You know, I always find it amusing and stupid to watch fathers say that men can never be trusted and that they’re all disgusting, and then they turn around and turn into those gross perverts they don’t want their daughters around. It’s such a stereotype in television to say these things to their daughters, yet it’s not really a stereotype because fathers always say that kind of stuff. But do these father-to-be men change anything? See the errors in their way? Wanna make a change? Nope. Because like Kirin’s father, men say one thing and then do another thing.

Maybe I’m taking things too seriously, but when this guy is saying these types of things in a daycare full of toddlers, it’s kind of icky and stupid. And when I said amusing before, I mean mostly stupid. Thanks to this idiot I couldn’t even have fun watching the kids be cute and carry juice as giant veggies. I know he loves her, and all parents are going to be sad and happy when their child gets married and leaves (my older brother just got married and my mom was like that), but Mr. Kumazuka is taking it too far. I mean, this is anime, exaggerations are normal, but I don’t like the fact that he even hits on high school girls and says that if he were younger he would fall for them. THAT’S A RED FLAG. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY! Kirin’s mom wasn’t especially affectionate towards him when he arrived so I wonder what she saw in this guy. I also didn’t care that he was rude to Usaida and the boys just because they were male. This just plays into the stereotype that males that take care of kids are just perverts so that was annoying to watch. Obviously, I didn’t care for this guy and since he took up so much of that half of the episode, I didn’t care for it either. Although, it was fun to see the moms and dads hang out together with their kids and the group picture was pretty cute. But it was funny that it was just them, since it was a cultural festival and it was open to everyone. I guess people really didn’t want juice spilled on them. Poor Kirin can’t do it all on her own.

The second half of the episode was much cuter and much more simpler. Mrs. Kamitani came into the daycare to tell the children that chicks were going to hatch in her classroom and she invited them to come see them. They were all excited but the one that was most excited was Kotaro, so much so that he couldn’t even let Saikawa make omelets. There’s really not much to say here. Kotaro made his brother bring him to school early in case they hatched early, and they did (probably with his own heat). They came back later and the chicks followed Kotaro as if he were their mom and there was a small incident with a cat but there were no problems there. It was all just so sweet and heartwarming, and the experience was huge for both brothers, especially for Ryu as he saw the baby chicks as Kotaro when he was born. It’s an emotional and happy moment, and both Kotaro and chickie are cute soft things.

The Kotaro episodes are always the best ones for me. It’s funny how little he talks but he always has the best stories that make me so happy!


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  1. V

    The manga doesn’t really have an actual plot so I’ll be curious to see how the author will end the story.

    1. Berry

      I’ve been wondering that too. Maybe they’ll include an anime original half episode of Ryuichi and Kotaro looking back on their new life in the academy and the babysitter club.

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