Since Mezzo has debuted, the rest of the members of Idolish7 haven’t had much to do, and dwindled in popularity, so Tsumugi suggests they start a LIVE Web Series. This of course was a genius idea. The best part about it was how it gave them an activity to participate altogether as seven, but at the same time, due to it being a live broadcast, it enables them to show off their their characters, which could potentially go a long way for Mitsuki! (The one who desperately needs to develop a stable fanbase of his own.) The highlight for me of course was the fact Tsumugi actually forgot to mention it was a LIVE broadcast, and chaos ensued with them just being their usual clumsy adorable selves. Frankly speaking, it is always far more entertaining to seem idols/celebrities in general just be themselves, even if they mess up the script/show’s outline along the way. Iori was undoubtedly the one who was stressed out the most about it, but showing off how he loses his cool is always fun to watch since he strives to appear “cool and collected”. Naturally, this was the highlight of the episode. My stomach hurts from laughing so much.

Although this week’s episode mainly revolved around the Web Series: “Idolish Night with You”, it was sure to follow up on Yamato’s mixed feelings towards Dramas with him immediately shooting down the offer to act in a two hours drama special. Eventually he comes around and accepts it after Mitsuki motivates him to do so. But when the team watch the drama, they realize that Yamato is in fact an extremely talented actor, and they can’t help but wonder why he was hiding that talent. In the end, it is thanks to Yamato accepting the job offer that skyrocketed their Web Series broadcasts to popularity.

I however, found this development of accepting the job to be rather abrupt and in some ways felt as though it was crammed into the episode. While Mitsuki gave Yamato some great advice and probably some inspiration as well to do thing with everything he got, what bugs me the most about his change of attitude is not understanding why he was so against acting in the first place. We could see he put a lot of effort in the script that is worn and torn from reading it over and over again, but does he really dislike acting? He made quite a case how he is an exceptional actor.

Of course there’s a couple of ideas in my head why he wants to avoid it. Following up from last week, I am quite convinced Yamato is (one way or another) related to the famous actor Chiba Shizuo. Perhaps he feels like he might be inferior to him, or he whenever he did apply for acting jobs, Chiba Shizuo’s name was so powerful, as soon his names pops up, it rather than being judged on his individual skills, they maybe pick him because of his connection to the big name. But then where does Revenge fit in all of this? We have some ideas who he may want to get revenge on, but for what reason? I also have a couple of ideas, mainly based off what we saw in last week’s episode, but for now, it looks like we will have to wait yet another week, or maybe longer, depending on whether or not Yamato’s Arc will continue into next week’s episode, along with his latest drama offer.

Yet despite my mixed opinions of how Yamato’s story was kicked off this week, in reality, I am not too worried about it since the writers have been doing an exceptional job, so I am sure everything will fall into place in due time!


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  1. zztop

    Ep 1 of Idolish 7 Vibrato is out on Youtube, which gives insight into Trigger’s formation.
    From what I’ve read, some character mysteries are still ongoing in the source game’s story. So there’s a risk the anime may not have the time to fully conclude some arcs.

      1. Eva

        No I haven’t played the game yet, though I am aware there are plenty of English walkthroughs. I’m not a huge fan of mobage in general.

    1. Eva

      Ooh thanks for sharing!
      Hmmm, I wonder if Yamato’s story is one of those on-going ones. Good to know though, it will be interesting to see how they work around it.

      1. okumuraminato

        I don’t really wish to spoil much since I really like how you’re very spot on on most of your theories regarding the story so far (you’re very observant!!), but yeah, Yamato’s backstory gets its spotlight in part 3 of the in-game story (where the game is currently at). You do get a lot of hints on parts 1 and 2 but yeah, don’t expect to see it solved even in the next season ww Yamato’s past was the one thing the fans had the most fun speculating about though (plus Nagi and an unexpected character), and hopefully we will get a season 2 and 3 eventually, so it’s just a matter of being patient to find out.
        I’ve never really commented before, but great review as always! Looking forward to reading more as the anime continues.

        1. Eva

          Darn it, so we’re probably not going to get any results for Yamato, this season. (He is definitely one of my favs!) ^ v ^ / Thank you sharing that! It is also good to hear I’m on the right track! 😂
          I too hope we get more seasons in the future, the story is so good! <3

      2. Miriki Takato

        The anime only adapts part 1 of the story so Yamato’s mystery would be leave out since his secret will be revealed in part 3, as well as Sougo and Tamaki’s problem will also be left out unconclusive in the anime, also Banri and Yaotome’s secret I guess. The only mystery left in game is Nagi’s though and I think we come pretty close to it.

        1. Eva

          pouts Darn, even Sogo? Seeing how we immediately transitioned to another character arc, I had a feeling that was going to happen. WE NEED MORE SEASONS!!!! [Joins prayer circle for more seasons] (But only when the stories are finally complete in the game!) 😉

          1. Miriki Takato

            I’m guessing the game would take 7 parts to complete lmao, mysteries just keep build up in each part, which actually surprises me.
            You will at least know who is Sougo in part 1 though, but his problem will never be addressed. Part 1 only serves as an introduction (to a bigger drama lol), the real thing starts in part 2 and continues till now.

            1. Miriki Takato

              Looking how the Opening and Ending CD are best sellers, I’m pretty confident we will get more to come sooner or later, but Im still waiting for the blu-ray sales~

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