Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 8 [Demi-chans Want to Learn]

Alright, so our adorable demis want to learn! After seeing that she didn’t do so well on her exams, Tetsuo lectures Hikari to study more and do better instead of complaining about her friends’ higher scores. She pouts and sulks about it, so Kyouko and Yuki decide to study together to help Hikari out.

Meanwhile Yuki accidentally drops her gag manga, and it’s found by Sakie. When Yuki bumps into Sakie, who returns the manga, it leads to a conversation about what kinds of manga were popular when Sakie was younger. We also learn that Yuki secretly loves gag manga. Not that she’ll ever admit it of course, so she tries to lie to Sakie about where her interests lie. I’m pretty sure Sakie wasn’t falling for it though.

In the library, Kyouko and Yuki are easily breezing through their studies while Hikari is struggling. She repeatedly asks Kyouko for help and is eventually rebuked by Yuki, but Kyouko reassures Yuki that teaching someone else something is another way to study. …So of course Yuki hopes on board to get some tutoring too, ha. 😉

Later on in Tetsuo’s office, after a conversation between him and Hikari about bloodsucking, the latter decides to hold a competition to decide who has the nicest arm to nibble on. Cute! Kyouko’s arm is nice but it has some muscle – she gets a grade of 65 and “tenderloin.” Yuki’s arm is much softer and has the added bonus of being cool to the touch, so she gets a grade of 93 and “soft ice cream”. Tetsuo asks Hikari about Himari’s arm, and Hikari says her sister is hard to grade because she’s been nibbling on her sibling’s arm for so long – almost like a security blanket was the impression I got. Last up is Tetsuo and he flat out fails. His arm is too muscular and it’s hairy, ick!

The end of this scene is cute, with Tetsuo asking Hikari if she’d ever consider munching on Sakie’s arm (she says no), and then accidentally musing out loud that Sakie would probably taste good. Of course all three demis jump all over him for the innuendo, and he pleads for mercy. Poor Tetsuo!

At the very end of the episode after the next round of exams, Hikari takes her new scores to Tetsuo and he praises her, much to her satisfaction. Hikari goes to check her grade’s results out in the hallway and she’s disappointed to see that her sister, previously in second place, was bumped down to third. Just as her friends show up, Hikari runs off yelling that it’s all Kyouko’s fault for her sister’s demotion – you see, Kyouko kept her word to aim for first place. Oops.

My thoughts: This was a really cute episode. I appreciated that Tetsuo finally started saying something to Hikari to get her to be less of a brat and take more responsibility for her studies. Like me I don’t think she’ll ever be an A student (because I definitely wasn’t in school!), but it’s important that she at least make the effort to do her best.

The scene with Sakie and Yuki gave us a little more insight into Sakie’s past with that short flashback, and I love that she was a badass in school. This succubus didn’t take shit from anyone! It also gave us more information about Yuki’s personality – I never would’ve guessed that she liked gag manga. The more you know right?

Lastly I just loved the competition scene with Hikari and her friends over who had the nicest arm to nibble on. It was just really funny and well done, and the accidental innuendo at the end from Tetsuo was a nice touch. Less awkward and more funny please Demi-chan!



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