What even happened in this episode? I missed a good 70% of the jokes. Hmm, let me think this out.

The first skit was cannibal bacon that eats bacon and he tries to eat the bacon straight from the frying pan, which made me laugh( me when I’m trying to steal a fry from the fryer at work)

Then the gangsta skit. I didn’t understand it, but I felt they were making fun of most gangsta movies. I never really watched gangsta movie. My brothers used to watch them, but I never really sat their and watched them completely. Probably should have, then I would understand this skit.

There was whole story where Popuko was in jail and she fights with another prisoner over getting stamps before reading the manga and then she gets put in solitary confinement, where Pipimi asks the guard to approach her and they become partners( gangstas)! In every jail movie, there is always that guard that doesn’t a f**k ad lets the prisoner do what they want. I’m not sure it’s because they feel bad or something, but that happens in every movie.

Then Popuko gets out on parole( wow?) and her and Pipimi are gangsta bosses killing enemies of the gangsta group until the group starts posting things on YouTube about their illegal activities( making fun of anyone who posts illegal or questionable stuff anywhere)

Then they leave the gangsta group and Popuko is assassinated by them.

At the funeral, the old gang members show up and then Pipimi shows up and bring Popuko back to life( by saying she sucked up to subculture girls) and they kill everyone. Basically. According to movie logic, there is always one person who survives the blast and has to get their revenge. Also, I love how the gang is called the Bamboozle Gang and they have bamboo sticks as heads..

Bob Team Epic is back!! And then they do a skit about dance trends and if they will catch on or not. Weird dance trends be catching on these days.” Watch me whip, then watch me nae nae..”( okay, that’s old. please inform me of the new dance trends these days.)

Then the music video they burned. I have no clue what that means. I also love how they slightly change the art style to be weirder as the episode goes on. The hands are always good, though.

Then there was the skit with the bangs and hairline thing. I did not get that what so ever. I think they felt bad for that guy because he had no bangs but a bald spot at the same time?? Okay, I was confused. Hold up, but the other guy has a bald spot? But the guy with the coat looks like a priest. Making connections

Edgelord swords from the gift shop that actually do things. There is kid everyone knows that carries around a magical item and acts like it’s the s**t. Everyone knew that one person back in the day or even now.

Getting a band-aid stuck on your finger means you’ll be stuck spinning for hours. Yet another reason for me not to put on Band-Aids. I never put on band-aids.

Also the Pop Team Epic Stories from Back in the Day.They spent so much time making that sand art. And when the tree is chasing Popuko, that is funny. ” Ha it’s just normal flour!”

Then my second favorite part of this episode other than Popuko’s funeral picture flipping everyone off:

Was the Retro Games part. Old school fighting games are the best! And did she just put a rice maker on her head? What a savage. Fatality!( I love Mortal Kombat, but the some of fatalities and brutalities bring shivers to my spine).

Then the ending credit where they make fun of the ending song ” Why do we have to sing this?”

Hoshiro Girldrop is so funny to me. I never watched generic idol shows( minus Wake Up Girls and that was it). She has to write a song for their album and she wants to write it about Dachii…Let’s fall in love next week!