Episode 1: Revival of the Demon Clan

So it looks like I’ll be the first one to touch upon this anime, which is good for me because I freaking LOVE this series with me being a fantasy/adventure lover and all. And as my very first blogging post on this site, I am extremely excited to get started with this series. I won’t be going over the first season in great detail, but I will explain certain parts when they become relevant to help get these reviews up to speed. I’m going to have to play catch up with blogging about this series so I’ll be covering two episodes in one post until I’m able to catch up, so bear with me.

The first episode to this brand new season was more or less an introductory episode with all the name cards that popped up for all the important characters. And while this episode is a lot slower than most of the episodes from last season, I feel like it was mostly done as taking the time to set up certain plot points despite it feeling a tad like filler.

Such as with Ban declaring he’s leaving the Sins and King following after him to the Fairy Forest that was supposedly destroyed. Also the earring that Merlin gave to Hawk that allows him to see the combat power of any individual. It pretty much sets the bar of power with all the Sins having ridiculously high numbers of over 3000 compared to the normal knight being in the 1000’s or lower. The fact that Merlin lies to Hawk about his combat power being 3000 despite it actually being 30 was hilarious as she just couldn’t crush his spirits of being strong lol.

Probably the most important set up was at the end of the episode where Hendrickson released the seal to the Demon Clan and somehow reverted back to being human. I…still have no clue how that happened. Hopefully later episodes will shed some light on that. But back to the point, we are finally introduced to some rather intimidating figures whose very presence even makes the laid back, happy-go-lucky Meliodas tense and even angry. But what I find the most interesting is that one of them shares the same voice as Meliodas and I’m just desperately wanting to know WHY.

What I found really strange was how they played off the ending scene of the last episode of the first season with it all just being Elizabeth’s dream. It was almost as if they didn’t expect to bring it back for a new season and tried to pull a “go read the manga” type of ending that anime likes to do these days. So it was slightly disorienting to kind of backpedal on that scene instead of starting off where the first season left off. But I suppose that was the only way to really justify it. Especially since there was a three year gap between the two seasons. Well… unless you count the four episode in-between season that it did a year after the first.

Episode 2: Existence and Proof

Funny story of how I even came to even watching this series. I somehow found an amv that showed the giantess, Diane and the fairy, King. And while watching it I was thinking: Wait… does the small fairy boy like the giantess??? That’s actually really interesting… And thus I was hooked.

So being a giant King x Diane shipper, this episode was a blessing. But before I get into that, let’s talk about King. Through out season 1, King has got to be one of the most unfortunate characters I have ever come across. The poor guy just never catches a break from being unable to save his friends who were kidnapped by humans to having to kill his best friend not once, but three times. Not to mention there were a lot of unfortunate events that happened in between.

And season 2 rolls around and essentially just decides to slap King across the face again. The fact that he was so happy to see that his home was still there along with his friends was just adorable beyond belief (there were even tears in his eyes!). However, all the happiness and relief that King felt was thrown out the window because all the fairies of the forest believe he abandoned them and calls him a traitor. It’s not even his fault! He lost his freaking memories trying to save his friends for crying out loud! It’s like the world is conspiring to torture King. Just give the poor guy a break for once!

As if my cries were answered, a hope in the form of Diane glimmers. We found out that in season 1, King had wiped Diane’s memories of their time together to prevent her heartbreak when he had to be incarcerated for the sins of his best friend. And while it may have sounded messed up on King’s side, I believe it was probably the right thing to do considering how attached Diane was to him. Not only that, but you can tell that she was desperate to not be alone anymore and you know the old saying of it’s harder to let something go rather than never having it in the first place. The fact that Diane finally remembers her time with King and reciprocates his feelings just gave me so much joy, you have no idea. I just want the two to be happy… let the adorable babies be happy!  We also find out that Elizabeth is probably, most likely in love with Meliodas but doesn’t want to admit it, but that ship was obvious from the start, so I digress.

But things can’t stay fluffy and happy when stupid, freaking Gowther reveals that he has manipulated Guila and her little brother, Zeal’s memories. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually really like Gowther since he has really great character development later on… but I’m getting ahead of myself. He kind of reminds me of Ai from Uta no Prince-sama as he wants a heart to understand feelings. At least Ai has some sense of decency since Gowther doesn’t see what’s wrong with experimenting on and manipulating Guila’s memories. And after Diane had just regained her lost memories, she is rightfully furious at Gowther’s actions.

At this point, I can only shake my head at Gowther’s actions. Granted, he’s taking the scientific route for trying to understand, that doesn’t make it any less wrong. Gowther… Gowther please…


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  1. SparkNorkx

    Yeah, I totally agree with you for Gowther. He’s pretty oblivious.

    1. Shadow

      I have such a love/hate feeling going on with Gowther. Yes, what he is doing is wrong, but on the other hand I think he needs someone to watch over him rather than let him roam free doing whatever he feels because he’s literally a newborn when it comes to feelings. So I can’t completely blame him…

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