The iDOLM@STER SideM Episode 3

This week, Dramatic Stars are the first among the group to debut! Honestly speaking, I was quite surprised by how quickly we are already seeing them debut, especially this particular trio. Frankly speaking I thought perhaps  HighxJoker would be one of the firsts since they already have some experience performing in front of people. And while the Dramatic Stars are always fussing about something (the usual tension between Kaoru and Teru), this week the struggle came from an unlikely source: Tsubasa. Of course the quiet and happy ones usually have a secret of their own, and sure enough Tsubasa surprised us when we learned he is the type of individual who easily becomes discourages after experiencing one failure. Truth to be told though, I honestly thought Tsubasa’s issue was going to be far more serious when the lights triggered the memory of when he failed as a co-pilot during turbulence. I suppose it’s fortunate it was not a major conflict to have to overcome, but regardless the build up to it kind of made it fall short when it was revealed Tsubasa is simply afraid of failing others, more so than himself. The fear that had him choked up was not being able to perform properly, messing up and ruining the stage for his team. He would rather run away than pursue his own dream, that’s how much of a coward he is when it comes to failure – which is shocking to say the least. This is why he gave up being a pilot, and simply transferred to work as the ground crew. All I can say is, “Wow, it’s your dream and you give up that quickly?” It wasn’t like they crashed, or he was fired

Anyways, this episode pretty much covered that base in terms of Tsubasa not repeating his mistakes again. This had a lot to do with both Kaoru and Teru calling him out and encouraging him to not chicken out. Kaoru, though he had a round-about way of putting it, even said Tsubasa didn’t need to worry because he got his back. Teru told him to think about his own dream and stop being so considerate about others.

Their debut was a success, and their song Starlight Celebrate was good, not my favourite, but still good. I found it quite intriguing how different their voices are to each other, especially Tsubasa’s. I was not expecting that tone from him, but it’s quite distinct! Teru’s is pretty stable, and Kaoru’s is more velvety? Haha, what a weird way to describe it….

While the episode primarily focused on Tsubasa, there were little scenes of Kaoru that did not go unnoticed. That is the dolphin bracelet we saw him holding in one scene, and then putting on in other, before their rehearsal. Kaoru’s determination to make sure their debut a success is clearly being driven by another force. Someone who is related to the bracelet is one of the reasons why he is working very hard to make sure they succeed. With that in mind, I anticipate his backstory in the future.

Random Note of the Week: Are they seriously going to the airport? Dude you know how freaking loud it is at the airport?! How is that relaxing?!


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  1. the ‘girl’ Tsubasa bump into is actually another Im@s idol from 876pro, Ryo Akizuki.
    ‘she’ had also appeared on iDOLM@STER anime too with ‘her’ unit.
    the bumping scene wasn’t followed up later because it’s serves as a cameo appearance (like the children’s TV show scene on this week’s episode)
    cameos for the idols who didn’t join 315pro yet

    1. Thanks for the clarification!!!!! Removed that bit.
      I would have never guessed he was a boy crossing-dressing XDDD Man I don’t even remember seeing him in iDOLM@STER!

  2. Dramatic Stars is the first unit to debut because they are the ‘main’ unit and were the first to get seiyuus and release a CD along with Jupiter. The 5 units featured in the anime are the first 5 to get voices and CD, the order being Dramatic Stars->Beit->HighxJoker->W->SEM. All the songs and dances replicate the real live concerts.
    The ‘girl’ Tsubasa encounters is Ryo Akizuki, he is Ritsuko’s cousin (the girl with glasses who was Ryuu Komachi’s manager in Idolmaster). Ritsuko forced him to crossdress in order to debut as an idol and was in a unit with 2 other girls (voiced by Hanazawa Kana and Tomatsu Haruka). He made a cameo in the first Idolmaster anime, the sports competition episode, Jupiter was in that episode too.
    Ryo has appeared in several Idolmaster games until he was finally allowed to debut as a boy in 2015 in 315Pro. His unit F-lags, is composed of a 14 year old yakuza heir and a 19 year old ex-novelist. Ryo is the only sideM idol voiced by a female seiyuu (his seiyuu also voices Boruto).
    The 3 young boys from the TV show are a unit called Mofumofuen. Kanon, the girliest looking one who loves cute clothes is voiced by Murase Ayumu, popular for being Hinata in Haikyuu.

    In every episode future 315Pro idols have been making cameos. Last week during the typhoon the JSDF military man, the fireman and the policeman are from Frame, a unit very popular in-universe and in real life with male fans. The second episode, when Tsubasa and Teru went to a ramen restaurant the man serving them is Michiru from The Kogadou.
    The Dramatic Stars seiyuu have been in multiple idol series.
    Nakamura Shuugo (Teru) is in Tsukipro the Animation as one of Quell’s twins. Quell is Takeuchi Shunsuke (Cinderella Girls’ Producer), Nishiyama Kotaro (Atsushi in Boueibu) and Nogami Sho (HighxJoker’s Shiki in sideM). They specialize in ballads and calming music. Tsukipro the Animation takes place in real time, this week’s Quell episode happened in October 2017 and the official website has a calendar with the idols’ schedule as seen in the anime. Tsukipro and Tsukiuta follow the flow of time as in real life, every January they make a major update of the setting and character designs. Drama CDs, their twitter account and the recent mobile rhythm game Tsukipara offer more about the story.

    Uchida Yuuma (Kaoru) won the Seiyuu Newcomer Award this year. He has been in multiple titles such as Hayate Immelman in Macross Delta or Ein Dalton in Gundam Orphans. Casted in many idol roles, he was the cinnamon roll Eiji in Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star and praised during the last Utapri concert for his skills while performing with Miyano Mamoru the duet they sing together:

    Yashiro Taku (Tsubasa) has been active during the past few year and helms a big number of idol roles like Subaru in Aikatsu Stars, Hayato in Shonen Maid, Haruhi in B-Project (his group didn’t appear in the anime) or Orion in Show by Rock.

    Sorry for long comment.

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