening up. Despite his dislike of much of his job Jean is very loyal to ACCA while Nino is too, in his own way. The Generals all have separate motives but have probably become as powerful as they are for that reason.  . .and Mauve is either the big bad or the big damn hero of the entire show. Or you know, just the best shampoo model anime character we’ve ever seen. But all I know is. . .can this show take a xanax and stay in one place more than 5 minutes?



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