The inevitable Megumi drama comes at us, and it took a different turn than I thought it would. I was pretty worried when Megumi mentioned the rumors, the one that caught my attention was the girls messing around with boys in Kabukicho. The only one that knew they were there was Megumi, and it just raised my suspicions more when she tried to keep Mari from going to Antarctica in order to alleviate the rumors that were spreading around. It just got more and more telling that Megumi was the one that started the rumors, but I didn’t want to think about it. Until she actually admitted to it, and more, in the end. I can’t believe that I didn’t put two and two together about the other stuff, like Mari’s mom finding out through a neighbor about Antarctica when it was Megumi who told the neighbor, amongst other things. The girls have been really careful to keep Antarctica a secret, with Megu being the only person to know about everything. The reason for this anger and jealousy was because she was dependent on Mari, not the other way around Mari thought. Without having someone to dote on and be exasperated with, she would be nothing. Realizing this, at the end she wanted to break up their friendship so she could take her next step. It was a little petty of her to start the rumors, but it’s at least understandable.

The scene itself in the end was a little too dramatic but for the most part I thought it was handled well. I’m not too big a fan of the whole confession being handled at the very end when Mari was about to leave, it should have happened the night before when they were both walking home. It could have happened then, they both could have gone to Mari’s house to take in the feast her family made, and yay happiness. I would have liked to have seen more of Megumi and proper explanations from her. Because the confession was at the very end, I kind of thought it was a little rushed, particularly the “Breakup rejected” when Mari ran off and left Megumi there. Sure, they’re best friends and they’ll always be best friends, but I feel Megu was left in a limbo because she’s still facing the same problem, being dependent on Mari. Maybe while Mari is gone she can take little steps on her own, and they can still communicate as much as they can. Either way, it was sweet.

There were still fun and cute moments with the girls, like Shirase being nervous in front of the camera, and Shirase wanting to beat up the bullies, and Shirase going insane at karaoke…most of these being Shirase. In the beginning, I kind of wish she had given the whole school a fat “I TOLD YOU SO!” about the Antarctica announcement since everyone had been giving her shit. It would have been awesome if she did!

The “screw you” switched on!

But finally we’re on our way to Antarctica! It’s so exciting, but from the post credits scene, I’ve found out that the lion statue there is a statue in Singapore. Their plane is going to have to make a stop there before heading to Australia, so we might get an episode there, or a little peek. Either way, I wouldn’t mind because at least we’ll be in a different country!


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