We finally know who Hellshake Yano is and they spent a bunch of time making a flip book for it. I was laughing the entire time, I literally couldn’t stop especially when the guy on the left( when you look at the screen) was making sound effects.

It was great. And I loved how they showed that Pipmi wasn’t paying attention and was thinking of Hellshake Yano.

I don’t believe there was a Bob Team Epic in this episode, but they did have Retro Games, the normal skits, JaponMigon( it’s back!) , Pop Team Cooking, and Hoshiro Girldrop.

I guess my favorite skit in this episode was Hellshake( of course), but my second was Retro Games. They did Mario Karts( which is the best racing game, fight me), Pokemon, and some other games that I’ve seen but can’t put a name on it. They also did normal Mario as an ending piece(“ you saved me”), but at least they didn’t say the princess in another castle. I feel bad for people in the 80’s asking themselves “ When does this game end?” (like my dad, who brought an NES when it first dropped in the 80’s in America)

Subculture b**ch on board?!?

Then JaponMigion. I challenge anyone with Photoshop skills to put that guy in front of a burning building. Please. I could technically do it because I slightly know how to use Photoshop( I learned a few years back), but I don’t want to pay for Photoshop. Anyways, I guess in that segment, they are about to get on a bus. Hey! I don’t know French!

Pop Team Cooking! I love how they making fun of how cooking shows try to use fresh ingredients with minimal processing. That was pretty good. 100% manatee!

Then the skits. My favorite one was where that guy was about to be executed and Popuko was doing something cute as his last thing to see. For some reason that was funny.

Then the one where they are stroking each other and then Pipimi does that judo flip on Popuko. I don’t know why I call it a judo flip. I know that’s not it.

The lastly the one where the guy tries to jump on the bike and she removes the seat and he lands on the pole. Then she is like “oopsie” all cute like and then Blu-ray version:

I think they are making fun of how Blu-ray DVDs are supposed to be better(but they really aren’t ). Maybe because I hate Blu-Ray discs. For no reason, other than you have to get an expensive player to play discs that are the same quality as DVD but the only difference is that they don’t scratch. Those people who brought Blu-ray discs for Christmas, that we can’t use for no reason… Me and my brothers did check if they scratched or not. More on that finding later.

In the credit scene where Popuko is playing a game, and then she gives up and says her collarbone hurts. Then she picks it up and tries again. Ah, gaming. Got to keep trying.

Hoshiro Girldrop! Well, out generic idol crew is having a fight between to go with metal core or a ballad. I don’t know which is better. What sells more? I think metal core will sell more honestly or just make two different recording of songs and make one a remix and see what the fans like better. Some remixes are better than the actual song every time.(Currently listening to Havana( Scron Bootleg Remix) by Camilla Cabello feat Young Thug)

Haters need Pop Team Therapy! Don’t forget!

Anyways, is anyone going to take me up on that offer? And nobody knows about the Blu-Ray discs finding. We never brought it to someone who had a player at their house. The disc is real scratched tho.