Gah, of course it is a beach episode, but not without its merits! (And no, I’m not talking about fanservice!)
Squad 13 is rewarded with a vacation, granting them the privilege to experience the world outside of the Plantation. While enjoying their time at the beach and swimming in the ocean for the first time, the subject of “Kissing” grows with great interest after the boys overheard Hiro and Zero Two talking about their kiss.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the squad started to pick up on it, but it seems for now, it’s only the boys who are curious about it. Zorome’s reaction of asking Hiro to kiss him was absolutely hilarious, and honestly completely natural since they have never been exposed to it. However during the discussion of “Kissing”, what really stood out to me the most was how much Zero Two understands the meaning behind it. It makes me wonder how she learned about it, and/or who explained it to her. I also found it quite particular how the doctor told Hiro not to let Zero Two consume his emotions. Quite a warning when Hiro is more or less in the process of actually fall in love with her. And due to Zero Two’s personality, it is hard to say whether or not she is truely falling for him as well.

There was also the scene where Zero Two boasted to Ichigo about being experienced with kissing, mocking her under the assumption she has yet to experience it herself. Although Ichigo fired back, insisting she had – she failed to mention she and Hiro had kissed, something that has yet to be revealed to Zero Two. But Hiro missed that opportunity to talk about it, but never got back to it after being dragged off by the boys.

As Zero Two had put it, kissing should only be done with your special someone. The fact Ichigo and Hiro had shared a kiss makes it feel like this secret has quickly turned into a time bomb. One I can’t imagine Zero Two will take it very kindly, especially since Hiro, is her Darling, and with Goro seemingly trying to grasp his own feelings, he may experience jealousy, heartbreak, and/or a sense of betrayal.

But that wasn’t all that happened at the beach. Mitsuru finds an abandoned town and the team goes out to explore. They encounter many interesting things, such as an abandoned building that shares the same model of the one they live in at the Garden, books in regards to child births, and movie poster, “The Beat of a Kiss” featuring with a man and a woman about to kiss.

I really don’t like Mitsuru, it is mainly because I don’t trust him, but I swear there is something brewing between him and Kokoro and I don’t know how to feel about it. Right now we see Kokoro and Futoshi closely knit together, a lovable pair who are quite affectionate to one another, but I have a bad feeling it might get messy for the two of them in the future. It really depends on how the relationship between Kokoro and Mitsuru develops over time, and I don’t know what kind of development we’re in for, but something is going to happen, I can feel it.

In fact, while I am on the subject of the character’s dynamics, I find it quite intriguing how unique each of the pairs interactions are. Mitsuru and Ikuno’s partnership is anything but a friendly one. It is strictly for business, and is more about the two “tolerating” each other than accepting one another as their partner. If Mitsuru had it his way, he would rather search for another partner. Ikuno on the other-hand, is just trying her hardest to make sure she can execute her part properly. Then we have Zorome and Miku, the duo tends to get a bit jealous of one another, typically Miku whenever Zorome steps out of line or starts ogling other girls. They are the type to have a more friendly banter, especially when we know both of them care deeply for each other’s well being. And Goro and Ichigo, being the Squad leaders’ are well, the most level-headed members of the group. They are more or less always on the same page, and have a friendly and stable relationship. But even that can be threatened, should the secret of the kiss Ichigo and Hiro shared get out.

Of all the things that happened this episode, I would the juiciest part was when Hiro asked a very intelligent question: If humanity hadn’t started extracting Magna Energy, would the Klaxosaurs have never shown up?

Immediately Mitsuru criticizes him for questioning Papa, but thanks to Zero Two, Hiro is quickly starting to become a critical thinker. He is starting to think outside of the box, question the things that others turn a blind eye to. In reality, Hiro has every right to be suspicious and feel uneasy. Indeed, what caused Humanity to have to abandon the surface world and live in Plantations? What brought about the Klaxosaurs, what was the Magna Energy being used for, prior to Plantations existence? Furthermore, their roles as “Parasites”, it feels as though the majority if not all never get the opportunity to become an adult. It feels as though they are killed off before then– that or they simply can’t grow up. I think the saddest part was seeing Zorome hold so much pride being useful to Papa and the adults. How they are the the protectors who enables the adults to live in such beautiful cities. What makes it so depressing is how it seems Parasites are really nothing more than fodders and scapegoats, created to fight off the Klaxosaur. And right now, they are more or less programmed to do exactly that, and think nothing of anything else.

But when it comes to someone confessing their feelings: Hiro is currently the most oblivious guy on the face of the planet. It is rather astonishing how ignorant Hiro’s character can be whenever he’s around Ichigo, let alone whenever the girl is trying to confess her feelings to him. The way he keeps on cutting her off is quite impudent in my book! I felt so bad for her. She actually musters up her courage to properly confess to him- yet he just completely ignores her and it makes me want to scream in frustration on her behalf.

Of course we absolutely cannot forget about the blond dude we saw last week. He made a reappearance this episode, who was not given a name. He is fascinated with how Hiro wasn’t killed off. Given his outfit, it feels like he is in an elitist group, but that’s pretty much all we know for the time being. In the mean time, the higher ups want to keep a close eye on Zero two, and Plantation 13 is declared a top priority surveillance subject. Hiro is to be tasked with bringing Zero Two to the Grand Crevasse, safe and sound – but has yet to receive the order. I am both curious and nervous about what this Grand Crevasse is.


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    Mitsuru and Ikuno’s partnership is akin to that of a sexually abusive marriage. Both are tolerating each other with one clearly being more abusive…

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