Hataraku Onii-san! Episode 2( I laughed, it’s getting good)

Hataraku Onii-san! Episode 2( I laughed, it’s getting good)

I was uncertain about this show in the beginning. I was wondering if I could laugh it, or it may be a hidden gem I would miss out on if I didn’t watch. Now that I’m on the second episode, this is a gem I probably shouldn’t miss out on.

I feel like the show uses a slight humor. Not like at the end of scale( which is a 10) ” I’m rolling on the floor ” humor , but it isn’t ” the teacher told a punny joke” humor( which is a 1). On the scale, it is about a 3 or 4, I guess. It employs some kind of smart humor, which when you get it sort of funny. I guess that is also what makes it a gem.

The episode starts with them at another part-time job at the convenience store during the nighttime shift. Kuehiko is trying to mind his own business and do tasks, but Tapio is just behind him being energetic.

Don’t touch me.

Then there is the boss called Jakonagawa, who apparently, according to everyone is a civet cat, which is a wild cat who lives in Southern Asia. He goes to bathroom every ten seconds and is barely watching them. I was dying for all the wrong reasons. I’m a bad person, or I’ve been watching too much Make It Right( with too many sexual jokes. Make It Right has made fun of everything sexual, I don’t think they missed a thing. It is also a Thai web drama, so they probably didn’t care.)

Apparently in Indonesia, they have a coffee called Kopi-Luwak, which is made of pooped out coffee beans from civets( they tried to say digested coffee beans….they tried to make it sound better). That is gross. Boy. Why would you drink this? Aren’t you afraid of getting diseases?? Apparently, people have been doing this for at least 300 years (according to records), and people like the “aromatic smell”( what the heck is that?). Don’t drink that. Apparently it is delicacy in Indonesia. Why does every country have some nasty delicacy? I mean every country….

But the problem is if someone gave it to me as normal coffee with flavoring, I would probably drink it. That is why a roast people all the time when they say ” I wouldn’t eat that ” and all that foolishness. You would probably eat it disguised as something else and they would say it was good.They applies to at least 40% to 45% of vegetarians, if you said something was fake meat, but it was actual meat, they would probably eat it and say it was good, but if you tell them it was actual meat, they would start overreacting and saying “this is nasty”. Just saying because everyone knows that people. I also know that person, it’s me.

Okay back to the real show. Oh my god, that got me started. I literally get mad at myself and other people for doing that. The point is people can’t tell the difference.

Then that koala in the freezer. I almost died and then I started laughing. Kuehiko just closes the door slowly.

What is koala doing out there? He must be like the koala in Binan Koukou Chikyuu- bu Love, where he orchestrates the whole show… Maybe he orchestrates who is hiring or who needs help.. Okay maybe I’m thinking too much. Or he is maybe just in thereto be funny, which was funny because he is a random spot. Maybe he is dropping random advice when he thinks they need it.

I’ll admitting I was laughing at the wrong times or at the wrong things, but I enjoyed my 5 minutes of watching the show.

If you want to learn more information on civets and that nasty, crusty coffee( I just went on Wikipedia):



I learned something new!!




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