“Piss off.”

As much as I would love to see more progress being made in their Antarctica expedition, and there was a little bit of that, you can’t deny how strong the friendship is in this show, and how beautiful it is. Also, did Shirase cement herself as best girl?

I’m so glad Hinata didn’t forgive the girls at the end, because she had absolutely nothing to forgive. This episode we learned the true reason why Hinata left her school and it wasn’t for the reasons she stated before. It started with an incident in her track team, where she took the place of seniors in a big competition. Apparently year grade didn’t matter but Hinata took the place of some seniors because she was naturally better than them, and it pissed the seniors off so much that they spread awful rumors about her. Hinata quit the team, but the rumors got so out of control that she quit school altogether. It’s insulting that the same girls that harrassed her appeared on the livestream for Hinata, while also sending her emails. It’s insulting because they were acting as if nothing happened between them and it angered Hinata, rightfully so. Avoiding the subject, Hinata would run off but Shirase caught her in a violent rage outside kicking and throwing things at the snow. Her angry fit was pretty surprising to see. Sure we saw Hinata get emotional before, in the durian episode, but not to this extent in anger. Hinata is always smiling, laughing, and joking around so it’s always strange to see her not acting that way. Even when she was telling the story of school she was playing it off with a smile. But her positive attitude just proves what Shirase declared in her outburst in the end.

Like I said, Shirase best girl? I wish Hinata had confronted the girls in the stream but it’s actually pretty heartwarming and badass that your friend would stand up for you. Like Yuzuki said, “It’s friendship!” This is the kind of attitude I wish Shirase showed to her own bullies in school, but it still satisfying. I’m glad she told them off, because Hinata is too nice to do it. Hinata doesn’t cry everyday, she doesn’t have guilt. She quit school, worked her ass off in a convenience store, is smart as hell and can already go to college, and she’s moved on in her life past those awful times in high school and is now in Antarctica with nothing tying her down. That makes Hinata best girl too! Ahhh….anyway, it is inspirational to see Hinata move on and not look back on her bad memories, because I personally suck at that. But what I loved is that it was Shirase again who was there for Hinata. While all four girls are best friends, Shirase and Hinata share a special bond because they’ve both seen each other in their weakest times, and Shirase has always been there to worry and help Hinata because she’s so stubborn and keeps things to herself. Their talk while getting water was so sweet and I felt their bond get even closer.

Other notable moments were the gorgeous scenery and the girls doing fieldwork. The place with the long name with exposed rock was very interesting. Though it also had me worried because of global warming causing melted ice, but it actually did look like a land of chocolate cake. Maybe not as soft as cake, but the texture looked like fudge.

One more thing was Gin and Kanae. They seem to have the materials for the observatory and they want to build it where Takako had gone and died. They both seemed unsure at first, remembering the tragedy, but I think they’re going to go through with it. Why else would they bother bringing in materials to construct it? But with the surprisingly tense music in the post credit scene with Takako’s book, I feel like things actually will go sour.


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  1. Georg Elpons

    Nice summary but hinata isnt in college or can go there when she is back from antarctica. She learns at home and is wanting to make the entrance exam in 2 years (like kimari and shiawase). She even says one time that she wanted to go to antartica because she had to study afterwards pretty hard for the exams and wanted to do something special (like kimari). Maybe she will even attend school again afterwards, in the school the other two go to.

    1. Georg Elpons

      I think all three (including her mother) choosed the position for the obsevatory before she went missing. The tragedy is only a sitenote that makes the them only more determined to go through with it at the end.

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