This episode is split into two different stories. One is more simpler than the other. The first story introduces a new character to us filled with some emotions, while the second one is a cute little trip to the zoo filled with lots of cute.

We meet Inomata, a girl at the top of her class. She scolds Ryuichi when the children followed him out of the daycare because Kotaro said so, making noise in the school halls. But as she did this, the children were frightened by her and started crying. Ryuichi and Kamitani had to take them back, and at that point Kamitani’s mother comes across after hearing the noise and Inomata helps her with delivering materials. Long story short, Mrs. Kamitani and Usaida made a little plan where Inomata would help Ryuichi out with the children in the daycare in hopes of giving her a break and letting her lighten up a little. Her peers didn’t like the way she treated Ryuichi and the kids so she doesn’t have the best rep. It was a sweet little moment as Inomata was jealous that the children really loved Ryuichi while they hated her. We learn that Inomata only thought she was good at studying, without studying she saw herself as nothing. But because of being at the top of her class and her personality, she’s become so lonely. The more she studies, the lonelier she gets. She sobs in front of everyone and the children cry as well, sad that she was sad. And finally they were able to become a little closer as they embraced and then took a nap together.

I thought it was nice that we got a new character but I think we could have used more time to get to know her before jumping right into her inner conflict. Her issue of being lonely because she’s so responsible and smart is relateable for some, but it’s a little hard to care for her too much when we barely know anything about her. I think we probably could have gotten this kind of moment as we gradually got to know her, or at least give Inomata and entire episode and not just 12 minutes. Still, it was sweet and this won’t be the last time we’ll see her so I hope when she does appear, we’ll get more development. I think it would be pretty fun if she would join the babysitters club but I don’t think that’ll happen but I’m sure she’ll make more visits.

The second half starts off with Kotaro staring the tiger on his shirt. Kirin explains to Ryuichi that Taka had told Kotaro that it was dumb of him to wear a shirt with a tiger on it when he had never seen a tiger in real life. Kotaro didn’t really look all that upset, maybe curious, but Kamitani hits Taka on the head and wants him to apologize, but all it does is make Taka cry and yell at him. They then get into an argument when Kamitani tells Taka he doesn’t necessarily like or hate him, to which Taka thinks he hates him.

*baby pout*

And so while Ryuichi brings up the zoo and Usaida plans the field trip, Taka is angry at him. The zoo trip itself went great. The mothers joined them, Saikawa packed Ryuichi a huge lunch, the kids are awed by the animals and also frightened by some and when the others bring up Kamitani, Taka runs off. But it’s obvious that he misses his brother. In the end of the trip Taka mistakenly thinks a man is his brother and runs after him but is devastated when it isn’t him, and becomes even more scared when he’s realized he separated himself from the group. But we get a happy ending with the brothers and everything is cute again. But this show is always cute. Highlights from this episode was Usaida taking pictures of the kids with their favorite animals, Kotaro pointing at some gray sheep and being reminded of the chairwoman (with everyone agreeing), and probably my favorite part when the mothers suddenly became serious and prepared for their real battle: the gift shop. That cracked me up because of how accurate it is.

As usual, the episode was cute and fun. It’s great that the mothers are involved, but I hope we get to see the fathers too. I’ve noticed in anime centered around children, fathers are almost always absent, and I know it’s because they’re all working. But I guess that’s a cultural difference because usually you’ll see mothers and fathers on field trips or whatever school activity where parents are involved here in the West (or at least for me, in the United States). Being a stay-at-home mom is still pretty prominent in Japan whereas here in the States, mothers and fathers work, so that explains why mothers are always seen with their little ones. I think I might have mentioned this when I reviewed Amaama to Inazuma as well, when Kouhei was the only father in Tsugumi’s class. It’s just interesting to see, while also telling of Japan when it comes to children in general.

Either way, cute episode!


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