With Sana gone, Sanae is really worried that her new friend will be harmed, so Zouroku and Ryuu do their best to reassure her that Sana will be ok.

Except… well she’s really not. With Minnie C pinning her to the floor of the vehicle, there’s not much Sana can do without maxing out her abilities. Minnie C drops a bombshell on Sana’s head: she’s not human. Rather she is some kind of “phenomenon” that can read people’s thoughts and reactions, then turn those things into reality. This phenomenon created a human body before learning how to move and speak like humans do, and it did this using an ownerless Mirror Gate that must’ve just been lying around under the research facility or something. Unless MirrorGates have some kind of sentience? Because apparently this one copied these emotions and words from humans all on its own. (Or am I missing something?)

So because Sana is not really human and has these amazing abilities, Minnie C is convinced that Sana will never be able to live in the outside world. That belief doesn’t have anything to do with wanting to revive her dead husband, no, not at all right?  >>;

Anyways, somewhere else in the city, the Director is ready to take the three young Dreams of Alice back to the research facility. Kureo in particular seems really apathetic about the whole situation and just wants to go “home.”

Minnie C is about to try drugging Sana again, and in her moments of terror the poor girl wets herself. Sana goes to a place inside her mind where she meets an older blonde woman who looks a little like herself. This lady is making a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sana tells her that she just learned that she’s a monster, and the woman tells Sana that she’s still learning about herself too. She tells Sana to call for Zouroku, which Sana does.

Back at the flower shop, Sana’s MirrorGate appears over Zouroku’s head, and he’s instantly teleported into the vehicle with Minnie C and Sana. Minnie C wastes no time pinning Zouroku down as well. Zouroku doesn’t hesitate to rip a strip off Minnie C for how she’s treated Sana, and then implores Sana to send herself home by thinking about it.

The situation immediately escalates when Minnie C pulls a gun out from her clothes and shoots poor Sana in the leg, then pushes Zouroku down into the seat cushions and fires the gun again next to his head. That’s all it takes for Sana’s powers to kick into high gear – she heals herself and frees her body from Minnie C’s clutches. This burst of power also allows for the good guys to pick up on Sana’s power signal again, and they chase after her. Ryuu leaves the florist’s shop, but at Sanae’s request he takes her with him.

As she rides along with Ryuu, Sanae makes the observation that when her grandpa said earlier that Sana might become a part of their family, it made her feel something new deep inside her. And apparently that feeling helps her remember what her grandpa said to her in a childhood memory, the one where kid!Sanae was making graves while Zouroku watched her. Sanae says that whatever he said to her, it was something important, something special enough that she was “saved” after having to endure her parents’ funeral.

As the vehicle they’re riding in is loaded onto a freight ship, Minnie C and Zouroku have a chat. For the first time, Minnie C comes clean about who she is and the Dreams of Alice project she’s a part of. After heading some harsh words about herself from Minnie C, Sana attempts to apologize to Zouroku for being a “monster” and putting him and Sane in danger. Zouroku contradicts Minnie C’s words and tells Sana not to listen to them. He admits that while Sana’s made mistakes and caused problems for him, she’s never done it to be mean or done it intentionally. Zouroku tells Sana to continue exploring the outside world if that’s what she wants to do, and she breaks down in tears again.

Suddenly the vehicle starts to shake, and its roof is ripped open. Minnie C is restrained by some kind of vine or tentacle, and when the three occupants look up, it’s Shizuku who’s arrived to save the day!

My thoughts: The conversation between Ryuu, Zouroku and Sanae was helpful in bringing viewers up to speed on the Dreams of Alice project, and what it could mean for the rest of humanity. Also yay to Sanae for taking a stand and giving her grandpa a gentle scolding. xD  So cute.

This episode did a great job with filling in some of the gaps in the story so far, and hints and what’s yet to be revealed. I love that Zouroku stood up for Sana and did his best to protect her when it mattered the most. I really hope Sana is able to become a part of his family. :3


Author’s Note: I will be out of town for a few days next week, so the next review will be two weeks from now and will be a double post.