We’ve learned the way the girls can possibly go to Antarctica, and that’s through a civilian expedition being held that year, where any person can go while also passing the strict regulations. Shirase has already made their plans, tracing where the Shirase ship will go. At first it will depart from Japan to then make a stop in Fremantle, Australia to pick up the expedition members, as they don’t pick them up in Japan, and from Australia they’ll make their way to the Syowa Station in Antarctica. At first, what the girls need to do is get the airplane ticket for Fremantle, so Shirase proposes Mari to get a part-time job to raise some funds not just for the plane ticket, but extra cash just in case. But more problems arise as Mari’s glasses friend did some research on the civilian expedition and found out that the there has been issues in maintenance costs and that expedition members have gradually withdrawn. And choosing to go to this expedition can be a little risky. This worries Mari, as well as the question if they even will be accepted. But, Shirase has a plan as she always does.

But before we learn what it is, we get introduced to the newest member, Hinata! And I love her and her shirts with food on them! Mari was finally able to land a job at the convenience store Hinata works at, and after overhearing their conversations about Antarctica, she wants to join as well. She’s so interesting because while she’s the same age as Mari and Shirase, she’s already finished high school and is about to go to university. She’s incredibly smart, but not in the stereotypical way anime always portrays intelligent characters. She’s just as quirky as them, having a natural connection with Mari, she’s energetic and fun. Her addition to the group is welcomed and she quickly takes part in the group’s plans. She’s definitely my favorite so far, but I love them all really.

The girls head to Shinjuku, specifically the Kabukicho district and their fear and nervousness was absolutely hilarious. In that district was a meeting for the expedition members, and Shirase’s “genius” plan was trying to lure one of the male expedition members with seduction and try to get him on their side so he could smuggle them aboard the ship in Australia. To which I say…Shirase, you are insane. And the whole “seduction” scene was hilariously bad, until two female members noticed them and then we got a beautifully animated chase scene with fantastic music. Mari’s smiling and laughing as she pointed out how her youth was finally in motion made me smile big, and just the scene in general was fun. Those women running in heels were insane! 😮

As the women catch them, they find out about their plan. And even though Shirase volunteers to sponsor the expedition with her money, they still turn her down. There was an awkward silence as Shirase yelled that she wanted to see her mother, which might be a futile effort. We knew already that the reason Shirase wanted to go to Antarctica was to look for her mother, but the chances of actually finding her alive are pretty low. Now learning that funds and maintenance at the Syowa Station have been poor, Shirase’s mother being alive sounds impossible. She’s not that dumb of a girl and she might even know that, but she absolutely won’t give up even though she was turned down. But it’s a little sad to see Shirase’s phone constantly with an email ready for her mother. I don’t know if Shirase actually sent her mother the attached picture of her and Mari in the beginning as a “Hey mom! We’re getting ready to see you!” kind of thing. It’s saddening that her mother is always on her mind.

I think their ticket, literally, into the expedition will be the final girl to join the group, who was there at the expedition meeting in Shinjuku. I think the woman with the long hair (or one of them) is probably her mother, and however her and our trio is going to meet, I think she’s the one that’ll be their key.


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  1. bedmonds

    I love how both episodes so far just zing with energy! I feel like this is a show that parents with young girls should make sure to show them. It’s just really inspiring and we need more young rebel women for the future (and even the ridiculous seduction plan enforced the theme that these kids are going to win out on their own terms). It’d actually be a cool show to get kids in science classes interested in discovery. Anyway, I’m obviously still very excited by this show.

    1. Berry

      Yes, I love the energy in this! It just makes me excited while watching the show too. I think it would be pretty cool if this show took a more scientific approach because we certainly don’t get enough of that. But yes, I love the fact that these girls, specifically Shirase, are trying really hard to accomplish their dreams. It really is inspiring!

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