Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 9: Preparations for Advance

We’re nearing the end of the anime and the show has brought us to the decisive battle against the Republic, in hopes of finally ending this war. The stakes are high for Tanya’s group.

Meeting up with Uger after a long time in the train, Tanya learns the plan that Zettour has made to finally put an end to the war. After pushing their enemies, the Republic, so far back the plan is to push their own forces back so the enemies can advance forward, and once they’ve advanced far enough, the Empire will surround them and take out all of their troops and weaken their army. That should be the deciding factor in the war. But things have gotten more serious as crazy Dr. Schugel appears again, as he developed a rocket of some sort that Tanya and a select few from her battalion will ride inside in and attack and destroy three separate Republic targets. Knowing this crazy doctor, something bad can happen. Also, it’s Tanya and her group that will play a large part of the operation as they have to destroy the Republic’s HQ. It’s a lot of danger and pressure as it’s the most important battle they’ll throw themselves in.

One thing I liked about this episode was Tanya, actually. In the beginning we saw her going over what had happened at Arene and how she only expected to kill enemy mages. “My hands are still pure as snow…probably”. I really liked that line because she actually showed some sort of emotion to what happened at Arene, because I had wondered what she felt and now I think I know that Tanya probably feels some sort of regret for what she was forced to do. Also, we saw some fear from her in the end. Again, this mission is risky, dangerous, and just very important. So Tanya and the others are filled with fear and nervousness, but of course Tanya is also very angry towards Being X for putting her in that situation. I just enjoy seeing Tanya when she’s not being her usual confident self because it just makes her human. She can’t be a badass all the time.

Another thing I liked was that Tanya’s group actually had a lot of casualties. I’m not sure if anyone died, but there were many of them that were wounded, which….finally! I thought it was a little ridiculous that they always came out a battle unscathed, and this time for this operation I think we might actually have some deaths. I’m actually really nervous for all of them. Of course, this won’t be easy because we know that Sioux is alive again so I know things won’t go as planned.

At least the rockets didn’t explode of them. :/

Also, I found the post-credits scene hilarious. I thought it was messed up earlier when Grantz and Visha were laughing in the background while someone was convulsing. Well, turns out that person wasn’t wounded from anything serious like a bullet or a bad gash, but food poisoning from a rotten potato. Amazing. Even when this show makes me excited and nervous, it’ll still make me laugh in the end.


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