Houseki no Kuni – Episode 3 [Metamorphose]

Together Bort and Diamond are able to defeat the giant snail by damaging its shell, then knocking it into a nearby pond of sea water. The snail shrinks as if by magic and becomes the size of a small animal, while its empty shell remains at the bottom of the pond.  The snail seems to respond to Diamond whenever they talks about Phos, so Diamond becomes convinced that the snail is actually Phos.

Diamond takes the snail to the jewel people’s “doctor” (the one who repairs the damaged jewel people), who prepares to surgically open the snail to look for traces of Phos. Diamond has their arm mended and is about to leave, but is ultimately unable to leave the snail with the doctor and ends up rescuing the snail.

Diamond decides to try taking the snail around to the other jewel people to see if they can think of a way to help Phos become a normal jewel person again, but no one has any ideas. In fact the other jewel people make it crystal clear (ha ha) that Phos is not very well liked nor respected, and that it might actually be better if Phos remains a snail permanently.

Diamond’s last attempt to find help is to take Phos down to the beach in the hopes of finding Cinnabar. This is what happens, although not in the way Diamond planned (Cinnabar nearly hurts Diamond with their mercury ability). Cinnabar is irritated by Diamond’s pleas for Cinnabar to help them find a way to turn Phos back to normal, yet clearly feels guilty for not wanting to help.

After Diamond explains the situation to Cinnabar, the redhead explains that the snail is not actually Phos. However Cinnabar’s words give Diamond their next lead about where to find Phos. Diamond puts the snail back in its bowl and races back to the main lodge where the battle with the snail was first fought. Sure enough, Phos is still around; as its body was being dissolved by the snail’s slime, Phos’ essence filled some of the cracks in the giant snail’s shell. So theoretically if the jewel people chip away as many teal fragments from the snail’s shell as they can, the doctor should be able to put Phos back together.

Thankfully this plan goes off without a hitch. Diamond still has their snail, and Phos is alive and well again. Phos immediately tries to hurt the snail, but is unsuccessful. As Phos rants at the snail in Diamond’s arms, it’s recognized that Phos can communicate with the snail, and that the two understand each other. Cool!

My thoughts:
I thought it was a nice homage (if intentional) that Phos’ revival scene looked a lot like a transformation sequence in Sailor Moon. ;D   Anyone else see some similarities between the two?

Can Phos communicate with the snail because they were inside its body? If so that’s a neat way for a new ability to manifest. Will Phos include it in their encyclopedia project?

Haha, it looks like the next episode will include Master Kongo’s introduction to the snail. He looks… less than impressed. xD


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