We asked for a villain….

FFFFFFFFF—– SHIT. HOLY SHIT. @$*!(&@#!(@*&#@!  HOLY @#(*&!@&*(#!@*(&@# SHIT. I can’t even, oh my god. Where do i even begin, this— THIS IS MADNESS I AM SHAKING RIGHT NOW, I CAN’T BREATHE!


  • SHe says even the evil has deep blue love in their hearts (yup called it)
  • Holy shit Spectre
  • BA’s offers Blue Love what
  • FInal Reincarnation so she had 3. Banishes all cards in his hand, and
  • my god.
  • omfg Spectre has 8800 LP
  • O___________________O Oh my god. “aren’t you supposed to save my soul” he says.
  • holy shit.
  • this fucking duel.
  • i can’t breathe.
  • he’s scary as fuck


Holy smokes, that was freaking intense, and absolutely terrifying. We asked for a one hell of a villain and boy, we got one. Spectre is probably the scariest motherfucker we have seen in the long time.

Spectre is a psychotic monster, truly a sicko. It was so brutal, so so SO brutal to see Aoi fall the way she did, and on her face too- oh my god. I winced and screamed when that happened because it was so hard to watch. He ripped her wings out and laughed over her crumpled form. If I didn’t know better, I probably would have thought he just killed her right then and there. Everything about him made my blood run cold. The way he talks and goes on about, “FIGHT FOR ME!”, “SAVE ME!”, “Aren’t you supposed to save my soul?”, hell can we take a moment to appreciate his voice actor Kajimoto Daiki? He freaking nailed it.

This scene hurts so much

While it’s great and all that Spectre won, I am also feeling the loss for Aoi. She was really in a tough spot today and managed to buy some time, but in the end her efforts were futile. I must say though I am a huge fan of her new Trickstar: Delfiendium. I love how the design was not girly for once, but rather a fabulous dapper design. The setup for her combo was quite exciting, but it’s such a shame all that set up didn’t pay off. It would have been an epic way to win.

Although Aoi’s loss hit me hard, it also made me sick to my stomach knowing Akira witnessed her gruesome defeat. He wanted to trust her, believe in her, but in the end, the one time he lets her go to do her own things, he loses her in one of the most horrific way possible. After this, I can’t imagine Akira sitting around at SOL Technologies, I have no doubt i my mind he will go after Spectre….

But not if Yuusaku defeats him first…

Now after this event, the relationship between Aoi and Akira is going to be even more complicated. We know he was already super overprotective to begin with- jesus, he might just lock her in the house and never let her out! Worse of all, what will become of Aoi? How will she recover from this incident? Will it actually benefit her in the long term, forcing her to forge her own identity as oppose to using an established character as an alias and outlet for her loneliness?

I have to hand it to the writers. It took forever to get to this point, but my god they delivered. This is probably the best duel I have seen in a very long time. Everything about this duel was fantastic because it was so unpredictable until the very last second. I mean of course I had my suspicions about Spectre playing as the fool since he is a freaking genius when it comes to psychological warfare and always played the part. I didn’t know who I wanted to win in this duel, but since the last episode I thought about it and came to the conclusion that we desperately needed the villain to win, and unfortunately Aoi was the causality, taking out our only remaining girl out of the picture for who knows how long. But it was a price that had to be paid, a hero had to fall, and it’s most certainly cannot be Yuusaku when he must fight Revolver, right?

Well apparently not. Instead of Spectre VS Onizuka, next episode it looks like it will be Yuusaku VS Spectre, and it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. All I can think of is, “WHY?! WHY NOW?!” Of all people, they had to go with Yuusaku first! I honestly thought we were going to see Spectre go on this killing spree of taking out all of Yuusaku’s allies until he is the last one standing. But no, apparently it looks like we are cutting straight to the chase, Onizuka is out god knows where- I don’t even want to even think about the possibility of them setting it up for an Onizuka VS Revolver duel.

Please don’t.

Based off the preview, it appears Spectre is somehow also deeply involved with the Lost Incident! This doesn’t come off as a complete surprise since I had a sneaking suspicion developing over the course of the episode as we started to get a glimpse into his bizarre flashbacks, (stranded alone in the Canyons? What????) It is the mystery we have dying to learn more about, but I know I would be more than happy to wait it out at least an episode or two longer just so Spectre could take Onizuka out before expirencing his own defeat.

As for the ladies, we are only 34 episodes into the series. Surely our wonderful ladies won’t be gone for like a year right?

I think it is fair to say their track record warrants my concern. But whatever, I know better that I shouldn’t get caught up with this. It was expected, an established pattern, I need to just shrug it off.
But just for the record, I will lose my shit if Onizuka survives this event, and you will hear about it. Just a heads up, for worst case scenario.


So was this episode amazing? Absolutely! It had me at the edge my my seat, from start to finish! I kept holding my breath and flipping out because I could not trust Spectre and am definitely going to have nightmares because of him tonight. Their animation quality could be absolute mess, but you can always count on them to bring out Yu-Gi-Oh! creepiest faces when it matters most.


Yeah I don’t know about you, but it has been 4 hours since I watched the episode… and I am still not okay.
… I need to watch something fluffy…


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  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Blue Angel lost… Well I’m not surprised, in fact I’m actually relieved that Specter won, not only because the show desperately needed to give its remaining Knights of Hanoi more credibility (instead of them jobbing every damn time), but I absolutely HATED that triple Reincarnation + double Lycoris Burning combo near the end (then again, I’ve never been too fond of Trickstars’ looping effect damage strategies in the first place); when Blue Angel utilized her last resort I’m 100% leaning towards Specter’s victory, and thank god he survived that combo. Hard luck for Specter though, he just have to run into Playmaker immediately afterwards & we already know who’s going to win that one. BTW it gives Go a HIGH chance to run into Revolver now because… he has no suitable opponent to duel against at this point AND I don’t care what’ll happen to this cardboard character that serves no purpose to the story.

    1. Eva

      As much as I despise the situation, I can’t see Onizuka facing anyone else other than Revolver now. I highly doubt they will throw in an additional villain to join Revolver’s crew, unless it’s Dr. Kogami, but the guy is pretty much trying to stay in the shadows…
      I would honestly just rather see them skip Revolver VS Onizuka’s duel altogether and just show that he has fallen. But there’s no way they will do that. Ugh, this wouldn’t been something we’d be dreading if they actually made him a character to care about :\ You described it best: He’s cardboard character!

      1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

        “they actually made him a character to care about :\”
        I’ve highlighted my gripes about Go’s character lots of times already, and now I’ll say it again: The writers attempted to give him a mix of Jack’s & Crow’s personalities where one can be a proud, CHARISMATIC entertainer duelist that stirred the hearts of people while deep down also being a figure that cares for others (especially orphaned children); in fact it’s a good concept of blending various personalities and make a really likable character (take notes at Yugo who had the combined traits of Yusei’s stoic side & Judai’s goofiness; also ICHIKA who is a really good protagonist of Kirakira Precure despite its lukewarm reception), but I’m scratching my head thinking how the writers messed up so horribly they turned Go into an agglomeration that represented neither Jack nor Crow. This is especially jarring considering his deck (Goukis) are actually pretty strong even IRL and he still don’t get the chance to be defined as an “entertainer” that people should care about, instead everytime he’s on-screen we’ve been watching a very annoying attention seeker that was ALWAYS detached from the main course of the story and got awkwardly involved with the current doomsday scenario in the last minute (and STILL don’t know what he’s supposed to do) despite him being part of the “main” trio VRAINS alongside Yusaku & Aoi.

  2. Kazanova

    First Vector from ZEXAL, second Yuri from ARC-V, and now Specter from VRAINS. The new generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Have given us amazing villains. I wonder which between the three of them is the most terrifying. Blue Angel fell flat face first must be really painful. Well yeah, this only happened online and not her real body, but the impact must be pretty hard too in the real life. If falling from very high place from your D-Board or trapped and fell from Data Storm means death in the real world, what about this? Out of all characters, I never thought Aoi of all people to experience something like this. Speaking of which, I wonder which one is more painful (either physically or psychologically), being carded or brutally defeated like this? Aah…this episode so painful to watch. I got to admit that I mute a scene because it was too much for me to listen. But this episode is also amazing in many ways. I hope Aoi’s character will grow from this from now on.
    The preview mentioned Yusaku’s resolve starting to waver and questioning Specter why he is helping Revolver, so my guess is Specter is also one of the six children of the Lost Incident but for some reason agreed to help Revolver. I can’t wait to know more! I hope this is next week already! I heard the Duel between Playmaker and Specter will be 3 or 4 episodes long…I hope the writers won’t drag their Duel too long.

    1. Virginia

      At this point, Spectre is most definitely one of the six children.
      Three identities left!!

    2. Eva

      Wow that’s pretty long. I guess there’s going to be a ton of backstory being told then. :O

  3. Silent Protagonist

    Pff, even the writers’ don’t think Onizuka is worth a damn.
    I think the lesson to be learned here is “be careful what you wish because you might just get it.” We all wanted more competent villains like Revolver. We all wanted at least one more Hanoi Knight to not immediately eat it in their debut duel… And this is what we get: teenage girls face-planting into concrete at literal break neck speeds. I swear I can just hear the writers going “Isn’t this what you wanted? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”

    1. Eva

      LMAO That’s exactly what I thought about, but you know what, it’s worth it in the end because we were hungry for a true villain.
      But oh my god, that scene when Aoi crashed landed, instantly made me think of those dark twists in a Magical Girl series.
      More like the writers screaming: THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!

  4. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    Boy, I rewatched the episode again and noticed the parallel between this duel and Yusaku vs Akira:
    In both cases, the Zaizen siblings instead of trying to understand the true nature of their opponents, projected their own pain onto them and tried to “save” them as if they were saving themselves but ended up losing because of it. Akira was lucky due to Playmaker being reasonable and not letting his anger swaying his mindset because he knew that Akira was a hindrance but never an enemy; hard luck for Aoi though due to her opponent being a twisted psychopath, but essentially both duels were strikingly similar now that I rethink about it.
    And here’s another thing: Episodes 33-35 of 5D’s (Yusei vs Kiryu) along with episodes 33-34 of Arc V (Shun vs Sora) and now episodes 33-34 of VRAINS (Blue Angel vs Specter) were all duels that listed among the highest caliber and set the bar for the later duels of their respective series to emulate or overcoming them.

    1. Eva

      Oh snap, you’re absolutely right!!!! Damn parallels!!!!!!!
      As for the episodes numbers O_o Wow… that’s freaky when you think about it. Magic Number….

  5. Sunny Chen

    I know I’m late to the party for commenting, but I did watch this episode last week. I was really shocked by Blue Angel losing so badly like that. Wow, I never expected Spectre to be that sadistic. I think he might actually be more sadistic than even Revolver. That side of him was shown not just through the evil laugh but also the way he defeated Trickstar Holly Angel and Crimson Heart/Bloody Mary and then turned them against Blue Angel by summoning them to his field. Turning Blue Angel’s Link Monsters against her was what disgusted me about Spectre. What disgusted me even more was having those two attack their real master directly. And I thought I was disgusted by Emma/Ghost Girl back in June. Now I understand Ghost Girl is actually not that bad at heart once you get to know her. I was pretty horrified when Spectre ripped and burned the Blue Angel book so easily in front of Blue Angel. I honestly felt upset for her.
    This episode proves there are counter strategies for Trickstar players like myself. Overall, excellent episode with a good display of Trickstar cards. Yes, Trickstar Delfiendium isn’t as feminine as the others, which makes her pretty cool, although Trickstar Bella Madonna is my personal favorite because she’s the most elegant and powerful in terms of attack for the Trickstar archetype. Delfiendium has a pretty good effect if you don’t have any Trickstar Reincarnations left because they’ve all been banished. Spectre was a pretty good villain to have and I’m excited to see what kind of conversation he’ll have with Playmaker in the next episode.

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