The typhoon was the perfect setting for the emotions present in this episode. It was a whirlwind of strong emotions pouring out from our two main characters coming together during the worst part of the rain storm, and while it was dark and terrifying outside, inside we witnessed a moving and gentle scene that pushes Akira and Kondo’s relationship.

Whether it’s romantic or not, Akira and Kondo share a special relationship. The two umbrellas falling on top of each other could be an indication of something more, or maybe it could just be symbolic of them finally connecting. Because as we’ve seen before, there’s always been this awkward wall between the two where Akira has tried her hardest to try to get to know Kondo and get closer to him, but Kondo doing his best to keep her at bay. The moment they embraced was the moment for the first time where they’ve actually developed a relationship, platonic or romantic. In the words of Kondo, they’re friends, though his reaction may prove otherwise. But what I mean when I say that they share a special relationship, we have two characters that complete each other in a way. Akira and Kondo both have low self-worth but see something special in the other person. Kondo mentions his age and dismisses himself as “just an old man” with nothing wonderful about him even though Akira finds him amazing, and Akira worries that she’s a nuisance and that she may be worthless (especially after losing the ability to run), but Kondo loves her bright youthfulness and reassures that she’s just as wonderful. We know Akira is using Kondo as an escape, but we don’t exactly know what Kondo is running away from, but he seems to be doing the same thing. They both find happiness and worth in each other that they want to latch on to, and by being with each other, they feel better about themselves.

Kondo understands this, but Akira doesn’t. At least, I don’t think so. She was pretty disappointed when Kondo “friend zoned” her, but her fever dream (or wet dream?) in the end could be a little telling. I say wet dream because it seemed more like an erotic daydream for her as she went over the apartment embrace again, but naked and a little more tender. Her waking up in a sweat and a moan makes it pretty obvious as well. But it was interesting that in the dream, her ankle injury was shown right before she reached out to Kondo, the dream ending with him disappearing out of her embrace. Maybe she realizes her own emotions, or maybe I’m reading too much into it and him disappearing was the reminder that he hugged her as a friend, not as a romantic interest. Still, they’ve taken a large step and have finally formed a friendship and honestly that’s better than what they had before.

But again, Kondo’s reaction in the apartment and in the very end in the restaurant is pretty interesting. This series continues to be breathtakingly beautiful and I await the episodes in anticipation each week. I feel like these episodes go by so quickly, and I’m always a little sad when it ends. But Aimer’s song brings my spirits up and I’m very glad the full version of the song is finally out. Please go find it and listen to it, it’s a beauty.


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