In the first half of the episode, we learn that Ryu and Kamitani are now high schoolers! It’s the start of the new semester and clubs are going strong, which means Ryuichi needs to try to recruit people to the babysitter’s club. He’s made a flyer but he needs to find a spot on the bulletin board to put it. The rest of the episode is pretty simple, the kiddies, Ryu, and Usaida go around the school checking out the other clubs while forming a fart train.

We see Kirin’s mother is head of the drama club, and it was hilarious that Usaida and Midori got painted on to look scary. Mrs. Kumazuka is pretty strange while Kirin is pretty happy go lucky, so I’m going to guess Kirin takes after her father. Later on the kids visit the cooking club, where Inomata is part of (that’s real cute), and then the baseball club. Eventually Kamitani decides to apply for the babysitter club because Kotaro recruited him, and he’d balance that out with his baseball club. I really would have liked if Inomata had joined too. She’s the cute kind of tsundere! I’m usually not too big a fan of tsunderes but Inomata is so cute. She’s a little harsh, but this time we see her immediately apologize for raising her voice. And we know she has a kind and sweet spot because she brought cookies and sweets for the kids. I just think she’s really cute and I want to see more of her, and since she has a small crush on Ryuichi (I think), it would be pretty fun to have her around.

I like that they lightly focused on Ryuichi for a moment when it came to school. He was a little depressed during their outing in the school because he probably felt a little lonely. So far we’ve only seen Ryuichi with the kids in the daycare, he doesn’t have time to hang out with his peers. Like I said in the beginning, Ryuichi gained a huge amount of responsibility. He’s barely in high school now but he still has a toddler sibling to look after, and I know he wouldn’t feel right if he just left Kotaro alone in the daycare. Especially when we know how attached to each other they are, as we see in the second half. Also, he has a deal with the chairwoman to look after the daycare in exchange for living in the school. And looking after the kids can last until it turns dark outside because the mothers are the teachers at the school, so that leaves little to no free time for Ryuichi. It’s sad, because Ryuichi’s being forced to grow up against his will. But with Kamitani now being part of the club, he has a friend his own age with him. Again I say it would be great if Inomata would join!!!


The second half is a lot more simple but so very cute. One morning Ryuichi wakes up with a bad fever (Saikawa’s joke was hilarious) and the chairwoman drags Kotaro out of the room so he wouldn’t catch his brother’s cold. He sulks but the chairwoman brings him around the place to help Ryuichi get better. They go to the kitchen where the chairwoman makes a rice porridge, and she asks Kotaro to assist in making a hot lemonade and asks him to squeeze a lemon. And holy SHIT it was so DAMN CUTE. This poor baby could barely squeeze it and when he did it was just a little drop but he was so proud of himself, then he squeezed a good amount of juice but then spilled it, but he just squeezed some more. It was even more cute and hilarious when the chairwoman forgot she had one of those lemon juicer things and it would have made things a lot easier. The whole scene was even more cute seeing Kotaro with a small bandana on his baby head AHHHHHH.

We shift to Ryuichi real quick and watch as he has a nightmare so this poor boy is still being haunted by his parents’ death, but appreciates that at least his baby brother is with him to get him through. They’re just really precious and their bond is sweet. But we also got a new bond between the chairwoman and Kotaro. He started off calling her Shaggy but in the end calls her M’am, so that was cute. But she kind of ruins their moment in the end by grabbing him out of the room again.

Not even Saikawa’s ice cream could cheer him up. 🙁


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