Little Witch Academia Episode 6

Best screenshot I’ve ever taken. I can’t stop laughing.

Looks like we have a plot! The topic of magic vs. technology and Luna Nova’s funds have been brought up again, and it looks like we might have a potential villain that’ll cause something bad to happen later. For awhile now I was worried we wouldn’t be getting a definite plot, and that this would just be the Akko Show, but it looks like it won’t be that way for too long so I’m glad.

But…this really was about Akko. Once again she’s having trouble with her magic. Completely embarrassing herself in class, Akko is ordered to stay in her room that night and practice mastering basic-level metamorphosis magic. Unfortunately she has to miss the party the school is hosting, welcoming the man behind the school. While the party is happening, Akko accidentally turns herself into a rabbit and gets so frustrated, but she remembers a card she has talking about the Fountain of Polaris that grants a witch with powers. It’s located at the north building of the school, which is usually off limits, but since security is more focused on the party, she sneaks her way over there to find the fountain.

It’s then we meet Andrew. Like his father, he thinks magic is obsolete. He finds Akko sneaking around and grabs her ears, where she yells at him but then blushes seeing how handsome he is. Then they have an argument about magic, with Akko believing it’s important, and Andrew saying there’s no use to it. He has this same conversation with Diana while she was giving him and his friend a tour of the school. Akko tries to show him the uses of magic, but she accidentally gives him donkey ears and a tail. Because she probably thought he was an asshole. Classic.

So, Akko not wanting to be found out and Andrew not wanting to be seen like a donkey, the two go on a mini adventure to the northern building and almost get murdered by the giant polar bear guardian that guarded the fountain. Very fun and funny moments, with Akko dangling in the air by holding onto Andrew’s pants, Andrew’s expression as Akko bashed through the door to the northern building. Andrew showed a pretty cool side to himself too. He’s…k-kinda dreamy.  * o *

Akko and Andrew get saved by someone and the arch of the Little Dipper appears before them and they step inside and find the fountain. Akko expected to get the powers, but instead she was treated to something else. She saw visions of Chariot as a young witch in Luna Nova. Surprisingly, Chariot was pretty similar to Akko. She was absolutely terrible and ended up in embarrassing situations. She steadily, through hard work and determination, Chariot eventually improved and did many of the things she’s known for, such as winning the relay race. It’s then that we see Chariot visit the Fountain of Polaris with the Shiny Rod. Akko and Andrew are back outside and Ursula, who saved them, comes up from behind and says Akko saw the arch disappear because she just wasn’t meant to come unto the fountain just yet. She is special and has what it takes, but her visit to the fountain was premature. I felt a bit bad for Akko, but I’m glad she was denied. I hoped she learned her lesson. She needs to work hard! She knew deep down in herself that the only way she could be amazing like Chariot is to work hard, but she was looking for the easy way out and expected the fountain to grant her powers just like that. But she never focused on the book learning, and her lack in her studies is exactly why she’s struggling so much with her magic.

Made me really happy that Akko was unknowingly given advice by her idol. Seeing Ursula’s red hair turn into her regular blue just made it official that she is indeed Chariot. Akko going to the fountain probably brought a lot of memories for her. It would be nice for Ursula to really help Akko a lot more from now on, but I also expect Akko to take the lesson she learned that night to heart and start studying! Mastery in magic won’t happen overnight…….except if you’re Diana.

Speaking of Diana, when it was revealed she and Andrew were childhood acquaintances, I thought we would have an episode dedicated to her. But again we got another Akko-centered episode. So that was the only thing that irked me, but this was a very good episode overall.

Andrew seems like a pretty good guy. I think after his mini adventure with Akko, like seeing her passion and that emotional moment of hers, I think he probably left with a different impression of magic. But his father on the other hand is someone to worry about. First off, he played a front to the witches and has now called them enemies. And wholeheartedly believing magic is obsolete, and not worrying about Luna Nova’s deteriorating funds, I think we’ll see him again as our protagonist as Luna Nova fears a closure of their school or something. And hopefully if something like that happens, Andrew will be there to fight against his father. Akko’s growth, Chariot’s true identity, and the magic vs. technology debate! So much will happen!

Also, yeah Andrew is pretty cute. ~.^

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  1. “Mastery in magic won’t happen overnight…….except if you’re Diana.”

    Diana does not, has not, and absolutely will not ever receive mastery in any form of magic overnight. Diana’s accomplishments in magic are entirely because she has been training with magic since the moment she was old enough to grasp a wand, and she has devoted her entire life to it with a dedication that the other witches can’t even begin to comprehend. She has worked hard hard HARD to get where she is. She has EARNED the abilities she has. Don’t dismiss her like that. That makes you no better than the sycophants her surround her and gush over how “talented” she is, as if she never had to work to get there, as if it all came easy for her.

    Diana has LIVED by the lesson that Akko is just now learning: if you want to become good in something like this you need to work hard, practice, and be dedicated.

    1. Oh…I really wasn’t putting her down. I should have added a “Just kidding!” after that sentence because I didn’t mean it like that. My bad.

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