Gabriel DropOut Episode 5: The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell

Being Tapris is suffering.


You know, I’ve literally never seen Satania in such a position of control before. What a strange feeling. Even all the expressions she made this episode were rare. I mean, she’s made those faces before, but they never lasted long. She’s supposed to be the idiot, and yet someone has finally appeared who seems to be even more fit for being bullied than her. She even won a game of Old Maid. Her and Tapris are two sides of the same coin, so it’s not really anything to write home about, but she still won. It’s almost like… she’s actually in power. In control. Or at least, she thinks she is.

Raphi is the best. Actually, no. Vigne is still the best. But I’m appreciating Raphi more and more each week. She’s the instigator of lots of stuff, but also part of the audience and someone who watches and laughs along with us at the same time. I have no idea how her relationship with Tapris was back when they were all in Heaven together (it must have been relatively good as Tapris didn’t cower in fear upon seeing her, and Raphi is generally amiable to everyone that isn’t for bullying) but I feel like she’s about to become the second Satania. Except at the hands of Satania herself, weirdly enough. And the person pulling the strings in the shadows is Raphi. It’s a beautiful chain of bullying. It’s actually kind of nice seeing Satania competent. There’s that duality in, on the one hand, seeing her get the upper hand over Tapris, and on the other, knowing that she’s actually dancing to Raphi’s tune while having no idea that this is the product of someone else messing with her. I’m also not sure it’s a good idea, at least in the long-run, to take credit for having reduced (or improved, as I would argue) Gab to what she is today. If anything, Gab is in Vigne’s possession and not Satania’s. Since they’re a married couple and all. Or would that break Tap-chan’s heart even more?

Poor Tapris must have really loved the kind and friendly version of Gab. It must have been quite a shock to her. Gab’s room was a shock to me, at least. But she needs to understand that Gab is still cute, if not even cuter, and that’s all that matters. I actually kind of get what Satania meant now about the former Gab being really off-putting. Just straightening her hair feels really unsettling. It’s not right if she doesn’t have those messy bed-head tufts sticking out. It also does remain to be seen as to what role Tapris will have from here on out. It’s nice to have another character added to the mix now that we’re approaching the halfway point of the season, but if she sticks around will she take the role that Vigne used to have (back when she was still earnestly trying) in rehabilitating Gab? She’d just be a poor man’s Vigne if so. Not as cute, not as angelic (ironically) and also not married to Gab. Tapris has so much utility as the butt of lots of jokes, though. I think that’s her future. Congratulations to Satania on her promotion.

P.S. I wrote this last night, fell asleep and woke up to a frozen computer. Thank Vigne all my text is still here.

2 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 5: The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell

  1. Aw, no mention of how perfect and adorable Vigne was in this episode, and how even the one angel who seems to be genuinely good thought that Vigne was herself angelic? I wanted to give her a hug after Gab ruined things, and her smile after Tapris peeked back out and still asked to have tea with her later was just so pure…

    1. But Vigne is always perfect and adorable! It goes without saying at this point! Why is Tapris so lucky, I want to have tea with Vigne too

      Tapris is a genuinely good angel… for now. It’s her first day on Earth, she has lots of time to get herself corrupted in some way.

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