Gabriel DropOut Episode 6: Satania’s Counterattack

Wherever Satania-san is, so too shall I appear!


I’ve just realised that I’ve actually made it halfway through a CGDCT. That’s fascinating. In fact, this season I’m covering three series that can loosely be classified as combination of slice-of-life and comedy. Three! I’m not sure what’s different this time (other than the fact that Maid Dragon is perfect and so it’s very easy to write about) but maybe times are changing.

You know what will never change, though? Satania. I’m not sure whether the manga chapters are being adapted in order, but it felt like someone realised Satania got too much of a windfall last week, and decided to flood this episode with even more Satania bullying than usual. Her gun actually scared me to begin with. I thought it was a genuine gun with real bullets. And she even took it to school! She brought a gun to school, waved it around, and that was okay? Gab was amazing, though. As ever. You could tell that the King of Hard-Boiled (whatever that even means) was at least smart enough to have that brief moment of hesitation and suspicion over handing her ultimate weapon to Gab, but she did it. And that sealed her fate.

I’m glad two side characters returned today. Sensei, who I was wildly hoping with all my heart would turn up whilst Satania was still holding the gun (although catching her right as she couldn’t stop laughing was just as good) and Iinchou-chan, who I’d honestly forgotten even existed. I kind of wanted another scene where she eavesdropped on Gab and Vigne again, but this was a Satania episode after all. With that said, though, it’s a little odd that there was no Tapris. Even Satania needs to have her own glimmer of hope, and the only way she can get that is through Tapris. I thought they’d be visiting her for Halloween, for example.  At this rate, Satania stands absolutely no chance against Gab and Raphi, let alone the two of them combined. Even against Iinchou-chan it didn’t feel like she really had the upper hand, although she did make a very Vigne-like expression at one point.

Speaking of Vigne, isn’t she such a great artist? I’d say something about how I’m sure she tried her best for the sake of her cute wife, Gab, but she probably takes all her school subjects quite seriously. Gab did pretty well with her hair clip drawing too. It’s a real shame Vigne returned to her first clip, the summer one was the cutest. Just like she is.

I have to admit, though, Gab in an animal onesie can give Vigne a good run for her money. Gab has always been the huggable type, and she looked extra soft and comfy in that costume. I wonder why she was so resistant to Halloween? She’s always like that to an extent, but unusually so in that last scene. Maybe it was because they threw all her stuff out on the balcony.

3 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut Episode 6: Satania’s Counterattack

  1. “I’m not sure whether the manga chapters are being adapted in order, ”

    Not even remotely. This episode adapted chapters 13, 18, 22, and 15 in that order. The previous episode adapted chapters 24, 25, 26, and 29. A similar degree of cherry-picking for the sake of adaptation has been done for every episode. Which, by the way, is why there is no Tapris. She hadn’t been introduced yet by the time of any of these chapters. In fact, Tapris never came to Earth to visit. We first met her after a year had passed, and she was coming down as a new first-year student to live on Earth herself.

    1. Wow, that’s… very liberal of them. Almost as liberal as those meme-level subs that read as if they’re translated by a CR intern who used to work for Commie or gg.

      Adapting out of order probably isn’t a bad thing. Chapters can be slotted in alongside others that flow well before and after it, or are of a similar theme, and manga readers can have things shaken up a bit so that even they enjoy an element of surprise.

      1. The changes in order aren’t really harming anything, since similar themed chapters can be placed together. It was a bit odd to introduce Tapris and dedicate a whole episode to her and then go backwards to several chapters in which she didn’t exist yet, but I imagine that we who watch these sorts of shows are used things of this sort by now.

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