Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 7: Battle of the Fjord

After a sudden recap from last week, probably due to production issues is what I’m guessing, we’re back on track with this war.

Things start off a little rough as Tanya talks back against her superior’s plans, but then Tanya figures out a plan that’ll help their forces out, though it’s risky. They decide to fight back against the Entente Alliance through a surprise attack, where Tanya’s Pixie group is going attack a fjord where the Alliance has cannons. They will destroy the cannons and let their troops come in by ship and take over that part of the Alliance. As usual, Tanya and her group are successful. They had some problems with the Alliance sending over their reinforcements, killing the time they needed to destroy the cannons. But luckily they’re all competent and did their job in the end.

I kind of felt bad for Sioux. I mean, yeah I did feel bad for him. War sucks. It’s just bad. The person that gets killed leaves behind their family. It was really, well…evil of Tanya to take Sioux’s gun that was given to him by his daughter as an early Christmas present, only for Tanya to take the gun as an early Christmas present. Damn. Yeah Tanya didn’t know that it was a present from his daughter, but the fact that Tanya didn’t even recognize that she fought against Sioux before was just in bad taste. Sioux clearly remembered how she killed his men before. He remembered her face so clearly, and Tanya did recognize him for a second, but she literally did not care and just killed him and took his gun. She’s so heartless. And of course we really had to feel bad when we had to watch his daughter and wife learn that the Entente Alliance was almost completely taken over. They were lucky to leave with their lives, but unfortunately Mary’s father didn’t. It’s sad.

A simple but exciting episode, nothing deep happened this time. I wonder when Tanya and her group will face actual obstacles because so far they’ve been OP. Being X wants the whole world to fight against Tanya, but so far she’s doing well in driving the current forces away. Let’s see if Being X will change some things up.


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4 thoughts on “Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 7: Battle of the Fjord

  1. Honestly, I think this series needs a worthy opponent for Tanya or it will go downhill in the episodes that follow. For now Tanya is practically invincible.

    1. Agreed. The fun factor dies down when Tanya and the others defeat their enemies without a sweat. Because so far there hasn’t been any casualties on their side. A rival of some sort would do well in this show.

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