Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Season 2 Episode 2( Back in Time and Back to the Future)

This show got me dying, even while I watch it in McDonalds, trying to not to laugh in the corner. Deathnote References.Good times.

Well anyways, back to Saiki-kun. During this episode, Saiki-kun psychic limiters are broken( because his brother didn’t know there was a defective piece) and he goes back in time before his parents met, then he has make it so his parents meet again.

Saiki thought his parents were lying about when the first met in each other. Ironically, most of it wasn’t a lie…( wow? I thought it was going to be a big lie).

What is parents tell him: They met after Saiki’s father saw her being harassed by some guy and he saved her. Saiki’s father was also a friend of a famous movie star( on an unrelated note)


What Saiki sees: Saiki goes back in time and sees that the person who harassing his mom is Nendou’s father( almost died there). He automatically realizes he doesn’t want be the son of Nendou’s father and he has force his parents to be together.

Me, too.

Saiki’s dad is in a cafe with the before mentioned movie star having coffee, so he drags him out and forces him to save his mom

Then, he goes into the future, but the world is a apocalyptic state, which means he done messed up.( I believe they are making fun of something here, but I’m not sure what?). Then he mets Torisuka, who tells him he died 3 years ago( of what? wouldn’t he avoid his own death?) and that is brother made something and everyone was fighting over it. Of course, his brother doesn’t care about people and is a sadist, so he let that happen. So he goes and sees his brother who made a time machine, so he could bring Saiki back. Saiki uses the time machine to go back to the day he decided to go back to sleep and not listen to their anniversary story.

Kobeyasu…I started laughing and that when people started staring. He gets a bunch of challenge letters from different gangs and tries not to fight them, because he isn’t a delinquent anymore. In this episode, he looks uncertain the whole day and Saiki just follows him to see what is bothering him. He tries to stay hidden, but Kobeyasu has the senses of an “animal” according to Saiki.

Then he gets one that looks like a love letter. And he be saying that ” he could only love one woman for the rest of his life”, ” he wants to marry her”, and ” what should we name our children?” Basically, he went from 0 to 120 real quick. And Saiki and everyone else was like: “Que?”

Then he goes to meet the “girl” in the park and it turns out it was another challenge letter. RIP.

Saiki tries to stay hidden by staying invisble, but the funny part was Kobeyasu still felt like something was there..

Can I say something now? Somebody in the forum said that the author wanted Teruhashi and Saiki to be together in the end. I was going to check on that more, but I honestly don’t believe that to be true. Currently, it looks Saiki does not like Teruhashi and goes out of his way to avoid her. Hmm… with psychic powers, it doesn’t seem like he will find a true love at all. But that is part of the comedic nature of the show. Don’t take that out.

So anyways, the last part is when Saiki tries to buy new clothes and he sees Kaidou, Nendou, and Teruhashi at the store.

Kaidou and Nendou have a fashion contest and try to have Saiki judge. But Saiki don’t want none of that because he think both their fashion choices are awful. Nendou’s was espically awful( everyone knows that person who would wear that shirt).

Then they get Teruhashi involved in that mess and she tries on outfits that they created and disapproving that person in the forum, Saiki escapes making an outfit for her by making Nendou’s outfit less embarrassing, making her supposedly like his outfit more.

I enjoyed this episode. I might watch it again because it was buffering really bad in the restaurant.

What if that forum member is right??? I highly doubt it, but it may be true.