Finally addressing the elephant in the room, this episode gave us an intimate look into the relationship between Captain Gin and Shirase. I found it quite funny that Shirase kept insisting that she had only spoken with her a couple times, but from what we saw they’ve hung around together quite a few times for years and shared some special moments. They’re both pretty similar to each other, probably because they spent a lot of time together. They share the same kind of harshness, with a bit of awkward thrown in there, plus a huge love of penguins. It was also quite sweet that it was Gin who taught Shirase how to jump rope so well. Of course it was the disappearance of Takako that caused their little acquaintanceship to dwindle and they finally got straight to the point. Shirase revealed that she doesn’t hate Gin for what happened, and that made her emotional later on, so it’s possible for them to become closer again. Learning this backstory was sad, and it really made me feel for Gin. She had grown fond of Shirase but she was holding a lot of guilt and an uneasiness on her shoulders for a long time because she felt it was her fault for Takako’s disappearance. The assurance of being free from guilt and hatred, while at the same time hitting hard ice and making it to their destination, it was all a cathartic moment. Though there is still one thing, and it’s Takako’s whereabouts that still haunt her, and the fact that she heard her last words makes everything worse. Poor Gin.

Though I wonder why Takako wanted Shirase to get Gin’s “spirit”. Like, be as strong-willed as her? I think Shirase could have also gotten that from her mother but maybe she just wanted her best friend and daughter to become close?

In your face! In your face! Man, why couldn’t Shirase have said all that at school?! I mean, maybe that would have been a bad idea and made everyone hate her and think she was full of it, but I’m just so glad that Shirase was finally able to let out her pent-up negative emotions towards the bullies at school that made fun of her. Everyone thought she was crazy, but she did it! And I’m like a proud mother, I’m proud of Shirase but I’m proud of all of them. They all worked real hard to make it to where they are and they braved the seas and adapted to life on the ship. This anime doesn’t stop being inspirational. No matter how crazy it may seem, if you want something you can get it! It’ll be tough and it might take some time, but if you’re passionate enough you’ll be able to achieve anything!

One thing I did not care for at all was the love story from that Toshio guy. He wasn’t at all interesting to me and I felt like this sudden love was random and unnecessary. The love story was used to ease us into getting to know Gin but I think it could have been handled in a different way that didn’t have to involve an insignificant unrequited love.

I also wasn’t very sure if I should have mentioned this, but the one thing that actually made me scoff this episode was the ice breaker scene when the characters talked about Japan’s struggles with Antarctic expeditions after WWII. Because they lost the war they got the worst part of Antarctica, and the characters described it as “being bullied”. It makes me scoff because it’s hilarious that they mention being “bullied :(” even though Japan had done such awful atrocities during WWII. I don’t need to mention what they did, but their malice against other countries was on par with Germany at the time. Of course when a piece of media from a certain country gets nationalistic, they only paint themselves in a positive light, the United States does that a lot. But in this case, specifically because it was after WWII, I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. I’m not being anti-Japan of course, but because they used the word “bullied”, like they were the victims made me have a bigger reaction. It just makes it worse for me when I know Japanese schools don’t even teach Japanese students the terrible things Japan did during WWII (Rape of Nanking).

Again, that part just really stood out to me but I don’t want to have a political debate, but I felt like that story wasn’t necessary and was a little off-putting. But the only reason why I feel that way is because I’m a foreigner.  Either way, this was a mostly nice episode and finally we’ll see them in the Syowa Station soon! We’ll also learn what Yuzuki’s mother sent in the email.


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