Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Episode 9: Sports Festival!

There’s no twist or anything.


There’s no twist or anything? Yes there is! There are feels! I can’t believe we’ve only got four Maid Dragon episodes left to look forward to. I’m going to be heartbroken when it’s over. Wednesdays will never be the same again. I suppose there’s that spin-off manga featuring Kanna and Saikawa that could potentially get an adaptation if Maid Dragon sells well (which I think it is doing, although I’m not quite up to date with the exact figures). There might not be much to talk about on a weekly basis, but I’d watch the heck out of that. It’d be very comfy, and also extremely gay. My first thought when Kanna licked Saikawa this episode was that she might get eaten. Literally. That’s also what I was expecting would happen to the dragonfly that starred for the first four seconds of the episode.

It almost felt like the protagonist changed halfway through. The focus of the first half was all about Kanna, whilst the second half was really about Saikawa, or at least the relay race certainly was. Kanna’s always been a slightly unorthodox loli in that she doesn’t always act as young as she really is in dragon terms. She’s got that worldly curiosity to her, a lot like Renge does. Tooru has mentioned that she used to play a lot of pranks back at home, that being why she was banished to the human world to begin with, but it’s never something we’ve really seen other than the small ruckus she raised about Tooru going home with her when she was first introduced. She’s always been a good girl. So it was actually rather refreshing to see her get stubborn about Kobayashi not coming to the sports festival, sulking a bit in the cutest way possible, and then deciding to put Kobayashi before herself after realising that she was really working hard and had deadlines to meet. Kanna is so precious. That scene to me was actually the most heartfelt one of the episode – even more than the relay race. I teared up a bit when Kobayashi told Kanna she was going to attend after all. Reminded me of Amaama to Inazuma, although I’ve always thought that the context and undertones in that series made each scene slightly more depressing than it appeared to be on the surface. Of course, Kobayshi herself isn’t exactly to blame – not only because she genuinely does have work, but also because she’s new to ‘parenting’ and is just mirroring with Kanna how she herself was raised. Because her own parents never attended events like sports festivals, it wasn’t much of a big deal from her perspective if she couldn’t go to Kanna’s, either. I bet she realised it was worth it in the end. I’d work myself into the ground to protect Kanna’s smile like that.

The second half was about Saikawa. Kanna was around too, but I think the crowning moment of the entire sports festival was when Saikawa fell over, had tears of disappointment and frustration in her eyes, and yet still chose to keep on running and do what she had to so that Kanna could complete the race. I don’t think there was much surprise that something like that (i.e. an incident) would happen but it was really nice to see Saikawa keep going and try her best even though it looked like she had no hope of winning. Part of me did think that there was no way that Kanna wouldn’t ultimately win (she’s a ferocious dragon after all) but many of these events did involve the entire class and everyone’s efforts, like with the rope jumping.

Without a doubt, the best gag went to Shouta and Lucoa. That was actually the funniest scene of the entire adaptation so far. As much as Shouta gets uncomfortable because of Lucoa, he knows what’s up. Lucoa really does have some world-class Lucoas. I  can’t believe they’ve managed to milk (pun unintended) Lucoa’s boobs as a gag for so long now, but both that and the reactions from all the other family and friends was hilarious. What were the kids even supposed to find that was world-class? Their parents? Something like ‘world-class dad’?

As great as this episode was, I’m also really sad that there wasn’t much Tooru. So to finish off, here’s a complimentary chorogon.

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