To further their studies, Heine has taken a different approach from books to the city. In this lesson, Heine takes the boys to the capital to have them interact with the commoners and learn more about them.

Honestly this was a pretty straightforward episode. They all get dressed up in disguises and head straight into the heart of town. The episode is filled with the typical “rich people don’t know commoner things” such as handling money, how to eat while standing up, and so on. They were all like fish out of water, though Licht had a little more experience because he would go into town a lot, but even then he got lost. Later on they witness an old woman get robbed and pushed down and the whole event affected them in some sort of way. While the princes were enamored with the buildings, shops, food and such, the actual lesson Heine wanted them to learn was to actually understand the commers’ lives and their wellbeings. Right now the country is in peace because of the wonderful police, and that’s only because their father made it that way. They need to think of the wellbeing of their people, which gets the boys all riled up.

The whole time they were walking through town, Licht was whispering things into his brother’s ears. Heine had no idea what they were planning, he thought it was because they haven’t fully accepted him yet. However, after a totally suspicious “stroll around the castle”, which included walking up and down the stairs many times, Heine was led to the banquet room and was met with a welcome party the princes had put together, along with gifts which were the things the boys bought that day.

A very sweet scene and it obviously affected Heine because he was finally able to sleep well that night. However, one interesting thing he said at the very end was that he didn’t belong there. On the outside, Heine seems like a give-no-fucks kind of guy, who’s pretty confident in himself. I mean he’s certainly proven himself and has won the affection and trust of the princes, and he was specifically sought out by the King because of his reputation. However, there seems to be a bit of insecurity on Heine’s part. Seeing him with a concerned and vulnerable expression is very strange. We know a lot more about the princes than we do about Heine. I’m really looking forward to getting a Heine-centric episode.

Also this isn’t very important but it totally is, I love how Heine is extremely small in his chibi form. The guys carry him around like a baby and he just looks like one with how tiny they make him. It’s like they’re babysitting him.


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  1. zztop

    Manga readers say Haine’s past and motivations are an ongoing mystery in the manga. It’s only revealed small clues, but nothing truly definitive. If you’d like I could share spoilers when the series nears its end.

    Yen Press is officially translating the source manga chapters into English as they come out. You need to pay to read each chapter though.

    Glanzreich town is just real-life Vienna transplanted to anime. Compare with these pics:
    Glanzreich town hall :
    Glanzreich opera :
    (the very same from Mission Impossible 4!)

    PS. I’m still wondering how Kai equated wild pigeon = fluffy gift for Haine. I’d have settled for a plush toy or a more domesticated fluffy pet.

    1. Berry

      Yes, I’d appreciate that. Thanks!

      My question is how Kai was even able to hide a pigeon in his shirt without anyone even noticing. Also the pigeon flew away…

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