I love Yuzu.

So was it obvious from the beginning that the Light Music Club is in NO Hurry? I mean I saw the similarities but I didn’t think the club would actually be them, just maybe the band was their inspiration or something. I mean, how else can you explain Miou knowing the manager for the band, their hiatus, and whoever sent the text (I think Yuzu) for Nino to be the new vocalist?

Anyway, I’m finding some choice best boys this season. This episode just made me love Yuzu even more. :3

One thing I want to say right off the bat is the surprise I got with Miou and Nino. Like the boys, I thought they were going to have a cat fight. But instead Nino asked why Miou thought she was a bad singer and asked for her guidance. I thought Miou was going to be causing some drama towards her jealousy at Nino, but surprisingly Miou actually helps Nino. She’s honest with her by saying she’s a crappy singer, but she points out the good things in her voice such as the impact and presence. Miou was mature and helpful. Usually we always get the female characters hating each other, just for the drama. For some reason, media just can’t have two female characters be friends, or at least friendly with each other, when there is many men involved. Is it because Nino isn’t romantically interested in Yuzu that Miou is getting along with her? That could be a reason, but maybe not because Miou did show some jealousy towards Nino because of her singing. I was just pleasantly surprised to see these two get along.

Nino’s search for Momo takes an interesting turn. After practicing with Miou in hopes her improved singing will reach Momo, she actually finds out that Momo Kiryuu could be the Momo she’s looking for, and she finds out that he’s a famous composer! Nino goes to the building where he works and when denied access, she spots a poster for an audition that could make her meet Momo, so she immediately records herself and sends her audition. The next day she tells Yuzu all of this, and that’s when we get the reveal.

Like I predicted, Yuzu had some sort of illness in his throat (nothing dangerous) when he was a child. The reason he disappeared was because he got transferred to another hospital and couldn’t tell Nino, so he left that song on the beach. The truth is, Yuzu can’t sing at all, and when he heard Nino’s voice for the first time he knew that was the voice he wanted in his life to sing for him. The reason why he avoided Nino was because he didn’t want her to find out the truth about him, even though the others in his band already did. The scene on the roof was very touching, and heartbreaking. It was sad seeing Yuzu trying to sing, but it became sweet when Nino started singing the La la la~ song and Yuzu mouthed along, marking the moment in the first time in his life that Nino really sang for him. He writes songs he wishes he could sing, and wants Nino to sing for him. That’s why no matter what, he doesn’t want her to latch on to Momo and start singing his songs because it’ll leave him with nothing all over again. Poor Yuzu, I’m really rooting for him! Personally I don’t think he’s being selfish at all. Music and singing is so important to him, and the fact that he can’t sing must be painful. Finally having the outlet in Nino to sing his songs, it’s a dream come true. But she’s completely obsessed with Momo. He loves her voice, and he obviously loves her.

I also find Yuzu and Momo to be strange foils of each other. It looks like Momo is still the same kind of guy as he was as a kid, just older. He mentioned that he won’t be able to compose music if he’s around Nino, but Yuzu can’t compose music if Nino’s not around. We know Yuzu’s reasons, but we have no idea what Momo means. I can’t speculate anything right now because Momo hasn’t gotten much screentime as of yet. As a kid we saw that he really enjoyed singing and being with Nino, so to see this sudden shift of wanting to stay away from her, and his annoyance that Nino passed the first stage of her audition, raises a lot of questions. I hope we get a Momo episode next week, I wanna know more about this guy!

This was probably the best episode and cemented Yuzu to be best boy, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that now because Momo hasn’t gotten his time to shine yet. Either way, we saw Nino with three different hairstyles this episode, and in anime that’s a rare thing.


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  1. renxkyoko

    Been reading the manga….. I’m rooting for Yuzu ,but then I always have this second guy syndrome….. because it seems the second guy is always deserving.

    1. Berry

      Momo is more deserving? Well, Momo doesn’t seem to be a bad guy but we don’t know his backstory yet. It’s all preference of course. I’m looking forward to learning more about Momo.

      1. renxkyoko

        No, I don’t think Momo deserves to be with her. It just so happens that I always have this second guy syndrome, and Yuzu definitely is the second guy, and more often than not, the second guy is the nicer one…. at this point in the manga, the verdict is still 50 – 50.

        1. Berry

          Oh, I see. Well, let’s hope it all turns out well with as little drama as possible. 🙂

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