Sakurada Reset Episode 2: MEMORIES of CHILDREN 2/3

Personally, I felt like this episode didn’t improve from the first. It still has the “show don’t tell” problem, there was still a lot of philosophical conversations, and it was still confusing. In this episode Kei and the others help Mari and her mother’s relationship. We learn (somehow) that her mother created a clone of her baby and her husband could never love her, and that’s when she also decided she couldn’t love her daughter either. So before time is reset, the characters learn that Mari’s mother left Sakurada so she could forget all about the town and her daughter. It was the Bureau who decided it was best and the Bureau wanted to take Mari in, but Kei and Haruki didn’t want that. So they both work together with Soma, the council guy, and the unnamed friend by combining all of their abilities together. It was confusing but it all worked out in the end. Kei was the one that created the entire plan, and we can see that he’s a pretty smart guy and the fact that he can remember everything makes him the perfect leader. After that things are better and Haruki claims to like Kei romantically. Kei makes her reset but realize he screwed up because the next day they find out that Soma killed herself and no one knows why. Then we get a timeskip of them in high school and then it ends.

Again, I was bored. I wasn’t interested in anything that was happening. The moment where Mari’s mother could hear Mari saying she loved her should have been an emotional scene but I didn’t feel a thing at all. I also didn’t feel a single thing when we heard of Soma’s death, something I knew what was going to happen because of the last scene in the first episode. We don’t know why she did that but it’ll probably be shown in her perspective later.

As usual, the presentation was bad, things went too fast, I still don’t care about any of them, and I’ve just lost interest quickly. Will things get better later on? Maybe, this is only the second episode but I’ve been very impatient with anime and when I’m not enjoying something I’m just not going to bother anymore than trudging on like I did before. Also, I’ve been extremely busy and I need to drop one show because I don’t have the time to blog five shows so I’m dropping the coverage for Sakurada Reset. So unless another writer wants to continue this in my stead, I’m done.

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