Anime can be either hits or misses. The misses make themselves known quickly, but it takes time to know if you’ve found a hit. And spending that much time on every anime is bothersome. Maid Dragon, though? It’s a hit.

I know I must be sounding like a broken record by now, but Maid Dragon continues to be everything I ever wanted. It achieves such a wonderful balance between cute, comfy and lewd. KyoAni finds a way. And it even has gratuitous loli fanservice, which is rather unusual as far as KyoAni is concerned. Can it do no wrong? I went into the episode looking forward to the copious amounts of Lucoa I had been promised, but the Kanna moments in general ended up standing out the most for me. Saikawa is extremely gay for Kanna. I’m not going to lie, I’m really jealous of her. In fact, I’m jealous of both her and Shouta. I can’t decide which one I’d rather self-insert as more. I guess the difference is that Kanna’s interactions with Saikawa are relatively innocent? I say relatively for two reasons. First, Saikawa is rather thirsty for her age. I’ve never seen such a thirsty loli before. So everything Kanna does becomes lewd to her, and because we see it from Saikawa’s perspective it’s portrayed as lewd. Second, at the end of that scene it definitely looked like Kanna was about to do something to Saikawa that little girls shouldn’t do to other little girls. What was she going to do? Lick her? Eat her? ‘Eat’ her? The doujins are writing themselves.

Kanna dancing in the rain is absolutely a miracle of the universe. However, as cute as she is, and as much as I love lolis, it pains me to say that she isn’t best dragon. I love Tooru just a tiny bit more. Even though Tooru had very little screen time this week, she still managed to claim my favourite scene of the episode when she hopped closer to Kobayashi and ducked under her umbrella. I loved that. Yes, even more than when Kanna squished her fat butt and thighs onto Saikawa’s face. Tooru and Kobayashi moments are the very definition of iyashikei. I’m just waiting for an inevitable dragon-themed edit of the Special Feeling meme. You know, the one that took off a couple of years ago after someone was interviewed with his girlfriend under an umbrella and his sappy comments made her hide her face in embarrassment. I can imagine Tooru saying the exact same thing he did.

“Being in the rain like this with my lover immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”

Let’s talk about Lucoa. First, her heart keyhole sweater. Those exploded in popularity several years back, although the hole being heart-shaped is a variation on the original turtleneck. Still, it looks really good on her. Fits her particularly well given her outrageous pair of Lucoas, too. Second, I’ve actually been wondering where exactly she’s been coming from every time she visits Kobayashi and Tooru, and it looks like she’s freeloading at the house of an easily embarrassed shota mage. He’s even appropriately called Shouta. Speaking of which, after getting this far into the post I think I’ve decided that I’m more jealous of Shouta. Kanna is for hugs only, after all. But Lucoa is for adult hugs. I’m platinum jealous. He has no idea what he’s missing out on. If she’s still around in a couple of years he’ll be the luckiest bastard to have ever lived (although Lucoa might be a shotacon and so who knows whether she’ll still be interested in him). I think it’s super cute that he’s so embarrassed, but it’s super infuriating at the same time because Lucoa is a literal goddess. I want Lucoa to live with me! We can get drunk together and then do lewd things!

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    1. Vantage

      Ah, I found out after reading up on the Quetzalcoatl in Aztec myth. Her reaction in the anime made it pretty clear that she did something lewd, but I wonder why it was censored? Was it so we could see her being flustered and embarrassed?

      I’ve never touched the manga, so it’s really interesting to see all the differences in art style. Cool’s Tooru looks younger and more sullen, while with KyoAni she feels more comfy. Pity this episode swapped out that frontal shot of Lucoa seducing Shouta for a back view instead.

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