Plot twist: God created World War I.

Not surprising he would interfere in Tanya’s life again. This guy just wants her to suffer and have faith in him, but it’s fun to see that Tanya is absolutely ready to fight everyone in the world and fight for her own beliefs. But seeing her sort of act afraid and shoot the dead fighter pilot that was being possessed by Being X repeatedly, and seeing her grip her hand near the end does show that Tanya does seem at least a little bit apprehensive.

So after causing a huge ruckus with Dakia, we get to see a meeting with the generals and whatnot to see what else they’re going to do as their supplies are running low, the brutality of winter is coming, and now they need to make smart and calculated decisions. So they decide to send Tanya’s battalion to confront the northern invading forces, the Entente Alliance. Of the other forces against them, the United Alliance and the Republic, Entente is the most weak. However, they could have the help of the other powers by their side, and they do. However, Tanya’s battalion is the one sent because they all know that she and her team can take on the troops with no problem.

Tanya’s group being called the Pixie Battalion is probably the cutest thing. I’d say it fits because Tanya is small and cute like a pixie, but…she doesn’t have the cutest personality. Sometimes.

She shows her brute strength once again as she throws a grenade into the cockpit of the plane, shoots homing bullets at the other planes and destroyed them all by herself, and blowing up the enemy observer base. A large duration of this episode was said fight and Tanya blowing shit up, as usual.

The Pixie Battalion successfully performed their duties. Very nice to see that Tanya made such a great group of fighters in so little time. Really reminds you just how OP she is. I mean really, she’s just way too OP in every way possible. Anyway, she and the others did well and now her next orders are to attack an enemy defensive placement. She’s then reminded that the other powers are rising up together, and what Being X told her plays in her head again. How does it feel to fight the entire world? For Tanya, she probably feels overwhelmed. As much as it’s cool to see a crazy Tanya blowing shit up with that shitty grin of hers, I’d like to see a more vulnerable side of her. She has got to be feeling pretty overwhelmed with the impending World War that’s about to happen. Just what else is Being X going to do to make Tanya have faith? Because so far she’s not struggling too badly, and all of the obstacles he’s sending her way she’s able to handle. I’d like to see a more concerned and nervous Tanya at least once. Just seeing her not be confidence for once would be a treat.

But with the World War, will she overcome this daunting obstacle?

And I agree Tanya, secondhand smoking is absolutely the worst. OPEN A GODDAMN WINDOW!


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  1. Milferd

    Good review. Yep no fun that people think smoking is totally fine for Tanya. Tanya has to be OP till she hits the final boss in this type of story.

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