Oh kids. They say and do the darndest things. Taking care of kids and being used to being around them are pretty tough things. I can’t personally say that I’ve done either. I haven’t been around much babies and toddlers for long amounts of time. Only at parties, but usually they’re just running around and playing. I’ve squeezed and coddled babies, but never took care of one. I wonder how I’m going to handle my future nephews and/or nieces.

Saikawa is always hilarious, so it was amusing to watch him try to watch over the kids while Usaida was out with a cold. He wasn’t too shabby but things started off pretty awkwardly as the kids were kind of nervous around him. The only one that could help him was Kotaro, who was very determined! But the kids warmed up to him real quick when he asked for their assistance. But what followed was Midori leaking and peeing on Saikawa’s back, the spare diapers being ruined in a pan of water, Midori slapping Saikawa’s phone in the said pan, and all the children screaming and crying (except Kotaro). Saikawa had tried to call Usaida but the call was cut short, so Usaida got worried and stumbled into Ryuichi while on the way to the daycare. It was funny seeing some of the kids say that they didn’t like Usaida (Taka) and then watching them reassure him that everything was fine and that he should get better soon. But it was extremely heartwarming when little Midori crawled over to Usaida with a huff and yanked on his pant leg, and uttering her first word “Udda”, which is basically “Usaida”. Not gonna lie, little tears were in my eyes too because it was SO SWEET. You have to admit, Usaida is kind of Midori’s second father. It’s always him that has her in his arms or on his back, changing her diapers, etc. Usaida is a huge part in her little baby life, so much so that her first word wasn’t even Mama or Papa. It was so touching, and we finally got to see how the kids really feel about Usaida.

Also, more Saikawa is always good. The Mommy book probably helped him with the cloth diaper. That, or he already knew how to do that.

Second half was funny and cute, but I honestly don’t know how necessary it was. I hate to say this, because I mean this for Inomata as well. I like Yuki, but she seems a little irrelevant. The story for this half was that she was secretly watching Ryuichi from afar but Inomata catches her and mistakes that she wants to play with the children, but Yuki admits that she’s not good around small children. Ryuichi also hears this, so Inomata drags Yuki along into the daycare so she could change that.

It was cute, and there were funny moments. Yuki couldn’t handle the kids being a little crazy with touching her boobs, pulling on her skirt, snot, and bugs in her hands. It seems like she’s had really bad experiences with little kids, I’m guessing an annoying little brother, and she can’t get herself to get along with them no matter how hard she tried. But after waking up from passing out, Ryuichi tells her that once he’s seen that as individuals, all the gross annoying things don’t really matter because he really cares for them. It’s then Usaida brings the kids along to apologize to her, and they all give her little flowers. Yuki then goes out to hug Inomata and thank her for changing her for the better.

Now don’t get me wrong, Yuki is sweet and cute, and I get where she’s coming from, but I don’t see the point of her character. She hasn’t had any development so I don’t see the point of her character, especially when she barely got a tiny bit of development in the second to last episode. She’s always been the girl with a crush on the MC and nothing more. And I’m not gonna lie, as much as I love Inomata, I felt like her presence in these recent episodes have also been a little pointless. Especially the beach episode, she didn’t do anything. I don’t know why they’re trying to push the romance when a romance is very not likely to happen. From what I’ve seen people say, the chapters with the girls are very few, but the anime decided to adapt those chapters anyway. I guess to appeal to more people, because like I said, these girls are cute. The second half was a little pointless, but I still liked it a lot.

A very entertaining episode. Looks like the series is going to end with a Christmas episode, which I think will be a fun way to end it. It means all the characters can gather together, probably with a party, and we can enjoy the babies’ cuteness one last time. But like Saikawa said, Kotaro and the rest of the kids’ cuteness is endless. <3


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