Every character in the show continues to freak out as they search for the hole in the Wall that could be the demise for all humanity – but shocking revelations come out especially from Nick. To start off, we find out for sure that the Titan shifters can turn into a hardened stone that, as it turns out, is definitely what the wall is made of. Hanji did tests to show and so now they all surmise that Eren might be able to repair the hole in a wall that’s made. Of course everyone puts up the question to Eren and he has to continue going ‘shit where’s the instruction manual’ and agree to whatever people need of him.

But this all feels incredibly forced because the episode basically hints the shit out of the fact that, surprise, there is no hole! This is confirmed when the Beast titan climbs the wall. The whole beginning of this season was essentially a decoy meant to set us up for the real issue: now everyone in the Survey Corp has had a lot of truths revealed to them: the way the walls were made, the fact that a Titan has the knowledge to outright climb the walls, and the serious assault on the castle that many of the recruits are hiding in is another point. Thanks to the appearance of the beast titan there are a ton of secrets being revealed to everyone: and that’s not even the worst of it. Currently Christa is in the group being endangered by rampaging titans, and it was also told by Nick that Christa is the important figure that every agent in his field is meant to be monitoring.

Of course this leaves us on a cliffhanger but this also outright establishes important factors. Now we really understand that Christa is both important and 100% amazing waifu. She and Ymir have a very interesting and beautiful relationship (Which I hardcore ship tbh) and at the same time she has a very significant role in the upcoming plot of the story (and honestly, the entire story itself). I was actually most impressed with Christa when originally reading the story as it continued because of all the characters, Christa’s life is absolutely a surprising level of sheer terror and betrayal. The fact that she is so sweet makes me want to just shove her, Ymir, and Sasha into a pit of ‘not allowed to die’ for the rest of the show.

The upside is that now Eren won’t be forced to replicate a titan ability he knows nothing about. The downside is. . . everything they want to know might be in some deep trouble right now as the titans endanger the other party. We also see how the beast titan threatens everyone as he comes and goes from the walls quite simply. Oh but, woah are the cadets, can they possibly survive this onslaught without their gear?

/casually slides out before spoiling the manga